Pottery Wall

Pottery Wall
In pottery barn kids summer cataloge on page 102, is the wall art a border or painted?

Where can i find it? I have a friend who wants it in her baby’s room but we can’t find the border if that is what is used. If it is hand painted we would like to know if a stencil was used…HELP!

It is not easy to find exactly what you are looking for but here are two links that you can take a look and see if you can find somethiong similar.


Throwing Making a simple flattened clay pottery Wall Hanging Vase on the wheel.

Pottery Wall

Pottery Wall
Where can I buy giant paper flowers for my wall?

I want to buy giant colorful paper flowers to decorate my walls with! thanks!

and does anyone know where to get pottery barn furniture for less?

any good answer is appreciated!

Check it out for pottery barn furniture.


Pottery: Centering, Pulling & Throwing : Examining Pottery Wall Consistency