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September 11, 9/11 Pentagon Truth + Flight 93 Pictures and Radio Transmission + Proof and Evidence

Germany Porcelain

Germany Porcelain

Inspiration Products of Bjorn Wiinblad

The three plates illustrate motifs of sowing, sweet idleness and harvesting. Bjorn Wiinblad found inspiration for these silhouette designs in the 1950’s in the great Danish teller of fairytales Hans Christian Andersen. Bjorn Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen in 1919 and studied at the Royal Academy of Art & Illustration. In addition to his world renowned ceramics and decorative art objects he created worldwide stage scenes and book illustrations. Rosenthal is now celebrating the work of the beloved designer who designed for the firm for fifty years.

Bjorn Wiinblad successful collaboration all began in 1957 when Philip Rosenthal discovered Wiinblad’s ceramics while traveling through Denmark. He was so impressed by the young, imaginative designer’s style of harmonizing both décor and form. This is was the grounding philosophy of the original Rosenthal Studio-Line collections. The meeting with Philip was to become the most important stages in Wiinblad’s artistic career.

For more than 60 years, the wonderfully varied work of Bjorn Wiinblad has been beloved in both his native Denmark and abroad. Bjorn Wiinblad‘s creativity lent itself to glass, porcelain, interior design, ceramics, and illustrations. Vibrant colors and festive moods are the hallmark of this unique Scandinavian artist’s work.

The result of which was a creative, fruitful partnership displaying unusual style and range in the many original forms and patterns her designed for Rosenthal over a period of fifty years. Bjorn died in his home of Denmark just short of seeing the spectacular comprehensive exhibition in Selb Germany of his works in ceramics, glass and cutlery. He was truly a creative and imaginative artist whose works have become highly collected. We now carry works in current production as well as special edition collections. Please purchase on online www.etabletop.com

About the Author

Representing Bjorn Wiinblad in the website www.etabletop.com

Pair German Meissen Porcelain Candelabras Maiden

Pottery Signed

Pottery Signed

Which Craft is Right for Me?

Diana discovered the joy of pottery after suffering a terrible divorce. Taking a seat at the wheel with a lump of clay, she felt an immediate release. Her mind cleared and her heart rate slowed down. She was able to relax in a way she hadnt for weeks. Better than therapyand medication! she happily reported to her doctor after her first day at a community education class, where she went on to make friends with fellow potters, further enriching her life.

For Kris it was counted cross-stitch. The repetitive motion of the needle passing up and down through crisp cloth put her in a near-meditative state, the way yoga does for some. In this state Kris was able to work out solutions to her daily challenges. It was like the ideas dropped into my mind out of the sky, she told a close friend.

Shawn found furniture restoration to be wonderfully soothing after a stressful day at the office. The raw scent of wood loosened him up, and he was surprised how satisfying it was to sit down at a table he had restored himself.

Such is the world of DIY. Discovering the right craft for your personality and temperament can be a reward that transforms your life.

The crafting world is as wide and diverse as a tropical rainforest. Each crafting activity has unique benefits and challenges. You could spend your entire life just trying out different crafts. While this may be fun, it can be expensive and frustrating. Should you desire to narrow your search down, this article will act as your guide by investigating the world of crafts as they fit into five spectrums. If one activity doesnt suit you, take heart. Crafting is for everyoneyou are bound to find that perfect match.

1. Short-term projects vs. long-term projects.

Do you have a need for immediate gratification? If you do, you might prefer cake decorating, ceramics, candle-making, lotions-n-potions, or cut-n-paste projects (scrapbooking, collage, and decoupage), which deliver results relatively quickly. Conversely, if you are known to possess the patience of Job, needlecrafts and quilting may be your thing. (Although quilting by machine cuts down the time dramatically). If you like long-term projects, pottery and gardening are also excellent choices, since they involve several steps.

2. Fastidiousness vs. playfulness/ looseness

Needlecrafts, baking, and jewelry-making require a meticulous and careful eye, whereas cooking, gardening and cut-n-paste projects are more appropriate for the playful type. Keep in mind that many activities can go either way or are best for those who can balance a bit of each quality.

3. Planner by nature vs. spontaneous to the core

If you dont mind doing a little math, counted cross-stitch, knitting, and crochet are great activities. Needlecrafts, quilting and sewing also require planning and pattern-reading. If all this sounds too boring or frustrating and you prefer to jump headlong into projects as soon as you feel an urge, cut-n-paste, candle-making, ceramics, or pottery may be a better fit.

4. Space available

Do you affectionately call your apartment a cupboard? If you need an activity that takes up little space or can be cleaned up in a jiffy, yarn and needlecrafts can be tucked away in a basket or a drawer. Baking and cake decorating use what you probably already have in your kitchen, and jewelry only needs a modest tackle-box with little compartments for beads and tools. But perhaps you have a room or a whole basement where a hobby could take up a permanent residence? Pottery is such a hobby. If you quilt by hand you will need a room where a fairly large frame can be set up (unless you only want to do baby quilts). A table for laying out and cutting patterns is required for sewing, and most people dont appreciate having to lug out the machine every time you want to work on a project. (However, it can be done.) Lotions-n-potions, and candle and soap making can be done in the kitchen as long as precautions are taken, but ideally they need a separate space, since you are using dangerous chemicals that you dont want to accidentally mix with food. Gardening is ideal if you have a nice-sized yard, but many green-thumbed apartment dwellers find cultivating the space around their windows, on their patio, or even potted indoor plants a satisfying diversion. Dont lose heart if you dont have space for an activity that interests youjust sign up for a community class!

5. Available funds for expenses

Each craft has a range of what you could pay for the activity, depending on your taste and willingness. If you are picky about using only hand-dyed, organically grown 100% wool yarn, you are going to pay a lot more than someone who works with an acrylic yarn available at the closest Woolworths. It is a good idea when just starting out to borrow someone elses equipment, or use inexpensive supplies until you know it is an activity you are going to stick with. Then you can slowly replace your supplies with quality items that you appreciate. On average, pottery and sewing require more expensive equipment to begin, while you can garden, cross-stitch, or cut-n-paste on a shoestring budget. Yarn crafts are the cheapest activities to try, since they dont require a lot of expensive equipment to start. Again, a class might be the best investment for the more expensive hobbies.

If you still aren’t sure which craft is right for you, talk to other crafters about why they enjoy their craft. Ask if you can join them one day to see if it is something that appeals to you. Be patient with yourself as you begin each new activity–nothing kills the excitement of trying something new more than impossibly high expectations. Don’t worry–as you continue, your skills will improve. You will also know better which activities suit you best.

About the Author

Emma Snow is a creator at Craft Kits http://www.craft-kits.net leading portals for crafts and creative individuals.

Trash or Treasure: Maria Martinez (02/21/09)

Signed Art Pottery

Signed Art Pottery

Mata Ortiz Pottery in Puerto Vallarta

You will undoubtedly see some lovely pottery as you peruse Puerto Vallarta’s many art galleries, and none is more lovely than Mata Ortiz pottery. If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to check it out, this is the time. Honestly, it won’t hurt you to get away from the pool at your Mexico Vacation Villa Rental for a couple of hours and pick up a bit of culture. You may just come away with some beautiful pottery, as well.

Mata Who?
Mata Ortiz pottery is growing in recognition and popularity. The name is not that of a person, but rather that of a pueblo (town) in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, near the border where Mexico, Texas and New Mexico come together. Members of this small community (it’s only a few blocks big) began making a name for themselves and their pots in 1976, when they and their work were “discovered.”

It’s not so much that they were “lost” to begin with; that just happens to be the date that the outside world became aware of the exquisite work they produced. Master potter Juan Quezada introduced, or rather reintroduced, the centuries old method of forming pots with coils of local clay. Today, his students and followers continue to make all their pots by hand, without the use of potters’ wheels.

That’s some sophisticated folk art
It didn’t take long for Mata Ortiz pottery to become acknowledged as a legitimate form of contemporary art. Art aficionados and pottery experts will tell you that both the construction and the decorative style are derived from Paquime Casas Grandes pottery, as well as from the Mimbres traditions of the American Southwest. Mata Ortiz artists do not simply recreate old designs, however. Their work is unique and modern, despite its ancient origins.

Now that you’re convinced that this bears looking into, you’re ready to dash out the door of your Mexico Vacation Villa Rental, but first, you need to locate a source for these works of art. In Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find Mata Ortiz pottery at the Mata Ortiz Pottery Gallery (who knew?) at Lázaro Cárdenas 268A. And the Galeria de Ollas, at Corona 176, features a large collection of signed pieces from the village. If you do decide to acquire a piece, take your time and really look at each piece. They are all lovely, but if you listen, one in particular will surely speak to you.

About the Author

The author is a huge fan of Puerto Vallarta and enjoys his vacation at Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rental. For further information on Vacation Rentals in Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta Villa Rental please visit at www.villaencantada.com.

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Witch Picture

Witch Picture
Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer in Beastly Trailer
Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular fairytales of all time. The 1991 Disney adaptation was the first animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards so imagine our skepticism when we heard about Beastly, a hipper live action version that stars High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens, Alex […]

Signed Art

Signed Art
Accelerize New Media, Inc. (OTCBB: ACLZ) Signed Its 15th Performance-Based Marketing Software Contract
LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – 04/15/10) – Accelerize New Media, Inc. (OTC.BB: ACLZ – News ), a multifaceted Internet software and performance-based marketing company that develops online customer acquisition solutions for blue-chip financial, media and retail brands, today announced that it signed seven additional software contracts bringing the total to fifteen. It’s industry-leading, patent …
Smart Mouths Signed Album Art Opening

Witch Picture Note

Witch Picture Note

You’re Fooled Into Downloading a “friendly” Spyware

The Internet is a pretty big place in witch you can easily get lost or fooled into abandoning your quest when looking for something of interest. This might happen because of various ads that capture the eye or even because of a little picture that excites your curiosity. When trying to unfold the mystery behind a pretty picture or a “You are the lucky winner of…” ad, you’re fooled into downloading a “friendly” spyware. With just a click away, you have compromised your computer and exposed yourself to lots of potential problems.

To avoid this kind of misfortune, you might try downloading a spybot tool, this is the perfect antidote. Not only that it will keep away the nasty “friend”, but it will also delete any old ones that you might have had prior to the spyware tool. When it comes to your computer security, spyware is a problem to be taken seriously therefore it doesn’t hurt to have a removal at your discretion.

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to prevent your vital information from being ripped from your computer.

Computer security is becoming a very important issue along with the rapid growth of the amount of information on the Web so, to avoid having your personal data stolen or corrupted by spyware, take the necessary actions. A detection tool for spyware is a good way to increase your computer’s security. Also, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little attention to what you’re clicking on, or believing everything you see and read. A little skepticism never hurt anyone. As a conclusion to all of this, your computer’s security should be the top priority when going online so, what would we do without free spybot software.

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money or something else that you treasure so dearly.

Witch Picture AMV

Signed Art Pottery

Signed Art Pottery
how do i find out which design firm did the interior decorating for MTV’s Real World Sydney house?

specifically, i’m trying to get my hands on a piece of art similar to one in the house – it’s a tall black sign that seems to have a list of railway stations on it in white type. i’ve seen similar signs in banana republic stores, and in pottery barn catalogs, but nobody seems to actually SELL this art… anybody have any ideas?







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Handmade Turkish China

Handmade Turkish China

Types Of Rugs

There are five main methods of rug production with variations within each technique.  Here we will give a very brief overview of each rug making method.

The production method is only a small part of the story.  The quality of the fibre, the expertise of the weaver, the knot count or stitch rate of the rug, and with handmade rugs, the quality of the shearing and washing process will all affect the quality and price. Ultimately you should buy what you like, most rugs sold today have no real provenance, they are mass produced and suit most buyers’ needs.  By explaining the differences in rug production methods we hope to help you buy a rug that will perform to your expectations and give value for money.

Hand knotted Rugs

When we use the term of Oriental rugs we mean a hand knotted rug, the oldest of all the rug making techniques, each tuft is tied onto the warp by hand with a knot at the base of the tuft, a weft (sometimes more than one) is inserted between the warp threads and hammered tight to form the pile of the rug .Two types of knot are commonly used; the Turkish knot and the Persian knot, although the Turkish knot is widely used in Iran especially in tribal and nomadic weavings. Most Oriental pieces are unique and not available in sizes other than the rug you see. An experienced adult weaver can tie between 6,000 and 9,000 knots per day. KPI or knots per inch is used as one of the quality indicators of this type of rug. Considered the only type of rug to buy by the true enthusiast, hand knotted rugs can be a very wise investment as the traditional art of village and tribal weaving is becoming less common and good pieces are harder to source.  Hand knotting is very time consuming and good quality pieces can command high prices.  We stock small hand knotted rugs from £30.00 each to Fine Persian rugs up to £10,000 each.

Flat woven Rugs

Flat woven rugs are usually known as kilims or kelims in Turkey, Gelims in Persia (Iran) or Dhurries in India.  Kilim is a general name used for any non pile rug in the Middle East. More precisely a kilim is a tapestry.  There are different production methods used, the best known being slit weave and Soumacs.  Usually made from wool and used as floor coverings, throws and wall hangings.

Hand tufted Rugs

A cotton scrim is stretched across a vertical frame, the design of the rug is printed or drawn onto this.  The pile fibre is inserted into the back of scrim with a tufting gun.  The rug is then laid out flat and stretched onto another frame.  Latex is applied to prevent the tufts from coming out and a second backing material is added.  Most of the hand tufted rugs coming into Europe today are made in China or India. There is a huge selection of both contemporary and traditional designs to choose from. Generally prices are a fraction of a good quality hand knotted rug but like hand knotted rugs you get what you pay for, Our Nourison 2000 collections use high quality wool with the addition of top quality Chinese silk, each rug is then expertly hand carved.  These rugs will be the same price as an average quality hand knotted rug.

We will deal with each technique and their processes in more detail in future articles.

Hand loomed Rugs

Usually Indian production, hand loomed rugs are quicker to produce than hand tufted rugs .This reflects in the price of the rug, various pile textures can be used including loops to create a design in the rug.  The looms are operated on the same type of treadle looms used in the UK over 300 years ago.  Most of our current Multi stripe rug collections are made using this method.  Available in both wool and synthetic fibres hand loomed rugs can offer excellent value.

Wilton Rugs

The tradition of textile weaving in the Flemish region of Belgium goes back for hundreds of years. From a cottage industry the process has changed to the hugely mechanised industry it is today and Wilton rugs are produced all over the world.  There are many types of Wilton construction, face to face is the most commonly used in rug production. The pile is woven sandwiched between two sets of backing material. The finished material is then split leaving two rugs, a mirror image of each other. This is a very fast method of production and the use of top quality materials and high stitch rates can produce a rug that compares favourably with a good quality hand knotted rug.

About the Author

Rugstore NE http://www.rugstorene.co.uk offers a vast selection of rugs in both modern and traditional styles from all over the world.

Soultone Cymbals – Mike Taylor