Turkish China Ceramic

Turkish China Ceramic

Embellish you home in a natural way with Limestone tiles

In recent years, Limestone tile has emerged as one of the very popular flooring and wall materials. In a very short span of time it has made its remarkable impact on home owners and builders with its fantastic applications. A wide assortments of material can be expected in limestone and among them China limestone, Turkish limestone and French limestone tiles are the few preferred tiles.

Limestone tile are found under some general color category. Although they are not very flashy but are simple in both texture and color. Light cream, blue gray and beige yellow are three major colors you can find in limestone. The upper layer can be seen with very few veins which make them an ideal option for the architectural theme with fine earth tones.

Far from few color options it is rich in various finishing that suppresses the limitation of having limited color options. The most commonly used are honed and polished. These tiles have a unique eminence of presenting antique look irrespective of the surfaces they are laid.

Typically, Limestone is applicable in bathroom and kitchen, like on walls and floor. However, it does not mean that it cannot be installed in other places. They are extensively used in hotel renovations, office building, shopping centre and new home constructions. They fall among the very rare materials for exterior wall coverings and the interiors that create a sense of an absolutely charming ambience.

Like any other tiles limestone do posses few drawbacks. Due to their soft texture, they demand high maintenance and are intended to scratches and stains, reducing their longevity. Durability is what often people like to have in their required building material. But, as it is a known fact that with beauty you always get a sordid consolation.

The home owners who like to embellish their home with natural touch limestone tiles are a great pick. It fills home with the ambience of elegance and sophistication. Limestone is a wonderful choice for both household and commercial applications. It entirely depends upon you that how you look after the wonderful pieces and retain its beauty.

If you plan to buy them keep in mind that good and high quality Limestone tiles generally command a higher price. They are even costlier than travertine, slate and other variations of natural stone. But, that can hardly make any difference to those who prefer beauty over cost. Although, cheap limestone tiles are available under discounted price, you have to make sure that you are getting the quality product.

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