From Royal Copenhagen

From Royal Copenhagen
Which football club is the best in Scandinavia?

Malmø IF?
Djurgården IF?
FC Copenhagen?(who beats ManU)
Aalborg B?
Brøndby IF?
Odense BK?

The reason I ask is that soon starts the scandinavian league called The Royal League, with the best clubs from the dansih league, the swedish league and the norwigan league. And then, who is favorite to win this?

I am from England, but I have never seen more elegant football than in the danish and the swedish leagues, and I am looking forward to see The Royal League. Please answar peobs 🙂

Brøndby IF

crazy in royal copenhagen skateboard park

Royal Delft

Royal Delft
Royal Delft Blue and other Delft Blue?

I have a few pieces of Royal Delft Blue. Mine is the floral rather than the windmills. I like the floral better. Is the Royal Delft Blue worth more or is there any other brands that are good? It’s hard because I want more but some are just marked Delft Blue Holland on the bottom and I want to know that it is authentic.

What should I look for? Mine actually has a date on the bottom but most I find does not.

I collect Delft pottery. (I am American, but my family is from the Netherlands) I’ve visited 2 actual Delft porcelain factories in the town of Delft. I’ve visited De Candelaer and De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles. Those 2 places create real, true Delft hand painted pottery. You will find on the bottom of pieces from either of those places a special symbol denoting where the piece was made (each factory has its own symbol), the initials of the artist, the code that denotes the year it was made, and an article number.

The site I cite below is in Dutch. However if you put it through a translator, it verifies what I just said about what you find at the bottom of a piece.

Flans on the Street – Royal Delft Factory