Carl Harry

Carl Harry
Who do you think is really pulling the strings behind Obama and McCain?

George Washington, in his farewell address to the nation, warned us about the inherent danger of political parties. I know this question is going to ignite a firestorm (and I need a good laugh). Howard Dean and Carl Rove? Harry Reid and Newt Gingrich? The Roadrunner and Whil E. Coyote?

I don’t want to hear any of the party lines. Americans know that there is corruption in both the Republican and the Democratic parties. The question is simple: what is your opinion on who is really pulling the strings behind Barack Obama and John McCain?

thats exactly the reason that i think that george washington was the best president we have ever had, i also agree that there is a lot of corrupt politicians out there, however i dont think that all politicians are corrupt, i think the reason for this little wylie coyote thing is more of the stupitidy of certain people, lets take that circus called “hannity and colmes” it seems that if hannity said the sky was blue colmes would deny it to death and vice versa, most politicans and so called “political junkies” are just idiots who see it as some sort of game

bottom line – political parties suck and people involved in them are brain dead robots whos only objective is to argue with the opposition

carl- harry(aso’ko)