Italian Majolica

Italian Majolica
I want to find dishes made in china french italian majolica country rooster?

they are square

I have found this link

I was at Winner’s and Home Sence and I have seen square ones over ther , it’s almost Thanks Giving and there are a lot of those plates out on display .
These are from Sears

Italian Hill Towns: Gubbio

Turkish Ottoman China

Turkish Ottoman China
How about this historical discovery?

* The Ottoman (uthmanic empire) was includind China & not as registered in history only extended to india!
* If u look at the Chinese currency notes, you will see part of the writing in Uthmanik language( Turkish language written in arabic alphbits).
* 120,000,000 muslim Turks are living in China & they speaks Turkish in addition to Chinese.
** I experience that when visited Shanghai & tried to exchange currency on the street , so the youth started counting me the wons in Turkish landuage, But because I know the arabic & Turkish languages I understood what was written on the currency &( the name of bank & the number of wons), which the Chinese themselves don’t know about this!!

SOMETHING tells me your figure dont add up.
120million turks!
sorry but no.
next you’ll be saying that there are no chinese in china.

Turkish Islamic art of Marbling (Ebru)

Dutch Delft

Dutch Delft
How do I pay an international parking fine?

Oct 07 I received a parking fine over in Delft, Netherlands. The care hire place told me not to pay it, now the council over there keep sending me bills, and they are getting bigger. Trouble is, I can’t read the bills as they are in dutch! As is the website. Does anyone know if there is a easy way to pay the fine???

On the letter there should be Bank details and a “swift” code or “iban” number. You can use this to make a bank transfer (my parents have done this from UK to me in NL)

However I would pick up the phone first and call the car hire company and if they again say to ignore it, then get them to confirm this in writing. Then send this to the council. Otherwise call the council and get their advise. They will speak English well enough to be able to explain

If you need help translating it then scan the document and send it me by Email and I can explain

Lovegrove & Repucci Antiques Roadshow

Italian Ceramic

Italian Ceramic
Get answers from millions of real people.?

We found a snake about 9.8 inches long in the pool today in East Texas. Not particularly aggressive, but the last inch or so of very pointed tail is bright yellow. The rest is light brown with very distinct. What kind of Italian tiles seem tied behind their backs. Not quite, but a diamond shape. He is harmless? This is the third we've seen in two weeks.

Sounds a bit like a copper head. If it is a copper head yes, it is very poisonous. The emergence of Northern Copperhead Snake has a sturdy body that can be orange, copper or pink. dark stripes, brown across the body, breaking the pattern of stripes darker and clearer. Young copperheads are lighter than adults, and have a yellow tail tip, often film. This habit is considered by an attraction that is attached to them. The non-venomous Eastern Milk Snake presents a similar hue and is sometimes confused with the adult Northern Copperhead Snake. The Eastern Fox Snake does not live in the same part of northern Ohio as the Serpent of Brass, but remember that a poisonous snake, and is sometimes confused with it.

Italian Ceramics Painting.mp4

Delft Pottery

Delft Pottery
Delft Pottery – Wedding Card Wagon – Anyone know of these things please?

I bought in a charity shop today only because he is so beautiful, and I in google, but can not find. I can not find a 1970 play with a lot of blue and Washio a different border, and the artist's signature is missing and date on the front. Ours is too large, has a rule, is signed Otto Eerelman 1839 and bears the mark of the pottery of Delft, in the back of the date again that is hand painted and a triangle. Can anyone tell me more about it please?

type of pottery in the internt and email trinity court let them know that somthing

Delft Pottery Making Demonstration

Delfts Blauw

Delfts Blauw
I have a "Delfts Blauw" Identification cup worth anything?

ceramics question

Depends the age that is, a condition in which. If you are a new part, depends on what the original price. Different potteries, all brands were the most famous is only a couple of bottles, but there are many more. It is difficult to know the mark unless they are really experts in their right hand or books, but there is a rule for some of the things that has Dutch thumb that at one time or another. (Not that I remember most.) If it says hand painted on it, or indeed in the Netherlands, forget to get much, which is made for the tourist industry and not very expensive. If that does not trademarks, brand exploration of ceramics (or photo) should be at the center of fund and use it to request more information. Collector sites are a much better bet here. If what has been done recently, and you know what you paid for him, trying to sell on a site like e-bay (if you want to sell whatever), since it is likely that a market for it. Try about half of what you paid, you may be lucky and get more.

Trapcode particular Delfts Blauw

California Usa

California Usa
How did California, USA started and how and when he did leave the state of Mexico?

I wonder how the succession of California Mexico and when it appeared.

When the U.S. declared war on Mexico, May 13, 1846, took almost two months (mid-July 1846) by the word final war to come to California. U.S. Consul Thomas O. Larkin, stationed in Monterrey, hearing rumors of war tried to keep peace between the Americans and small Mexican military garrison commanded by José Castro. U.S. Army John C. Captain Fremont with 60 well-armed men had entered California in December 1845 and was doing a slow march to Oregon when he received word that war between Mexico and the U.S. was imminent. On June 15, 1846, approximately 30 occupants non-Mexicans, most Americans, rebelled and seized the small Mexican garrison in Sonoma. Raised the "Bear Flag" Republic of California at Sonoma. It lasted one week until the U.S. Army, led by Fremont, took over in June 23. Today, the state flag California is based on this original bear flag, and still contains the words "California Republic." Commodore John Drake Sloat, on hearing of the war imminent and the revolt in Sonoma, ordered his naval forces to occupy Yerba Buena (now San Francisco) in July 2007 and raise the American flag. On July 15, Sloat transferred his command to Commodore Robert F. Stockton, a much more aggressive leader. Commodore Stockton to Fremont forces under his command. On July 19, Fremont "California Battalion" rose to nearly 160 additional men from newly arrived settlers near Sacramento, and entered in Monterrey, in a joint operation with some of the sailors and infants Stockton Marine. The official word was out – the Mexico-American War was. U.S. forces easily took over northern California, a few days they controlled San Francisco, Sonoma and Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. In Southern California, Mexican General José Castro and Governor Pío Pico fled to Los Angeles. When Stockton's forces entered Los Angeles, without resistance on August 13, 1846, winning almost without bloodshed of California seemed complete. Stockton, however, left a very small force (36 men) in Los Angeles and California, acting on their own without the help of Mexico, led by José María Flores, small American garrison forced to retire at the end of September. 200 reinforcements sent by Stockton, led by U.S. Navy Captain William Mervine were rejected Battle of Dominguez Rancho October 7 through October 9, 1846, near San Pedro, where 14 U.S. Marines were killed. Kearny Meanwhile, a general very small squadron of 100 cavalry finally arrived in California after fatigue of a march in New Mexico, Arizona and the Sonoran Desert. December 6 1846, fought in the Battle of San Pasqual, near San Diego, California, where 18 soldiers were killed Kearny – the highest number of U.S. casualties have lost the battle California. Stockton is surrounded by the forces rescued Kearny and with their combined strength, they moved north of San Diego, entering the area of Los Angeles on 8 January 1847, the link with the men of Fremont and U.S. forces, for a total of 660 soldiers who fought in the Battle Californio the San Gabriel River and the next day January 9, 1847, fought in the Battle of La Mesa. Three days later, on January 12, 1847, the last significant number of Californios surrendered to the forces U.S.. This marked the end of the war in California. On January 13, 1847, the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed. On January 28, 1847, Army Lieutenant William Tecumseh Sherman and his army unit arrived in Monterey, California, while U.S. forces remained in the pipe flowing into California. On March 15, 1847, Col. Jonathan D. Stevenson Seventh Regiment New York Volunteers of about 900 men begin to reach California. All these men were in place when gold was discovered in January 1848. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed on February 2, 1848, marked the end of the Mexican-American War. In that treaty, the United States agreed to pay 18,250,000 dollars, Mexico formally ceded California (and other northern territories) to the United States, and a new international border was drawn up, San Diego Bay is one of the natural ports in Southern California, San Francisco, and claim all this water strategy, the border was willing to include it.

UFO activity over California, USA 26-Jan-2011