Italian Import

Italian Import
I have to pay import taxes to register a moped 96 Italians in the UK?

I want to book an Italian in 1996 in the UK. I bought a man who brought from Italy. He said that because of the price, I had to register the imports and therefore did not pay taxes. Now I have to request a certificate of registration in the UK, and I worry that I will be responsible for import duties payable. There is a value by which the tax is not paid? ie the cost of £ 450 motorcycle, import duties are paid? I know that people bring electrical appliances, etc. (worth over £ 450) vacation, etc, and they are not declared but this is the same vehicle?

No motor vehicles more than six months old that have been registered in another EU country is not likely to duty. Check with HMRC.

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Picture Note

Picture Note
firefighters picture
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September 11, 9/11 Pentagon Truth + Flight 93 Pictures and Radio Transmission + Proof and Evidence

White Delft

White Delft
Where can I find a white colored lightbulb in Delft, Netherlands (everything is yellow here)?

Help me please :3

I’m not sure what you mean by “white”? If you mean the traditional incandescent light bulbs, then yes they are becoming harder to find because the more energy efficient are becoming the norm, and actually the EU agreed that after 01/Sept 2012 that these kind of bulbs won’t be sold any longer in the EU.

There are instead a massive selection at most supermarkets and I know they sell “Soft white” bulbs if this is what you need (e.g. Albert Heijn has them for sure & so does Hoogvliet). Look for “zachtwit” ones

If not then look for shops selling lights, or stores like Gamma, Praxis or Ikea (which is on your doorstep)

Antique Pair of Dutch blue and white Delft porcelain wall

Plate Set

Plate Set
Star Dogs set to return
The Western Bulldogs are set to swing the axe ahead of their clash against Adelaide at Etihad Stadium on Friday night with coach Rodney Eade flagging as many as four changes to the side that lost to the Brisbane Lions by 22 points last week.
Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Dino Plate Guts Set 爆竜戦隊アバレンジャー

Yellow Ware

Yellow Ware
Is there any new spy ware or viruses or a worm that just comes on your computer by itself like a yellow shield?

A yellow shaped shield appeared on my task bar all by itself then warnings appeared like my computer is infested with viruses please run this? Does anyone know anything about this stuff and what to do?

How To Kill Malware For Free

(PLAN A) Watch this video


(Note) If Malwarebytes won’t install do this: Right click on the mbam setup app you downloaded and rename it xxxx then Dbl click on it and install and update it(If you can) and run a full scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds.
(Note)If you couldn’t update before 1st scan update Malwarebytes and do another scan with a updated Malwarebytes!

When your done killing your bug watch this video on cleaning up your startup menu?

(HINT) Go to Start> Run> type msconfig> ok> Startup tab>(uncheck)all programs(not)needed at startup.(“Lesser is better in this case” 🙂

(PLAN B) Try these tools
TrendMicro has a free tool that fixes browser redirects.

Online scanner

Cleanup tool (This tool is not intended for novices)

Bootable rescue CDs

Stay Safe Out There (^.^)

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves ‘Yellow Elephant’

Cash Family

Cash Family

Quick Cash Online

Getting a short term loan until next payday could not be easier. created a system where people with regular jobs and checking accounts may request up to $ 1,000 and have money deposited into your checking account immediately.

Minimum formalities

There are few formalities needed to make a claim, and this process can be completed in a matter a few hours. However, if the applicant is a returning customer, he or she will already have a user name and password that can literally transfer the requested money very quickly. The amount requested is deposited in your checking account in a matter of minutes!

Start today

A client first, there are just some necessary documents. You may need to scan or fax a voided check for verification account the money will be deposited in a state of recent bank statement and last payroll. Online "target =" _blank "> Quick Cash Online check these details with the bank and create an account with us site, and send you a username and password for future use. However, the money you need deposited into your account. Once the security check is completed, this process is not mandatory for future loans payday and the money is deposited into your account in minutes.

No more wondering friends, relatives or the head of an advance

Unlike many companies payday loans, Quick Cash online no makes you fill pages in the pages of application forms. The documentation here is short and sweet. Almost everyone who visits the site for a day loan payment is guaranteed the fast money online. It's much less embarrassing to ask a friend or relative, or hitting his head by a title = "Cash Advance" target = "_blank"> promotion money against their wages. No doubt investigation or credit check too.

We recommend that you review the details to become familiar with our system, even if you do not need money now. How your username and password make sure you get instant cash when you need it in the future. Then complete the loan application online or call 1-877-262-cash and establish day your account today payment of personal loans.

This article was originally published in: target = "_blank"> Quick Cash Online

About the Author

Find more information on Check Cash Loans and Quick Online Cash.

About Author:

Bob Cash is the colorful company mascot of Check Into Cash, Inc. He makes public appearances across the United States, and is an integral part of the Company’s new location and Payday Advance Centers grand opening events. You can reach him at

Johnny Cash & The Carter Family – Where You There (1960)

Useful Handmade

Useful Handmade

Why Use Synergy Skin Care

Synergy Skincare is based upon the philosophy of, providing you with quality natural and organic handmade products that meet the individual demands of your skin, without using unnecessary harsh chemicals. There are many fillers and chemicals added to skin care products that are quite damaging to your skin. It is essential for you to know the Top ten ingredients to avoid in skincare products. Synergy Skincare products utilise the best natural and organic raw ingredients available, hand blended to achieve the most skin nourishing results. Everything that you purchase from synergyskincare is SLS, Paraben and Mineral Oil free.

At synergyskincare , you are provided with quality handmade products, using the best natural and organic ingredients sourced from all over the world. Synergy Skincare strive for superior quality in all products without compromising the demand for natural and organic. Our natural and organic vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable butters and other ingredients are of the highest quality and sourced from the most reputable origins. Essential oils for skincare is not a new trend, their benefits have been known for as long as essential oils have been used.

When choosing your natural and organic handmade products, what is the first thing you need to know? Quite simply, it’s identifying your skin type and understanding its needs. There are various skin types, Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Normal and Combination. Then there is Mature Skin, this isn’t really a type, but just aging of your skin and this affects everyone at a different age due to skin type and care.

When choosing your ideal products, skin care is worth remembering. The importance of a good skincare routine is essential. At synergyskincare, we are aware of how precious your skin is and also your time. All natural and organic handmade products are designed to effectively nourish and care for your skin and in a timely manner. Synergy skincare products also are blended in a synergistic manner; they all compliment each other and are even more effective together.

Regardless of your skin type or condition, you will have excellent results with products from synergyskincare . For some, skincare can be quite problematic. Skincare and Rosacea doesn’t need to be difficult; all products are very gentle and contain a large amount of organic Aloe Vera. This is one of the most soothing ingredients that can be applied to irritated skin. The same is true in Caring for Sensitive Skin or Caring for Mature Skin. Ingredients are carefully chosen to address specific conditions and skin types. Caring for Acne Skin and Caring for Oily Skin no longer means stripping away the naturally produced oils, and risk sensitising your skin. Isn’t it better to bring balance and allow your skin to function in a normal, healthy but more balanced manner.

Never compromise your skin and assume it can deal with lesser quality yet more damaging artificial ingredients.

At synergyskincare , there is no compromise on philosophy. Use handmade products, blended with the most effective natural and organic ingredients available.

For more information about synergy skin care and Skin Care Products you can visit This article written by Rose Hannigan

About the Author

synergy skin care and Skin Care Products you can visit This article written by Rose Hannigan

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Picture Note Holder

Picture Note Holder
China trims holdings of US Treasurys by 1.3 percent
WASHINGTON — China trimmed its holdings of U.S. Treasury debt 1.3 percent in February, the fourth consecutive decline. Those reductions are raising concerns that the U.S. government could face higher interest rates to finance its soaring budget deficits.
Origami: picture holder

Picture Note Holder

Picture Note Holder

Sell My Note – Promissory Note Document


When the decision has been made to use Owner Financing to facilitate the sale of real estate, legal documents are created. The importance of these documents to the seller(Note Holder) can be thousands of dollars. All to often I have witnessed note holders decided to sell their note, after several payments, and not have all the note documents readily accessible. Healthy Record Keeping practices can mean thousands of dollars to the note holder. If record keeping is note your specialty, AT LEAST put the PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT somewhere you can find it and easily retrieve it. I am going to indent the next sentence because it is the most important of this article.


Think I will say it again to stress the importance.


When a note holder decides to sell their note and cash out of their monthly payments the PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT is what is being SOLD. If you don’t have the original note then what do you have to sell? That is like you go to buy a car with cash in hand and the seller of the car gives you a picture and tells you the car is in another state. Often is the case that a home seller will us a real estate professional, like an attorney or title agent, to prepare all the necessary documentation and to record it with the county, a very good practice. The issue comes up several months later when the note holder decides to sell his or her note and assumes the real estate professional has all the needed documentation. The real estate professional will have copies of the documents on hand and that is helpful but rarely will they have the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT. I will say it again.


I have repeated myself three times in this article about the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT, but all of the documents that went along with the original real estate sale transaction are important. When a note holder has made the decision to sell their note and received an agreeable offer, 90% of the time that goes into the note transaction is chasing the note documents. Here at The Texas Note Company we have experienced note sales take as long a 90 days as well as note sales that are completed in as short as 5 days. In each case the length of time goes down to the practice of record keeping. In the month of March the Texas Note Company worked two transactions where the Note Holder(person receiving the payments) could not locate the Promissory Note. In one instance two sisters became owner of a note through a will. In another instance, the note holder had the Promissory Note Document in a storage facility in another state with no real means to retrieve it other than to drive half way accross the United States. When the document process slows up a real estate note sale it can become very frustrating and can add weeks to the length of time a note holder will receive their money. Sound record Keeping Practices is the key.

Every note sale is different in some respect, even as far as the documentation is concerned. Here is an extensive list of documents in our most recent note purchase.
1) Original Promissory Note
2) Deed of Trust
3) Warranty Deed
4) Original Closing Statement / HUD-1
5) Purchase Agreement between buyer and seller
6) Texas Residential Policy of Title Insurance
7) Purchaser’s Closing Statement
8) Seller’s Closing Statement
9) Payment History Affidavit by seller
10) Dwelling declarations
11) Evidence of Hazard insurance with seller designate as mortgagee
12) Payor’s Social Security Check
13) Property Tax Status

Here at The Texas Note Company we are real estate professionals that specialized in owner financing strategies and techniques. If you are a real estate note holder and interested in selling your note or would like to determine the value of your note on the secondary market visit us at

About the Author

Robert E Young is the Founding Director of The Texas Note Company. He is a Real Estate Investor who puts real estate transactions together using proven owner financing strategies and techniques. He purchases and brokers private real estate notes often getting home sellers the cash they need to move on to the next transaction. Robert enjoys teaching and educating real estate minded people the advantages of Owner Financing and what it can bring to a real estate transaction while dispelling it’s myths. When traditional financing methods fail to provide the benefits buyers and sellers are looking for, often it is owner financing to provide a solution.

Matchbook Post-it Note Holder

Useful Handmade

Useful Handmade
WHS student helps families of premature babies
A preemie herself, Sarah Hackett, a junior at Wilton High School, knows that life brings challenges. “Having been born three months premature, I learned at a very young age that challenges are a part of life and that I would face many,” Sarah recently wrote in an essay.
True Bypass Optical Tremolo w/Tap Tempo and multi wave form TRES Dedalo Handmade Effects