Thrown Pottery

Thrown Pottery
What to do in a potter's wheel?

I have a pitch wheel class and would like a feature that displays a long list of ideas of art is possible things you can do on a wheel. Anyone know of any good resource, or you can think of great ideas of things I could do in a wheel that would a good Christmas gift? Thanks!

If you're starting I would like to keep it simple and not try too for large items. Bowl and cups Gifts ideas are popular. The handle of a cup is made of a wheel. Look at different glazes, there are some really nice to do the same a simple dish special. Also looking seal impressions, you can achieve interesting effects with only a small lace doily, or other common object – animal or stamps. YouTube search instructions and examples, for example

Wheel Thrown Pottery Demo – Adam McDonald

Pottery Lidded

Pottery Lidded

Pottery Teapots Are Known for Fantastic Tea Brewing

Pottery teapots are known for fantastic tea brewing qualities as well as the beauty of the Chinese-crafted teapots themselves. Some designs may follow traditional culture including famous historical works, while the more contemporary styles tend to have natural themes consisting of Chinese symbols, calligraphy, flowers or animals. Yixing, near China, is known as the ‘Pottery Capital’ because of the clay deposits in the area which are used to make these wonderful pottery teapots. This is the same place where during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE) the world’s first teapots were created. In the years following the Ming Dynasty, the unique reddish earthenware teapots of Yixing came to be considered the “finest.” Some believe that if you want to bring out the best quality of your tea, only pottery teapots will do. When tea is brewed in teapots made from “Zisha,” which is the clay found only in Yixing, a bit of tea is absorbed into the pot with each use. After a period of time, the pot will develop a ‘finish’ or coating that retains some of the taste, scent, and color of tea, along with an unusually attractive quality. Because of its absorbency, only one type of tea should be used with each teapot. This is why you see so many different teapots in many Chinese households. The teapot’s snugly fitted lid conserves heat, which enhances the brewing process, and tends to keep the tea hotter than normal teapots. Pottery teapots should never be washed with soap, but rinsed out and allowed to air dry. If you have never experienced the taste of freshly-brewed tea from a pottery teapot, you haven’t tasted real tea. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the great taste; it only means that you need to order your teapot today. You can order now in fact, from one of the few places on the Internet that sells original pottery teapots. Get yours now!

To find out more about pottery teapots, take a moment and visit us at

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Throwing a Lidded Sugar Bowl on the Pottery Wheel : Throwing a Sugar Bowl Lid on the Pottery Wheel

Thrown Pottery

Thrown Pottery
where can i buy clay for throwing pottery?

I actually don’t plan on throwing it, but that’s besides the point. I want to sculpt with it, just for fun. Can anyone provide websites where I can purchase clay, as I don’t even know where to start because I’m not sure of the specific type of clay I should even be using? (I’m looking for the stuff you typically find in high schools).
I went to hobby lobby today and they did not find anything, and their website doesn’t have anything either, although it’s rather hard to navigate.
Last I asked, which was last month, walmart did not carry it.
Michaels around here also does not have it, hence why I am asking for places online.

What you want is called a ceramic supplier. There are hundreds of them on the net. I’ll give you a link for just a few. You really want to find a supply house closer to where you live, because shipping cost will eat Deeply into your pocket!
Many of your university campus bookstores have Clay, if the university teaches pottery classes.

Pottery throwing demonstration

Wheel Thrown

Wheel Thrown
Please help! I need the names of at least 2 famous potters and a wheel thrown piece made by each.?

I’ve looked everywhere myself. I cannot find an artist AND a piece made by wheelthrowing.

I will give you one potter

Dave the slave

Cindy Clarke Wheel thrown 22 inch Platter

Pottery Large

Pottery Large
Does anyone know how to date a Harker Pottery piece by?

by the stamp on the back. I have a large bowl and pitcher set,
for washing, that I know is Harker Pottery but am not sure of the
time frame it was made in. tks.

Maybe this will help you:

Wheel Thrown Pottery Large Vase

Wheel Thrown

Wheel Thrown
I am looking for help towards buying a electric wheel chair for my wife do u know any charitys that help UK?

My wife has musclar dystrophy and I need toget her a electric wheel chair and get one threw NHS, Is there charity i can help get fiancial support from? Good chairs cost a fair bit of money but would give my wife the freedom she needs.

You may want to consider applying for the Patrick Trust Grant:

According to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign web site, “The Joseph Patrick Trust provides vital financial support towards specialist equipment to help promote mobility and independence and empower people with muscular dystrophy or a related muscle disease. Since 1986 over £3 million has been given out in grants making a huge difference to over 5,000 people with muscular dystrophy.

Every year more than 200 grants are made towards equipment such as powered wheelchairs, electric beds and specially adapted computers – equipment that empowers people with muscle disease to be able to do more for themselves and together as a family. ”

The application is available for download on the web page below.

Contact Information:
Phone: 0207 720 8055

Large Wheel thrown Stoneware Vase

Pottery Lidded

Pottery Lidded
Finishing Touches
Completed your bath design and now have clients asking for suggestions about accessories? Check out the collections below. Once filled with colorful tinctures and remedies, bottles like these once lined the shelves of European apothecaries in the 19th century.
Throwing a Lidded Sugar Bowl on the Pottery Wheel : Throwing a Knob Directly onto Lidded Vessel