Calif Pottery

Calif Pottery
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Beautiful Hand Thrown

Beautiful Hand Thrown
25 Events That Shocked Football
Throughout football history, there were many different moments that have shaken the landscape of how the beautiful game impacts people. From gambling scandals to a terrible moment in the World Cup, football has seen many moments that it would like to rid itself of. But there also is times such as a great goal in a cup final that are extremely memorable. So with this in mind, here is my list of …
Hand thrown Pottery by Sandie Cosens – Ooh la la Pottery

Beautiful Hand Thrown

Beautiful Hand Thrown
Anyone want to try and interpret these poems?

“Velvet is my medium.
It leaves no mark.
Soft to the touch
Passive, Dark, Simple
Velvet doesn’t stain
But absorbs everything
and blends in with the shadows.
but stands out when it shines.

Velvet’s cousin is silk.
It is thin but strong
Unlike velvet, it resists
Vibrant, Exotic, Rich
Silk seems perfect
but when a single thread is pulled
it frays, and falls apart
and becomes useless”

“A bowl of naval oranges
all of them, round, perfect, beautiful
All but one, which was different
decorated with a soft pallet of mold
The other oranges mocked and shunned it
Until, one day, a hand reached out
“Don’t eat this one”
“Throw it away”
And the bad orange was thrown out.
The rest were eaten.”

I enjoy the visual imagry, but the stories have been told. No interpretation needed.

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