Witch Picture Note

Witch Picture Note

You’re Fooled Into Downloading a “friendly” Spyware

The Internet is a pretty big place in witch you can easily get lost or fooled into abandoning your quest when looking for something of interest. This might happen because of various ads that capture the eye or even because of a little picture that excites your curiosity. When trying to unfold the mystery behind a pretty picture or a “You are the lucky winner of…” ad, you’re fooled into downloading a “friendly” spyware. With just a click away, you have compromised your computer and exposed yourself to lots of potential problems.

To avoid this kind of misfortune, you might try downloading a spybot tool, this is the perfect antidote. Not only that it will keep away the nasty “friend”, but it will also delete any old ones that you might have had prior to the spyware tool. When it comes to your computer security, spyware is a problem to be taken seriously therefore it doesn’t hurt to have a removal at your discretion.

Quick Note: Taking the Nonsense out of looking for the right spyware remover

If you really want to take the work out of looking for that right Spyware Protection from a Spybot go to the Internet and get a Free Spybot Download or a Spybot Search and Destroy

to prevent your vital information from being ripped from your computer.

Computer security is becoming a very important issue along with the rapid growth of the amount of information on the Web so, to avoid having your personal data stolen or corrupted by spyware, take the necessary actions. A detection tool for spyware is a good way to increase your computer’s security. Also, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little attention to what you’re clicking on, or believing everything you see and read. A little skepticism never hurt anyone. As a conclusion to all of this, your computer’s security should be the top priority when going online so, what would we do without free spybot software.

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You really want to take the work out of looking for Protection from a lurking theif then you should

get your free Spybot Downloads go to the

Internet and get a Free Spybot or a Spybot Search and Destroy Download
to prevent your vital information from being taken from you and given to someone who will steal your

money or something else that you treasure so dearly.

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Picture Note Holder

Picture Note Holder
China trims holdings of US Treasurys by 1.3 percent
WASHINGTON — China trimmed its holdings of U.S. Treasury debt 1.3 percent in February, the fourth consecutive decline. Those reductions are raising concerns that the U.S. government could face higher interest rates to finance its soaring budget deficits.
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Picture Note Holder

Picture Note Holder

Sell My Note – Promissory Note Document


When the decision has been made to use Owner Financing to facilitate the sale of real estate, legal documents are created. The importance of these documents to the seller(Note Holder) can be thousands of dollars. All to often I have witnessed note holders decided to sell their note, after several payments, and not have all the note documents readily accessible. Healthy Record Keeping practices can mean thousands of dollars to the note holder. If record keeping is note your specialty, AT LEAST put the PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT somewhere you can find it and easily retrieve it. I am going to indent the next sentence because it is the most important of this article.


Think I will say it again to stress the importance.


When a note holder decides to sell their note and cash out of their monthly payments the PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT is what is being SOLD. If you don’t have the original note then what do you have to sell? That is like you go to buy a car with cash in hand and the seller of the car gives you a picture and tells you the car is in another state. Often is the case that a home seller will us a real estate professional, like an attorney or title agent, to prepare all the necessary documentation and to record it with the county, a very good practice. The issue comes up several months later when the note holder decides to sell his or her note and assumes the real estate professional has all the needed documentation. The real estate professional will have copies of the documents on hand and that is helpful but rarely will they have the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT. I will say it again.


I have repeated myself three times in this article about the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT, but all of the documents that went along with the original real estate sale transaction are important. When a note holder has made the decision to sell their note and received an agreeable offer, 90% of the time that goes into the note transaction is chasing the note documents. Here at The Texas Note Company we have experienced note sales take as long a 90 days as well as note sales that are completed in as short as 5 days. In each case the length of time goes down to the practice of record keeping. In the month of March the Texas Note Company worked two transactions where the Note Holder(person receiving the payments) could not locate the Promissory Note. In one instance two sisters became owner of a note through a will. In another instance, the note holder had the Promissory Note Document in a storage facility in another state with no real means to retrieve it other than to drive half way accross the United States. When the document process slows up a real estate note sale it can become very frustrating and can add weeks to the length of time a note holder will receive their money. Sound record Keeping Practices is the key.

Every note sale is different in some respect, even as far as the documentation is concerned. Here is an extensive list of documents in our most recent note purchase.
1) Original Promissory Note
2) Deed of Trust
3) Warranty Deed
4) Original Closing Statement / HUD-1
5) Purchase Agreement between buyer and seller
6) Texas Residential Policy of Title Insurance
7) Purchaser’s Closing Statement
8) Seller’s Closing Statement
9) Payment History Affidavit by seller
10) Dwelling declarations
11) Evidence of Hazard insurance with seller designate as mortgagee
12) Payor’s Social Security Check
13) Property Tax Status

Here at The Texas Note Company we are real estate professionals that specialized in owner financing strategies and techniques. If you are a real estate note holder and interested in selling your note or would like to determine the value of your note on the secondary market visit us at TexasNoteCo.com

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Robert E Young is the Founding Director of The Texas Note Company. He is a Real Estate Investor who puts real estate transactions together using proven owner financing strategies and techniques. He purchases and brokers private real estate notes often getting home sellers the cash they need to move on to the next transaction. Robert enjoys teaching and educating real estate minded people the advantages of Owner Financing and what it can bring to a real estate transaction while dispelling it’s myths. When traditional financing methods fail to provide the benefits buyers and sellers are looking for, often it is owner financing to provide a solution.

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Witch Picture Note

Witch Picture Note

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

To us adults, losing a tooth is scary. The mind cannot stay away from toothless witches, beggars, and the overwhelming dental costs. We hopefully try to protect our teeth from any kind of fall. But for kids, there is even more at stake. Three seemingly insurmountable questions are: how will the tooth come out, how will the tooth fairy get it, and how will money be received for the sacrifice of the tooth?

Our daughter Lailee had a wiggly tooth, and in every mirror, in every spare moment, she was amazed at how it wiggled. Why not, kids and movement, they are a team. The roadblock came with the apple…and the carrots…and whatever else is healthy to eat—which leaves the squishy stuff like ice cream, pudding, and jello. Lailee knew that with crunchy food swallowing whole was not the way to lose a tooth.  Well, for sure, how many adults do get “squeamish” about swallowing the potential bones in canned salmon croquettes and loafs? Then there’s peanut butter sandwiches, but you might as well go to a dentist and get it pulled, or use the string and door fable.

Days went by and fears began to mount about would the tooth really come out, or was that a joke, and will the tooth fairy really come, or was that a joke. We decided to keep both ideas in the same trench, for now.

The upcoming tooth event prompted a lot of contemplation and learning. The value of a tooth to a tooth fairy seems to have gone up these days with everything else. How does the good fairy know if that potential tooth will bring in $1, or more? This is truly a ponderous decision to make…thinking about the succession of teeth (are there 25 or 32), and the total expenditures, or collections—whichever side you are on. We decided ahead of time to low ball at $2.00 just to be over the cheep $1.00 mark.

For Lailee, there was an insistence on preplanning. This was a good use of cause and effect as to how the pillow on top of the tooth will manage to protect the tooth but not prevent the fairy from finding it and leaving the treasure. Lailee decided, ahead of time, that she will provide a clean pillow case– so the fairy will smile, a nightlight– so there will be no mistaking as to who lost the tooth, and a gift beside the bed of (not candy or cookies) a wind up toy to make sure the fairy will be in a good mood for giving.

One day Lailee came home with a gap and a wail. The tooth was a goner. It bounced onto the playground at recess and now there was no evidence for the fairy. This was a tragedy…but as the sunny day provided a beam of light streaming through the glass door, and revealing an orange seed on the floor–a bit battered by the cats–miraculously, we knew we had a good tooth substitute. It will work, it will be fine, and we tried to convince her—to no avail.

Our luck, and to her credit, Lailee decided a last resort was to write a note to explain herself to the tooth fairy, and leave it under the pillow. Later during the night we retrieved the note that said: Dear Tooth Fairy. I am sorry this is a seed. My friend Justin knocked out my tooth at recess, and I couldn’t find it. Please leave the money.

With that we had to leave her a calling card back, complete with picture, which read, “Hey Lailee, no Sweat, saw it all happen and we’re cool” T.F. and $7.00—one for each year of her precious candor. It always pays to be honest.

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Jon is basically a cartoonist and animator for young children. He has had numerous cartoons, drawings and paintings published in magazines and on the internet. If you truly want to have some fun and laughter, go to his kid-friendly website – http://www.familyfuncartoons.com A top line resource on clean humor for young families!

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