Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vase

Hand Painted Ceramics – The Perfect Sentimental Gift

Hand painted ceramics make an excellent gift for almost anyone on any gift giving list and occasion you might have whether it is for the holidays, a birthday, or to a newlywed couple. Giving a gift of hand painted ceramics, and not just mass-produced products lets the recipient know that you value them.

There are several excellent reasons to give a gift of hand painted ceramics to your friends and loved ones such as their beauty, class, quality workmanship, uniqueness, value, and personality.

Beauty and class – Hand painted ceramics are obviously beautiful pieces of artwork that are worthy of proper display in the recipients household. Unlike the cheap, mass produced ceramics, sold at so many locations, quality hand painted ceramics show the extra fine attention to detail that, only an artist dedicated to their passion would strive to achieve.

Quality workmanship on hand painted ceramics is truly something to be admired in the artist. So much of any artist’s soul goes into each piece. When you give a gift of hand painted ceramics you are giving something that will bring pleasure for generations to come due to the heirloom quality of the artwork.

Uniqueness – Most hand painted ceramics pieces are one of a kind. Therefore, while you are giving a gift that will add to the beauty to the recipients’ home you are also giving a unique experience that nobody else on earth will possess. A gift of one-of-a-kind, hand made ceramics is not just a gift of yourself, but you are also sharing a particular gift of the artist. “One-of-a-kind” says so much more than you might think.

Increasing value – One of the most interesting aspects of giving a gift of hand painted ceramics is how exceptional artwork almost always increases in value. A well-known artist will increase simply because of popularity. However, even “folksy” types of hand painted ceramics increase in value because of the artwork itself. Over time, a simple gift of hand painted ceramics could possibly grow into an asset for the family.

Personality – When you make your selection of hand painted ceramics, you can match the personality of the recipient with the piece. When you can match a personality through a masterful piece of artwork you give the recipient the gift of them knowing that you due care about who they are as a person and what they value. So you are not just giving a nice gift to someone you care about. You are sharing just the tiniest bit of yourself too.

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Villaggio ceramics is a proud importer of Italian hand painted decorative ceramics. Our goal is to maintain a clientele with taste and a fond appreciation for Italian Majolica (also known as Maiolica); Italian Mosaics; Italian dinnerware handsomely hand painted; unique decorative accessories, Italian gifts and much more.

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