White Delft

White Delft
Where can I find a white colored lightbulb in Delft, Netherlands (everything is yellow here)?

Help me please :3

I’m not sure what you mean by “white”? If you mean the traditional incandescent light bulbs, then yes they are becoming harder to find because the more energy efficient are becoming the norm, and actually the EU agreed that after 01/Sept 2012 that these kind of bulbs won’t be sold any longer in the EU. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloeilamp#Afschaffen_in_de_Europese_Unie

There are instead a massive selection at most supermarkets and I know they sell “Soft white” bulbs if this is what you need (e.g. Albert Heijn has them for sure & so does Hoogvliet). Look for “zachtwit” ones

If not then look for shops selling lights, or stores like Gamma, Praxis or Ikea (which is on your doorstep) http://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/10744?pageNumber=2

Antique Pair of Dutch blue and white Delft porcelain wall