Art Deco Pottery

Art Deco Pottery
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Ceramic Pelican Jugs

From Danish Potter

From Danish Potter
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Harry Potter Denmark cover

Arts Crafts

Arts Crafts
Does anyone have any good ideas for cheap storage for lots of Arts and Crafts Materials ?

I have lots of Arts and Crafts Materials, with very little space, as I live in a one bedroom flat, and very little money. I’ve tried the usual cheap plastic boxes but so many little bits and bobs its hard to keep it accessible and in one place. And its driving me mad, as I have to try and dig stuff out. Any ideas I would be grateful.

Have you seen the cloth shoe holders that you can hang on a door. This could help you with some but label the openings as to what you put into it. Get some small plastic bags to the the items in to seperat them.

Easy Arts & Crafts Kid’s Projects: How to make a tp (toilet paper) carnation flower

Pottery Dish

Pottery Dish
ArtScience Museum Designed by Architect Moshe Safdie Opens at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
An invited guest views pottery at the ArtScience Museum of the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. EPA/STEPHEN MORRISON. BOSTON, MA.- The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, conceptualized and designed by architect Moshe Safdie as the first museum dedicated to the dynamic interplay between art and science, will open to the public on February 19, 2011. Designed as part of the Government of …
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Picture Note

Picture Note
firefighters picture
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Italian Ceramics

Italian Ceramics
What is silimit? Is this italian word?

I get this word from this ==> ceramic tube for insulation ( silimit )

I want to know about it, maybe about material.

If you could speak italian, please translate above question in italian. I will try at Yahoo answer italia

Thank you

I’m Italian and I’ve never heard-read this word… Anyway, the translation of your question is:
“Cos’è il similit? Ho trovato questa parola su di un tubo di ceramica per l’isolamento e volevo sapere qualcosa a riguardo, ad esempio il materiale”
Post it in:
Casa e giardino – Manutenzione e riparazione
I hope someone can help you…

Italian Famous Ceramics.

Thrown Pottery

Thrown Pottery
What to do in a potter's wheel?

I have a pitch wheel class and would like a feature that displays a long list of ideas of art is possible things you can do on a wheel. Anyone know of any good resource, or you can think of great ideas of things I could do in a wheel that would a good Christmas gift? Thanks!

If you're starting I would like to keep it simple and not try too for large items. Bowl and cups Gifts ideas are popular. The handle of a cup is made of a wheel. Look at different glazes, there are some really nice to do the same a simple dish special. Also looking seal impressions, you can achieve interesting effects with only a small lace doily, or other common object – animal or stamps. YouTube search instructions and examples, for example

Wheel Thrown Pottery Demo – Adam McDonald

Pottery Plate

Pottery Plate
what are the materials and steps on how to make a potential ceramic production from an eggshell? thank you.?

From an eggshell, i have to do an investigatory project with my group mate and i am the leader so it is very hard for me. Need help already. Thanks!
I know that the eggshell is the major materials needed to make a ceramic production (like pottery, plate, vase, etc) but i don’t know the other materials and so as the steps on how to make a ceramic products from egg shell.

Eggshell is essentially calcium carbonate.
Ceramic materials are based on clay or kaolin which are aluminium silicate based.
I cannot see any way that you can produce ceramic items from eggshells.

Fast plates pottery