Vintage Art

Vintage Art
Does it break copyright law to use vintage images and photographs in altered art compositions?

I see people selling altered art of vintage photographs all the time and I am confused about the copyright law on this type of thing. I have some photos of vintage women from old magazines I have from 1900 and I want to incorporate these images into my own art. What about actual vintage photographs that you can buy at antique stores? How can those fall under copyright law?

I think you need permission from the family, however, if there’s no family around to dispute what you’re doing, I don’t see the problem. My dad use to own a photography studio and took many pictures of us kids. I went to have one enlarged and they said I have to have the photographer’s permission to enlarge. I laughed and said it was my father and he is now deceased. they still didn’t do it and I was P.O .to say the least. I finally got it enlarged with someone I knew. So, this may be something you really have to research.

Classic 50s Vintage Pin Up Art

Pottery Lidded

Pottery Lidded

Pottery Teapots Are Known for Fantastic Tea Brewing

Pottery teapots are known for fantastic tea brewing qualities as well as the beauty of the Chinese-crafted teapots themselves. Some designs may follow traditional culture including famous historical works, while the more contemporary styles tend to have natural themes consisting of Chinese symbols, calligraphy, flowers or animals. Yixing, near China, is known as the ‘Pottery Capital’ because of the clay deposits in the area which are used to make these wonderful pottery teapots. This is the same place where during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE) the world’s first teapots were created. In the years following the Ming Dynasty, the unique reddish earthenware teapots of Yixing came to be considered the “finest.” Some believe that if you want to bring out the best quality of your tea, only pottery teapots will do. When tea is brewed in teapots made from “Zisha,” which is the clay found only in Yixing, a bit of tea is absorbed into the pot with each use. After a period of time, the pot will develop a ‘finish’ or coating that retains some of the taste, scent, and color of tea, along with an unusually attractive quality. Because of its absorbency, only one type of tea should be used with each teapot. This is why you see so many different teapots in many Chinese households. The teapot’s snugly fitted lid conserves heat, which enhances the brewing process, and tends to keep the tea hotter than normal teapots. Pottery teapots should never be washed with soap, but rinsed out and allowed to air dry. If you have never experienced the taste of freshly-brewed tea from a pottery teapot, you haven’t tasted real tea. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the great taste; it only means that you need to order your teapot today. You can order now in fact, from one of the few places on the Internet that sells original pottery teapots. Get yours now!

To find out more about pottery teapots, take a moment and visit us at

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Throwing a Lidded Sugar Bowl on the Pottery Wheel : Throwing a Sugar Bowl Lid on the Pottery Wheel

Blue Witch

Blue Witch

The Witches’ Market: Spells, Amulets, Charms and Dried Llama Fetuses!

Location: La Paz, Bolivia – El Mercado de las Brujas/Mercado de Hechiceria (Witches’ Market)
Street Location: Calle Linares, between Calle Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz

“Son para dinero y trabajo,” the plump little witch raises the talismans to eye level. “Con estos tu tendras buena suerte.”

Magic talismans for money and jobs? Do they work? Of course not, but I need all the luck I can get, so I purchase the talismans for five Bolivianos. Darn cheap if they’ll do as claimed. Depositing the new toys in my leather shoulder bag I continue down the street, with my wife teasing me to the tune of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” She says that I have the hat, jacket and bag similar to Indiana Jones’, but lack the bullwhip and gun. I left those in the States.

The cobbled street of Calle Linares hosts a crowded line of unusual stores collectively known as El Mercado de las Brujas, The Witches’ Market, located in downtown La Paz, and it sums up Bolivia’s strangeness quite well. Bolivia is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and revolutionary Che Guevara all met their fate. This is where the British ambassador to Bolivia was strapped naked to a donkey, paraded around the capital, and forced to eat a huge quantity of chocolate after declining the local drink ‘chicha.’ This is where the original Garden of Eden is located (or so the locals colorfully exclaim). This is where the Salt Palace sits, a hotel made entirely of, well, salt. And this is where a young girl in Aymara dress, sitting amidst an array of several curiosities, offers my wife and I a dried llama fetus to protect our house against evil spirits. I nod my approval, Veronica makes a face and shakes her head.

“Por favor entren,” with a slight bow the girl opens her hands to the store’s entrance. “Hay muchas mas cosas adentro.”

The untidy place looks like something out of a horror movie. Mounted animal heads glare at me with unseeing eyes, feathers and potions adorn the tables, herbs spill from their dirty bags onto the wooden floor as a dog sniffs the powerful smells. I examine the items in no particular order as the girl offers them. For luck with a new business enterprise I can buy a llama fetus burnt on a plate of sweets and herbs – too big to pack. The love amulet is to get married – don’t need that one. An amulet of a naked couple embracing to improve the sex life – hhhmmmmm.

Dried frogs for more money, armadillos to prevent thieves from entering the house, love potions, magic charms, animal skins, medicines and remedies used in Aymara traditions are all for sale – what should I choose?

I notice a large collection of different colored candles. Intent upon making several sales the girl provides me with an explanation of their powers. They are made of animal wax and when burned release their magical properties. The blue candle is for good luck with work, yellow – health, green – money, purple – happiness, black wards off evil spirits, only to be used in a cemetery covered by night, white – protection…

With reverence I pull the black candle off its shelf . “Look at this Vero! This is what we need.”

“Hey Indiana,” she looks up from the naked couple amulet. “I don’t think so.”

Where did I leave my bullwhip?

If the black candle is going to cause problems a few talismans will have to do. I load up ten more in my shoulder bag, making sure that I include the toad talisman for good luck with money, and the deity talisman for buena suerte with jobs.

But do they actually work? Well, you’re reading this article.

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The Worst Witch – S01E13 – A Bolt from the Blue – Part 1

French Art

French Art
How do you say art history in french?

If you were saying you studied it, would you say

… l’histoire de l’art. or just histoire de l’art?

Properly it would be l’histoire de l’art.
It needs an article and without it would not be proper.
I hope I have helped you. (:

French artist Orlan: ‘Narcissism is important’

Art Deco

Art Deco
Store in Maryland that sells art deco barstool?

Is there are furniture store in Maryland that sells art deco barstools?

Have you checked out Crate and Barrel or the Pottery Barn? Also, any furniture store can order something from a supplier’s catalog. So if all else fails, find a neighborhood furniture store and ask them to help you find what you’re looking for…

Romi Cortier Design: Art Deco Wall Mural

Art Deco

Art Deco
What is the name of the line of art deco style department store jewelry and hair accessories ?

It was called ‘1924’ or something like that. It was first seen during the early 90’s and is still being sold. It is all very art deco – a lot of metal, jewels and such. It was sold on white cards with the art deco style font name in black along the top I believe. They sold jewelry and hair accessories. It was sold at the PX on military bases, too.

There is a brand called 1928 Jewelry, but I’m not sure if that’s the one you’re looking for.

Art Deco Video for Graphics for Interior Designers

Delft Wall

Delft Wall
How many coats of primer on a purple wall???

I am changing the color of the room to a nice light blue (Valspar Martha Stewart Delft Tile from Lowes) from the purple it was when we bought the home. We have the first coat of primer on right now and it looks really bad… it just looks lavender now to me. SO should we go ahead with another coat or should we just plan to put two coats of the paint on??

Two coats of your finish coat will do the trick.

I have used many brands of paint, and totally agree about the Behr Paint.Best coverage I have ever used, and a good price. 7/31

Art Of Soul meets Wall Krush Crew in Delft