Vintage Art

Vintage Art
Does it break copyright law to use vintage images and photographs in altered art compositions?

I see people selling altered art of vintage photographs all the time and I am confused about the copyright law on this type of thing. I have some photos of vintage women from old magazines I have from 1900 and I want to incorporate these images into my own art. What about actual vintage photographs that you can buy at antique stores? How can those fall under copyright law?

I think you need permission from the family, however, if there’s no family around to dispute what you’re doing, I don’t see the problem. My dad use to own a photography studio and took many pictures of us kids. I went to have one enlarged and they said I have to have the photographer’s permission to enlarge. I laughed and said it was my father and he is now deceased. they still didn’t do it and I was P.O .to say the least. I finally got it enlarged with someone I knew. So, this may be something you really have to research.

Classic 50s Vintage Pin Up Art

Eames Era

Eames Era
Furniture Design Question?

Quick question..
I should actually know this, but I’m going nuts looking for these particular chairs that were designed in the 50’s or 60’s. They were popular during the LeCorbusier, Knoll, Noguchi, Van der Rohe, Nelson, Eames, and Breuer era.

Let me describe the chairs one is white. It actually looks like an egg that’s been cracked and you can sit in it. The other is clear and looks like an egg and hangs on a chain from the ceiling.

Does anyone know the original designer? I’m driving my boyfriend nuts because I’ve been trying to figure this out all morning.
Please help.

ok well the “egg” chair was originally designed by Arne Jacobson. BUt i am pretty sure that its not what you are talking about.

the hanging chair..the clear plastic ones are called Eero Aarnio Bubble Chairs. Super expensive and had to find now and days.

And i think this is what you are taking about, i am not sure who originally designed it…i need to do some more research! These are modern remakes…

Promises – The Eames Era

Vintage Williamsburg

Vintage Williamsburg
Henrico business licenses for April 26
The following are recently issued business licenses in Henrico County. Al Gleeson Electrical Co. Inc. (contractor); licensee same, various Henrico locations. All Haul Freight Services (pack, move, haul); licensees Michael R. Adkins and Lance E. Holmes, 6670 Wicker Meadows Circle, Henrico 23231. Mimi’s Hair Affair (beauty parlor); licensee Boonga Any, 7601 Brook Road, Henrico 23227.
Psychedelic Experimental Jam in Williamsburg, NYC

Vintage Porcelain

Vintage Porcelain
I need help with colors please!?

My wedding is in July. I want to have a casual summery feel to the reception, a relaxed fun event – not formal. I have collected dozens and dozens of vases, some vintage, some copper, silver, glass, some porcelain, glass, and crystal, and I want to use them all clustered down the runners on the reception tables filled with bright flowers. I’m not sure what the flowers should be or what the cloths and table runner colors would look best either…The setting for the wedding is outdoors at an old stone lodge in the woods, and the lodge where the reception will be is right on the site, rustic with high log beams and lots of windows. The tables will be very long banquet tables.

Please give me some ideas! Thanks!

I would choose one bright color such as yellow or orange, but use mixed flowers. Since your containers are all different, having just one color would bring it all together. Try using a mix that includes daisies- those flowers to me scream summer and they can be both casual and elegant at the same time.
For the table linens, stick to white. Don’t use a runner. Instead, line your vases up as planned and sprinkle gems/rocks/marbles down the line to make a “natural” runner. Have a small votive/tealight in between each container.


Mid Century

Mid Century
2 skeletons on Va. campus dated to 17th century
NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) – Two skeletons found in an archaeological dig at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science are probably the remains of female servants from the mid-1600s.
Mid Century Modern Gem For Sale in Austin Texas – Renovation Video!

Vintage Ceramic

Vintage Ceramic
How can I remove the smell of cigarette smoke from vintage plates?

I purchased 6 bread & butter plates at Value Village, and now that I have them at home I can smell smoke which has probably soaked into the ceramic over many years. I have already washed them in dishsoap, but that hasn’t altered the smell…

Try to wash them with vinegar and lemon (don’t dowse them but let them soak it in). Have the windows open and let it dry.Use a cloth and try repeating this throughout the week at least twice .

While your letting your walls dry boil some water and put a couple sticks of cinnamon and a sheet of fabric softener in the pot. This will bring a fresh aroma throughout your home (blocking out any of the cigarette smoke).

If all else fells you may have to speak with your landlord about repainting and if you have carpet have it pulled up(don’t hesitate to speak up you are paying for the space)

Vintage Ceramic Japanese Tea Pot – Lovely Glazed Kyusu