Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge
Any suggestions for any good motels to stay at in Pigeon Forge, TN?

I’m going to Pigeon Forge, TN this summer & was just wondering which motels were good to stay at? Thanks.

My husband and I have been going to the Pigeon Forge area for about 10 years now. We always stay at the Maples Motor Inn on the Parkway. It is not a fancy hotel, but very, very clean and affordable. The only time we spend in the room is just to sleep because we are out all day enjoying the sights so we are not real big on fancy places just clean. They do have a outdoor pool and the staff are always very friendly. They have a website if you would like to check it out www.maplesmotorinn.com

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Flower Pot

Flower Pot
Ugg anyone decorated a flower pot?

Ok I am making my Mom and Mom in law a pot with mixed plants I am using ivy, pansies,geraniums and i the center a spikie like Rhea. My ? is I want to take picutres of my daughters and glue to the pot decorate the pot wiht snap shots and then a gloss sill on it. Any suggestions.

My suggestion is to plant the plants in normal pots, then buy a bigger pot, (in terracotta or acrylic-painted metal, no texture to the surface), to decopupage the pictures on. Pictures will not stay stuck to a pot that gets wet!

Rough up the surface of the outer pot a little with some sand paper. Get high quality copies of your photos made: either print them yourself on regular copy paper or have copes done at a copy shop. Photo paper does not decoupage well.

With a paint brush, apply decoupage medium to the pot where you would like the photo to go, then carefully lay the photo over that spot and gently rub to remove air bubbles. Apply another coat of medium over the photo. Repeat as desired.

You can get the decoupage medium at a craft store, as well as disposable foam brushes. If you want to totally cover the pot with images, use photos AND copies of your children’s art work. Your mother and mother in law will LOVE it!

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Ceramic Plate Clearance

Ceramic Plate Clearance

You Don’t See Many Chickens in Clearance

Retailers are not always perfect judges of what will sell in any given location or during a particular season. Seeing literal truckloads of new merchandise arrive on a regular basis as a store manager, I caught myself wondering what the buyers were thinking on more than one occasion. The ceramic monkey candleholders are a good example. The daily joke in one store was another store’s best seller. The silver-plated cigar holders tarnished three times over and were reduced to a dollar before they sold because they predated the cigar smoking craze. Worst were the masses of candles that hung around so long, dented and dusty, that they lost their scent. All of the above, and multitudes of unnamed souls, ended up in clearance.

But chickens are another story.

Walk through almost any home interiors or decorating store and you are bound to discover a whole separate division dedicated to chicken-themed merchandise. Even if you are not a decorative chicken aficionado, take a peek at what the human imagination can make of one small bird. There are chicken statues in all shapes and sizes, some standing alone in a relatively natural-looking state, some gathered together in small groups, destined to spend eternity dressed as human beings from the 19th century. There are chicken bookends, door stops and dinnerware. Dishtowels, vacuum cleaner covers and tablecloths all have their place at Chickenland Central. Do you own a set of chicken salt and pepper shakers? Does your friend have a piece of chicken serveware? Chances are good that either you or at least one or two of your friends have brought home a buddy from the piles and miles of product available in this motif. Because, as my friend who still works as a retail manager pointed out, “You don’t see many chickens in clearance.”

After pondering that bit of wisdom for awhile, my mind moved on to considering where we place value in our culture, and how interesting it is that we value chickens as a decorative tool in our homes. Further along in my thought process, I recalled all the parables Jesus told to help the disciples, and the crowds that followed him from place to place, understand the concept of the kingdom of heaven. How do you convey something so vast and glorious, yet so poignantly real and available to a people all but crushed by the brutality of the Roman Empire? Jesus’ answer was to wrap this beautiful jewel in stories that allowed its brightness to both shine, and be held dearly to their hearts. So, in one of those parables, Matthew’s gospel tells us, “The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who in finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” (Matthew 13:45-46)

Perhaps there is a connection to be made, and a new parable to write for our modern culture to grasp the idea of this thing called the kingdom of heaven. Perhaps the kingdom of heaven is like a woman in search of fine decorative chickens, who in finding one chicken of great value, went and sold all that she had and bought it. Perhaps there is no greater treasure. Perhaps that is why you don’t see many chickens in clearance.

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As an ordained minister, Rev. Kemp has worked in both pastoral and educational ministries in several congregations. Her ministerial background and love of writing have combined to develop Creating Women Ministries, a website dedicated to encouraging theological dialogue, particularly among women, through workshops, journaling and personal spiritual discernment. Her book, You Don’t see Many Chickens in Clearance: Essays on Faith and Living, is available for perusal or purchase at http://www.chickensinclearance.com. Visit Creating Women Ministries at: http://www.creatingwomenministries.com for the e-book edition. Questions? Thoughts? Musings? She can be reached by email at: creatingwomen@irun.com.

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Handmade Ceramic Pottery

Handmade Ceramic Pottery

How to decorate your kitchen with a Mexican theme

When you think of Mexican cuisine to think of home typical Adobe style. The bright colors, the portions of clay tiles and simple design is what comes to mind.

brightly colored tile in Mexican-style motifs are a great way to start decorate your Mexican cuisine. You can use tile on the counter, as well as a colorful backsplash behind the sink and stove. To complete the look, consider the possibility of some of the colored tiles at key points of a ground floor tiles. This will add color and interest.

Talavera pottery and great look also add an authentic feeling of Mexico to the kitchen. It can be decorated with Talavera candle holders, pots, jars and even sinks.

You can find many Mexican-style accents to your kitchen right in your local home decor, or if the exact part you want is not available there, try shopping online. If you want something handmade Try to find somewhere. If you're looking for a business, local markets consignment shop shops Trail and eBay, even. Talavera Tile items are usually unique in its class, which add interest and make your kitchen unique.

Add style to your fight against Mexican tapas with a wooden spoon into a bowl of Talavera pottery. The pottery and wooden vessels such as bowls, pots, utensils and serving dishes add to the topic.

When shopping for your kitchen looking to buy furniture Mexican rustic furniture also adds authenticity to the cuisine of Mexico. handmade bar stools wooden tables and chairs are hand-carved decorations add interest and look great. Look for wood as wormwood, pine and mesquite.

Another thing you can use in your kitchen accessories is Mexican hammered copper. The installation of a hammered copper sink can look beautiful and improve the appearance natural cuisine. One of the benefits of a copper sink many do not know the amount of bacteria can not survive on copper surfaces. Use hammered copper items others around her kitchen to give a warm appearance. A hammered copper layer, placed above the stove looks great and the decor is typical Mexican.

The other things you can decorate your kitchen with Mexican labor is basketry, clusters of red pepper hung from hooks, and open cabinets with color plates of Mexico and cups easily accessible.

Finally, check your local stores earthenware handmade and design elements with a touch of Mexico. Visit a flea market and dig near the Mexican style vintage accessories that add to the feeling of Old Mexico in your kitchen. Kitschy Aztec statues, pottery Mexican and bright memories can add interest and help tie the decor together.

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Bavaria Germany

Bavaria Germany
What’s the relationship between Germany and Bavaria?

Is Bavaria part of Germany? Is Germany part of Bavaria? Which came first?

Bavaria is one of the sixteen “Bundesl√§nder” of Germany. You can compare it with the 50 States of the USA. The capitol city of Bavaria is Munich.

Bavaria, Germany

Porcelain Plate

Porcelain Plate
Charles & Diana Commerorative weddin plate – is it worth anything?

I have recently come across 2 identical Charles & Diana plates in my Mum’s loft & she wondered if they’d be worth anything? They are royal worcester fine porcelain made in 1981 & are in good condition.

I don’t think they are very much,there was so much and so many things made at that time.mainly just to make money,that they would be worth that much.

Dye Sublimation to a Porcelain Plate Instruction

Flower Pot

Flower Pot

Flower Market, Exotic Flowers And Much More

The Flower Market is situated in Kowloon, Hong Kong along Flower Market Road. This place includes a vast collection of flowers from many varied species. The daily operations of the flower market commence at 7 in the morning and continue till 8 in the night where it has both retail as well as wholesale sales. Buyers will find these flowers offered at a reasonable and affordable price. In Chinese culture indoor plants as well as bonsai tree are considered to bring in good luck, these plants are at most times sold out at the Hong Kong Flower Market.

Garden utensils and accessories can also be purchased at the Hong Kong Flower Market; these include but are not limited to dried flowers, pots, stands and plant hangers. Some of the flowers being sold here include lilies, carnations, tulips, orchids, chrysanthemums and roses. Flowers are mostly bought to be used during special occasions such as business parties, birthdays, other functions, anniversaries and also for weddings. Some flowers are also purchased to decorate big hotels, small hotels and also houses while on the other hand they are also bought as gifts for loved ones, relatives and friends.

During the Chinese New Year flowers such as potted plants, peaches and gladiolus are purchased while during a funeral pure white colored chrysanthemums are used most commonly.
While traveling to Hong Kong it is well recommended to stay at one of the hotels in Hong Kong. Out of the 5 star hotels in Hong Kong, the Langham Place Hotel Hong Kong would be a highly recommended place to make one’s stay.

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