Italy Ceramic

Italy Ceramic
Where I can find data on the miniature porcelain ceramic shoes.we have a huge variety and want to know its value.?

shoes are from Japan, China, Italy, England, Germany, etc.we like to find some books on this subject, with respect to date, we could not find any books.perhaps There is a merchant who could provide information? these shoes are for the most part, are 1 to 4 inches long and many are cut into gold.

Glass slippers For example: Metal, Ceramic porcelain figures, and Earlene Wheatley shoes. Explore similar items: Books (6) Editorial Reviews. Book description … porcelain: In Europe and Asia (Schiffer Book for Collectors With Value Guide) … Shoes Glass For example, metals, ceramics, porcelain Figurative and shoes … This book is the first of its kind on the topic of footwear collection. … porcelain figurines, and shoes, each with a description and current value. … Http: / /

Poggi Bonsi Agata Italian Ceramic Collection

Italian Ceramic

Italian Ceramic
Get answers from millions of real people.?

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Ceramic Plate

Ceramic Plate
is it possible to squeeze a metal plate between two layers of ceramic?

is it possible to stick a metal sheet on a ceramic before it is kilned and later cover it again with ceramic to hide the sheet? in other words, can i glue a metal plate on my old ceramic vase and cover it with ceramic paste again? thanks

no, they have different thermal expansion quotients. At least not if you want to completely enclose the steel. It’s probably going to crack. but why then would you want to do that anyway? The less you enclose the steel the more it has a chance.
also adding fresh clay to an already fired piece is problematic, because the fresh clay will shrink a lot while drying, the fired will not. Again you will get cracks before firing. If you keep filling those up eventually it could work.

Making Ceramic Plates & Platters : Ceramic Plate Throwing

Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vase

Hand Painted Ceramics – The Perfect Sentimental Gift

Hand painted ceramics make an excellent gift for almost anyone on any gift giving list and occasion you might have whether it is for the holidays, a birthday, or to a newlywed couple. Giving a gift of hand painted ceramics, and not just mass-produced products lets the recipient know that you value them.

There are several excellent reasons to give a gift of hand painted ceramics to your friends and loved ones such as their beauty, class, quality workmanship, uniqueness, value, and personality.

Beauty and class – Hand painted ceramics are obviously beautiful pieces of artwork that are worthy of proper display in the recipients household. Unlike the cheap, mass produced ceramics, sold at so many locations, quality hand painted ceramics show the extra fine attention to detail that, only an artist dedicated to their passion would strive to achieve.

Quality workmanship on hand painted ceramics is truly something to be admired in the artist. So much of any artist’s soul goes into each piece. When you give a gift of hand painted ceramics you are giving something that will bring pleasure for generations to come due to the heirloom quality of the artwork.

Uniqueness – Most hand painted ceramics pieces are one of a kind. Therefore, while you are giving a gift that will add to the beauty to the recipients’ home you are also giving a unique experience that nobody else on earth will possess. A gift of one-of-a-kind, hand made ceramics is not just a gift of yourself, but you are also sharing a particular gift of the artist. “One-of-a-kind” says so much more than you might think.

Increasing value – One of the most interesting aspects of giving a gift of hand painted ceramics is how exceptional artwork almost always increases in value. A well-known artist will increase simply because of popularity. However, even “folksy” types of hand painted ceramics increase in value because of the artwork itself. Over time, a simple gift of hand painted ceramics could possibly grow into an asset for the family.

Personality – When you make your selection of hand painted ceramics, you can match the personality of the recipient with the piece. When you can match a personality through a masterful piece of artwork you give the recipient the gift of them knowing that you due care about who they are as a person and what they value. So you are not just giving a nice gift to someone you care about. You are sharing just the tiniest bit of yourself too.

You will always look so good when you bring some Italian gifts like some Italian Mosaics, Ceramic Plate, Ceramic Tile, Ceramic vase etc; because their beauty is no compared with other Italian Decor, it is very known for their fine figures hand painted, which it make it different than the other kind of ceramics therefore you will have a treasure at home. Villaggio ceramics brings you a lot of items about Italian ceramics for all those gifts that you want to give in a special day, or some kind of ceramic that you want for your home decorating. You will find beautiful ceramics from Deruta, Majolica Deruta and the best masters from Italy, the best quality and the best ceramic in your hands to U.S.A. from Italy exclusively for the décor of your home.

About the Author

Villaggio ceramics is a proud importer of Italian hand painted decorative ceramics. Our goal is to maintain a clientele with taste and a fond appreciation for Italian Majolica (also known as Maiolica); Italian Mosaics; Italian dinnerware handsomely hand painted; unique decorative accessories, Italian gifts and much more.

How to Make a Bottleneck Ceramic Vase : Bottleneck Ceramic Vase: Shaping the Bottleneck

Italian Porcelain

Italian Porcelain
which is better italian or spanish porcelain? and what is the difference between spanish and italian porcelain?

If your talking tile, one is made in Spain and the other in Italy. Sorry I couldn t resist the pun. But seriously, not a bit of difference since the manufacturer controls quality , you can get both good and bad quality in both and from both countries. This is so true with almost all flooring products I ve had to deal with. Any questions you can e mail me and check my qualifications there. GL

Antique Italian porcelain boat shaped bowl with 2 center

Hand Thrown Pottery

Hand Thrown Pottery
What do I need to become a potter?

Years ago my uncle used to take me the Richmond Pottery and I fell in love with it. I learned the basics of throwing, glazing, and got pretty good at making bowls, pots, cups, plates, etc….

Anyway, I want to start doing it at home, but I have no idea what I need. Of course I know I need a wheel and all the basic little tools which I remember using– my question lies more along with what KIND of wheel is best, and most of all, the kiln? Do you HAVE to get a kiln or are there some types of clay that you can bake? I would probably do a lot of hand painting on my pottery.

I’ve tried researching, but not to much avail. I’d love to find someone I could correspond with to help me get started.

When I went to the pottery when I was younger, I was never schooled on things like types of clays and firing temperatures and stuff. I was only taught the basics of actually throwing the pottery.

Thanks guys!!

Go back to school and take classes about pottery which do involve properties of clay, glazes, design. And take some classes in business administration as well. A lot of potters have teaching jobs because while it’s possible to support oneself as a potter its a lot of work and it involves more than just making great things. If you want to live off your pottery only, you will have learn how to run a business successfully, that part may be harder than making the pots…visit art/crafts fairs and talk to potters who exhibit there to get an idea.

Hand-painting without a kiln is not going to do it, people who buy pottery usually want to use them, so you will need food safe glazes, even if you use underglazes you will need a transparent glaze on top of it. There is no substitute for clay which has to be fired in a kiln either.

While it’s certainly not required, people who do pottery often have a BFA in ceramics. So you could try to do this. Alternatively go to a ceramics studio and pay to use their facilities to get back into things. Or you could try to get a job there. You could use the facilities, teach people and get some idea of the business part of things.

Hand thrown Pottery by Sandie Cosens – Ooh la la Pottery

Thrown Stoneware

Thrown Stoneware
when throwing large (8 – 10lbs) my bowls slump. cutting them open shows that they are same thickness. why?

this happens both with stoneware and porcelain. no cracking happens and they bisque/glaze fire well. help please.

They are either too thin for their size, or the clay has too much moisture in it. You may be either starting with clay that’s too wet, or adding too much water to the wheel when you are working it.

Applying Handles to a Clay Bowl Made on the Potters Wheel

Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Bowl
Ceramic bowl with crack in it – safe to use for food, or toss it?

I’ve a ceramic bowl with a crack in it, from the base of the bowl running vertically up the side to the edge, but it can still hold liquids without leaking. Is it safe to use, or should I toss it out of concern that bacteria can grow in the crack, despite washing?

My reluctance comes from the fact that I can’t replace the bowl, which is part of a set.

I would toss it. I too would be concerned with the bacteria. I also would be afraid that if I had something hot in it while carrying it to the table it would break and I would get burnt (not to mention the mess I would have to clean up). Hope this helps.

throwing a large ceramic bowl on the pottery wheel

Turkish Ceramic

Turkish Ceramic
What is the cost of these Turkey souvenirs?

In March I am going to Turkey and Antalya. I am wondering what the cost of these items and some details about them, so I don’t get ripped off and such. Some things I am thinking of getting are a tea set, spices (which are the best?), Turkish delight (best flavours?), tea, shawl/scarf, Meerschaum pipe, books, jewellry, ceramics, etc. Please give me any info you can, anything will be appreciated, thanx! Also, where would prices be better Antalya, or Istanbul?

prices are same in antalya and istanbul since there are so monay tourists in both of them.
however here are some prices :

teaset : max. 80 turkish liras
spices : max 10 tl/kg
the best ones are hot peppers
turkish delight : 20-25 tl/1 kg
best spice is the one with pistacchio or nuts
shawl/scarf: if silk can be around or more than 80 if not dont pay more than 20 tl
jewelerry: diamonds are expensive, if you come to istanbul you should visit grand bazaar however you need a turkish person with you otherwise the prices are twice as more

Turkish Islamic art