Import Porcelain

Import Porcelain
I found a piece of antique Japanese porcelain, I was wondering if someone could give me some help?

seems to be a plate with a bird long tail feathers, with an unknown Japanese writing on the back. I know he has "Nippon" which was recorded imports Japanese.

This piece is not remarkable, and it is not time. It is worth about $ 30.


Pottery Ceramic

Pottery Ceramic
Ceramic type, which need not be fired after painting?

We have a party and instead of painting with us and everything have to do is paint the piece and then you can take home, it is necessary to put it in the oven. What type of ceramic / ceramic is a special type, or simply regular type and not light?

if clay is then air-hardening clay. but if its ceramics, Make sure that the heat in an oven before painting. because almost 100% of all ceramics must be fired.

Ceramics throwing pottery

California Pottery

California Pottery

Barbara Willis was born in Bakersfield, California on June 29, 1917. He began his career studying with Laura Potter Anderson and trained with the teacher, Glen Lukens at UCLA in the 1930's. In 1942, Barbara opened the pottery first. With the shortage of domestic products due to the Second World War Barbara then went on to study ceramics. Barbara vitrification unique technique of color, vibrant and imitation wood designs were applied by large chain stores like Lord & Taylor Neiman Marcus, New York, Gump, and Macy's to name a few …. including the White House. The popularity of his work lasted until the mid 1950's, when interest in the art of ceramics was reduced due to increased imports after the war. Barbara Ceramics closed and moved to its next adventure.

In 1994, Barbara Willis found a piece of pottery in a market era. During a conversation with the seller, now in their phone number. A few weeks later, an avid collector of vintage to explain who is a legend of Ceramics California Art! Barbara was encouraged to start a new line of ceramic, this Barbara Willis, Pottery field reborn! Barbara uses a different approach making their contemporary line. She shakes hands with each part using one of three types of clay. Barbara vitrification process uses a single fire. Each piece is certainly one of a kind!

What a nice woman! I had the opportunity to meet Barbara Willis in person, in Los Angeles Pottery Show, Jan. 29 2005. While waiting to meet and talk to her, I took my book "Barbara Willis – Classic California Modernism by Jack Chipman," and asked if she had a good sign for me. Signed "For Alice, best wishes – Barbara Willis – 29.01.2004." Later I realized I had accidentally left in 2004 instead 2005. Like most of us, write the date of the previous year, until they are used for the new year. Since then, he did not mind the wrong date. I was very happy that I was talking to her and express my admiration for your work directly in person.

Barbara Willis spoke with enthusiasm for many reasons. First, I love pottery – not only the work of the harvest, but also the contemporary work. Here is a woman of 80, who now has his "creativity" moving work to the right of his home in Malibu Beach to make themselves known again to the world of ceramics after an absence of thirty-seven years of clay. I like many others, I am very grateful for their work and share the joy of his return and it is quickly being recognized as an important American potter!

You'll find pieces of his work, ancient and contemporary gallery well as some ceramic items handmade gifts such as necklaces, paperweights and ring holders. I am also proud to announce that Barbara Willis is the "Featured Artist" for the opening of the gallery.

If you want to know more about the life and work of Barbara Willis, the book mentioned is a great read! The author, Jack Chipman, had the opportunity of his interview for his book and process became good friends and he is now a student of it. A lucky man!

Alice Krueser is the owner of, an online art gallery that promotes the arts and its “Directory of Artists” to the design industry as well as the general public. The gallery’s slogan: “Home Decor with Yesterday’s & Today’s Artists in Mind”

Catalina Island Pottery Catalina Clay Products Tile

Cup Saucer

Cup Saucer
I have some bone hammersly machine and cooperation, the cup is part of the disc, eight different colors, gold trim.?

I have 8 cups and saucers, various colors, with different floral patterns, gold trim. The glass sits in the center, side and is marked on the bottom a crown with a lot acorn it. I am willing to sell them. Thanks, Kelly

Maybe you could try eBay.

Cup & Saucer Mighty Wallet

Blue White

Blue White

Shetland Sheepdogs are very popular family pets that require a bit more grooming than other dogs. The Sheltie is a small to medium sized dog with a full double coat. Common colors are sable and white, black white and tan (tri), black and white (bi black), blue merle (blue, white and tan) or blue and white (bi blue).

Grooming the coat is very important to keep a Sheltie in top condition. The thick fur coat needs about twice weekly brushing. Plan on a half hour to an hour for each session. Bathing is necessary because not only do dogs get doggy smells but hair can actually be cut or matted by dirt, giving it an unhealthy look. Routine bathing and brushing will greatly benefit the coat. Brush your Sheltie thoroughly, to the skin, before you bathe. Bathing about once a month is about right for most house dogs.

If your Sheltie’s coat looks damaged you can use a conditioner to help repair it until the new coat grows in. There are many types and brands of doggy conditioners. I like to use virgin coconut oil on the hair. A dog that suffers from dry skin will benefit from a coconut oil treatment. I like to let the oil melt (it will melt at 76 degrees), work it all over the coat, wrap the dog in a warm towel or sheet. I turn the hairdryer on low and blow it all over for about 10 minutes. Do not let your dog get overheated and keep the warm air moving over the whole body. Give a warm bath with very gentle toxic free shampoo.

Do not use people products on dogs. Even baby shampoo can irritate a canine’s skin.

Never brush a Sheltie’s coat when it’s dry, it can cause the hair to break. Keep a spray bottle handy to mist the fur all over. Work the water down to the skin. Train your dog to lie on his side for brushing and don’t be surprised when he falls asleep while being groomed.

Double coats need extra attention to make sure you get down to the skin. This is called line brushing. Spray the dog lightly with water. Using a 1 inch pin brush, brush a small amount of hair up from the side towards the back. Hold the rest of the hair down against the dog with your other hand. Beginning at the roots, brush up and forward until this row of hair is free of any dead hair and it is smooth all the way down to the skin. Now, take the bottom edge of your brush and using just the first tow or three rows of pins, loosen just a few un-brushed hairs the whole length of your line brushing. You need to keep this line parted completely down to the skin. Don’t loosen more than an eighth-inch of un-brushed hair from underneath your hand with each row you brush.

If you take too much hair with the line brushing, your dog will look great until they shake a few times. They will look un-groomed again. Loosen the hair so you still have the part or line down to the skin, separating the brushed from the un-brushed hair. Continue brushing, line by line, until you have brushed the whole dog. Spray with more water mist as the coat gets dry.

Grooming a Shetland Sheepdog’s coat takes time and practice. It is worth it when you see the finished look with a flowing coat in perfect condition.

Robin Plan has researched natural pet care since her Sheltie died of cancer 8 years ago. Visit her Natural Dog Products site for the best safe pet products. For Sheltie Rescue information visit, Sheltie is my teacher.

White Stripes – Blue Orchid

Italian Art Pottery

Italian Art Pottery
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Art and Love in Renaissance Italy – Imagery of Love and Marriage on Italian Ceramics – Part 1 of 4

German Vase

German Vase
numbers bottom of vase?

Hi I have a vase which has numbers underneath. What do these mean? I believe the vase in german pottery.


You should find the manufacturer’s emblem or name on the bottom.
And if it’s a old/valuable piece, you can identify it by the numbers.

If there’s no manufactuer … the numbers could mean anything.
From set index, colore code to IKEA ident number.

West German Vase

Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate
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Dinner Plate Crochet Hat