Pottery Planter

Pottery Planter
Create a relaxing outdoor haven at home
(ARA) – Nothing is more relaxing than a breath of fresh air, which is likely the reason why the lines between indoors and out have blurred immensely.
How to Make a Clay Planter : Choosing Leaves for Pottery Design

White Delft

White Delft
Where can I find a white colored lightbulb in Delft, Netherlands (everything is yellow here)?

Help me please :3

I’m not sure what you mean by “white”? If you mean the traditional incandescent light bulbs, then yes they are becoming harder to find because the more energy efficient are becoming the norm, and actually the EU agreed that after 01/Sept 2012 that these kind of bulbs won’t be sold any longer in the EU. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloeilamp#Afschaffen_in_de_Europese_Unie

There are instead a massive selection at most supermarkets and I know they sell “Soft white” bulbs if this is what you need (e.g. Albert Heijn has them for sure & so does Hoogvliet). Look for “zachtwit” ones

If not then look for shops selling lights, or stores like Gamma, Praxis or Ikea (which is on your doorstep) http://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/10744?pageNumber=2

Antique Pair of Dutch blue and white Delft porcelain wall

Pottery Bowl

Pottery Bowl
Renaissance Festival pottery vendors?

Can someone provide me with links to pottery vendors who sell at Renaissance Festivals? I am looking for vendors who sell this type of pottery and I would like a fairly specific piece or two of pottery (large bowl with lid, preferably with a long ladle). I would like for it to be this style of pottery.

Actually, I just got home from a local Renaissance Faire here in Folsom, CA, and one of my friends there IS a potter by trade. Her name is Moriah and her business is The Woven Potter.

She can be contacted on yahoo by going to the following group:

Once you have joined, just leave a message for Moriah at The Woven Potter to contact you off-list, and leave her an e-mail addreess. She is generally very prompt about returning e-mails, but in this case give her a few days as we just wrapped up an event earlier this evening, and I’m not sure what her travel time is to get home from here…

Pottery Bowl – Organic Texture Throw Down

Pottery Vase

Pottery Vase
Capitol Clay Arts brings pottery supplies home
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The cavernous place is actually quite tidy, considering the huge bags and bins of powdered glaze stacked in one area, and the fact that the main element in everything here is a form of mud. Capitol Clay Arts Co., at 721 Crescent R…
Throwing a big clay pottery vase on a potters wheel quickly demonstration demo how to pot throw

Studio Pottery

Studio Pottery
Pottery is a passion and a calling for Robin Rodgers
Professional potter and artist Robin Rodgers pulled a hot clay pot out of his kiln using a long pair of metal tongs and carefully carried it outdoors.
Studio Art Pottery Porcelain Created by Artist in Jingdezhen

Germany Porcelain

Germany Porcelain

Inspiration Products of Bjorn Wiinblad

The three plates illustrate motifs of sowing, sweet idleness and harvesting. Bjorn Wiinblad found inspiration for these silhouette designs in the 1950’s in the great Danish teller of fairytales Hans Christian Andersen. Bjorn Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen in 1919 and studied at the Royal Academy of Art & Illustration. In addition to his world renowned ceramics and decorative art objects he created worldwide stage scenes and book illustrations. Rosenthal is now celebrating the work of the beloved designer who designed for the firm for fifty years.

Bjorn Wiinblad successful collaboration all began in 1957 when Philip Rosenthal discovered Wiinblad’s ceramics while traveling through Denmark. He was so impressed by the young, imaginative designer’s style of harmonizing both décor and form. This is was the grounding philosophy of the original Rosenthal Studio-Line collections. The meeting with Philip was to become the most important stages in Wiinblad’s artistic career.

For more than 60 years, the wonderfully varied work of Bjorn Wiinblad has been beloved in both his native Denmark and abroad. Bjorn Wiinblad‘s creativity lent itself to glass, porcelain, interior design, ceramics, and illustrations. Vibrant colors and festive moods are the hallmark of this unique Scandinavian artist’s work.

The result of which was a creative, fruitful partnership displaying unusual style and range in the many original forms and patterns her designed for Rosenthal over a period of fifty years. Bjorn died in his home of Denmark just short of seeing the spectacular comprehensive exhibition in Selb Germany of his works in ceramics, glass and cutlery. He was truly a creative and imaginative artist whose works have become highly collected. We now carry works in current production as well as special edition collections. Please purchase on online www.etabletop.com

About the Author

Representing Bjorn Wiinblad in the website www.etabletop.com

Pair German Meissen Porcelain Candelabras Maiden

Pottery Serving

Pottery Serving
trying to find value and age of some pottery i in herited?

honeyglazed. royal staffodshire pottery.
a.j.wilkinson ltd
gravy boat & serving bowl set. they have floral patterns iwth gold trimmings
i belive i am the 4th or 5th generation to own them

There is a show on the ABC tv called “Collector’s”…check out their web site coz they will try to value your gravy boat from a photo and a description.
I hope this helps.

Marble clay pottery ceramics