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Arts Crafts
Does anyone have any good ideas for cheap storage for lots of Arts and Crafts Materials ?

I have lots of Arts and Crafts Materials, with very little space, as I live in a one bedroom flat, and very little money. I’ve tried the usual cheap plastic boxes but so many little bits and bobs its hard to keep it accessible and in one place. And its driving me mad, as I have to try and dig stuff out. Any ideas I would be grateful.

Have you seen the cloth shoe holders that you can hang on a door. This could help you with some but label the openings as to what you put into it. Get some small plastic bags to the the items in to seperat them.

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Arts Crafts

Arts Crafts
What is some great Christmas arts and crafts?

I know it’s WAY to Early but whats some easy fun cool arts and crafts I can do while I Wait for Christmas?

if you knit, how about some mittens and hats? or make some decorative containers to distribute the food treats you will bake closer to christmas time? It will be very special. create scrapbooks of photos for older members of your family – your parents, grandparents, people who live far away will really appreciate that. it is never too early to start the scrapbooks.

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Clay Pottery

Clay Pottery
I would like to start doing some pottery and clay work but….?

I have no room for it. If i would do it in my room clay would get every where. I dont have a garage or anything. I would like to be able to do it on my own time when i felt like it…… Any ideas?

You have to find a space first and we don’t know where you live. Do you have a patio or a spear room?

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Pottery Candle

Pottery Candle
What kind of Roseville pottery has an asian motif with asian women?

I have 2 candle holders that are the heads of what appear to be asian women, the only identification I have is the Roseville logo on the bottom of both.


pressing a pottery candle filter – for a second time

Floral Vase

Floral Vase
How to make aquarium for a betta fish?

I have a betta fish that I got from a pet store. It is still in the little plastic container that I bought it in. I don’t know how to make an aquarium for it. I have a floral vase that I would like to use, but I’m afraid that it is dirty. Should I wash it with soap, or could that hurt the fish? Do betta fish need gravel? How high should the water be? Also, how much should I feed my betta fish every day?

ok, I think people can get a bit crazy on the aquarium size. I think a 2.5 gal tank would do just fine for one betta, get a small heater for it also. Bettas prefer temps to be 78-82. I have a mini heater for mine. Anyway, most 2.5 gal come w/ an undergravel filter. Basically, you need to set the aquarium up and put about 2-3 inches of gravel over top of the undergravel plate. The gravel acts as a filter, as debris gets sucked into it. You will have to siphon the gravel to clean it ocassionally. Since you already bought your Betta, get your aquarium ASAP and set it up. I recommend you buy a small bottle of Cycle to help you establish some good bacteria in the tank. For the first two weeks, I would do about a 20% water change every other day or so. Don’t forget to add the dechlorinater. After this, you probably should do about a 20% water change once a week to keep your Bettas happy. Give your Betta a few plants to hide behind, preferably live. Remember that you should NEVER use soap to clean any equipment for your fish, the residue will never completely wash clean and it is unnecessary.
Many people keep Bettas in bowls. while it is true that Bettas do not need an air pump, they do need clean water. Amonia created by fish waste will rise to toxic levels quickly. Think about how nasty a catbox smells. Now imagine having to swim in it! In addition, unless you live in an unusually warm house, you will need an aquarium big enough for a heater, which is why a 2 gallon is about as small as you can go. Yes, people do keep this fish in small bowls, but the fish are cold and not too happy about it. Good luck w/ your fishy. The first few weeks is going to be the most crucial in getting him set in to his new aquarium. Basic Betta pellets are fine, feed morning and night, about 3-4 pellets each time. Take the time to give him a good home and he should do great!

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Thrown Stoneware

Thrown Stoneware
when throwing large (8 – 10lbs) my bowls slump. cutting them open shows that they are same thickness. why?

this happens both with stoneware and porcelain. no cracking happens and they bisque/glaze fire well. help please.

They are either too thin for their size, or the clay has too much moisture in it. You may be either starting with clay that’s too wet, or adding too much water to the wheel when you are working it.

Applying Handles to a Clay Bowl Made on the Potters Wheel

Campbell Art Pottery

Campbell Art Pottery
Pottery Class- Pop Art Idea?

I am in high school and I am taking pottery. We are doing a pop art piece, like Andy Warhol’s campbell soup can.
I have to bring in an item tomorrow of what I am going to make..and I can’t think of anything!
My teacher says it needs to be a representation of something in our society today. She is doing a pill bottle, because medicines are always advertised today.
HELP PLEASE!! I can’t think of what to bring to make..
– no electronics

a 32oz soda fountian cup, with plastic lid and straw.

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Arts Crafts

Arts Crafts
Who can tell me how to contact Zhejiang polyresin arts and crafts factory in China summitchina?

I am looking polyresin summitchina Zhejiang arts and crafts factory or resin arts and crafts summitchina factory, which produces resin, resin, arts and crafts of sailing in China. Listen their products and polyresin polyresin crafts are of better quality and lower Zhejiang price.if know summitchina & Company polyresin arts crafts, please tell me how find them.

Zhejiang Summitchina Arts & Crafts Company have a website it is – your information Contact here – Email is – SUMMIT@SUMMITCHINA.COM Hope this helps, Jill

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Clay Pottery

Clay Pottery
What is the best glue/paste to use when trying to glue back pieces of broken clay pottery?

I received a beautiful Oaxacan guardian angel made from black clay. Needless to say, it broke my heart when in the course of rearranging my desk, I accidentally knocked it over and a wingtip broke off. I would like to glue it back together with the best applicable glue, one that doesn’t leave traces and doesn’t harm the piece. Thank you in advance for your help!

E-6000 or epoxy

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Crafts Pottery

Crafts Pottery

Pottery Art in China With a Long History IV — Chinese Ceramic Pottery

As one of the four ancient civilization nations, China has contributed much to the society of development and progress of human, among them the invention and development of pottery is particular important and significant.

Pottery craftwork and ceramic art is the oldest arts and crafts of our country. As far away as in the New Stone Age there are gray pottery, terracotta, white pottery, painted pottery and black pottery with simple and rude styles. In Shang Dynasty glazed pottery and rigid glazed pottery which initially featured with porcelain characters appeared yet. The porcelain was created in the Eastern Han Dynasty, whose production techniques and artistic creation level reached to a high degree of maturity. In Song Dynasty the industry of porcelain flourished greatly, and dozens of famous porcelain kilns emerged in rush. As to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the technology of blank forging, decorating and glazing to firing of pottery are more advanced than those in previous generations.

The mainly species of Chinese pottery are terracotta, black pottery, white pottery, painted pottery, printed pottery and faience pottery and so on.

* Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta Pottery is one kind of pottery in Neolithic Age, and as the clay of which containing a few elements of Fe, which will be oxidized into ferric oxide when roasting, as a result the color of the pottery will take on earth red, brick red or henna, and it got its name consequently.

* Black Pottery

The invention of black pottery, according to archaeological discoveries was taken placed in late Neolithic Age, it was bred out between 2600 BC – 2000 BC. As the black pottery was produced through traditional techniques of pottery, so people often shocked by the magnificent and noble beauty of black pottery, it could bring people will feelings of dignity, comfort, quietness and extending. The discovery of Black pottery culture indicates the pottery production technology of Chinese ceramic has achieved to an unprecedented level, and it also displayed to backwards the historical process of the conversion of pottery production from possessing practicability to meeting aesthetic demands.

* White Pottery

“White pottery” is a leap forward from pottery to porcelain. “White pottery” is one kind of pottery, whose inside and exterior surface are both taken on white. Most of ceramic blanks are handmade and using porcelain clay or kaolin which contains less Fe elements than china clay, and the firing temperature of which is about 1000 degrees. The invention and application of incised white pottery in late Shang Dynasty is an achievement in the history of the development of Chinese ceramics production technology.

* Painted Pottery

Painted pottery is a remarkable achievement of Yangshao culture, it is one kind of pottery that painted with sienna, red and black colors. The art of painted pottery featured with strong flavors of life and unique artistic style, the image of which should be painted on the ceramic blank before firing thus the painted patterns will fixed on the ceramic utensil surface and will not break off easily after being fired. The pottery with stamping back patterns from late Neolithic ages to Han Dynasty in China were fired out in such a way: before firing, to press down patterns the pottery needed on its special places just before the ready-made ceramic blanks become dry.

The main sculpts of pottery there are burners, pots, jars and bowls. Among them the main types of ceramic burners there are Ge style burner, Boshan burner, smoke burner and so on; the main types of ceramic pots there are saliva pot, cock head pot, dish mouth pot and so on; the main types of ceramic jars there are four tied jar, small jars with bubbled abdomens, “Tian” word shape jars and small mouthed jars with break shoulders and so on; and the main types of ceramic bowls there are high foot bowls, palace bowls, bamboo hat bowls, lying foot bowls and so on.

Chinese ceramics has flourished for many years till today, the dark-red enameled pottery in Yixing city, the ceramic sculpture in Shiwang town, the three-color glazed pottery in Jieshou area, the purple-red pottery in Zibo city, the green glazed pottery in Tongguan area, the carved glazed pottery in Chongning county, the porcelain sculpture in Dehua county, the porcelain willow leaf bottle and porcelain phoenix tail bottle in Jingdezhen are all well known in the world.

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