Italy Fleur

Italy Fleur

Creed Cologne For Men

The many courts of Europe (such as Spain, Austria-Hungary and France) recognized the quality and originality of the House of Creed, and it subsequently moved to Paris in France in 1854. Creed colognes serve a very specific clientele and the House of Creed has currently approximately 200 unique scents, all selectively original and custom-made by the cologne designers.

The Creed family continues the tradition by producing these colognes, both for men and women across generations. The current Master Perfumer of the House proves to be Olivier Creed, and through his latest efforts, the House of Creed has introduced a few new fragrances for the benefit of the globe, namely Flower Fantasia, Empress Eugénie Jasmine, Green Irish Tweed, Vanisia, and Fleur de Bulgarie. All these fragrances come in exclusive bottles, complete with glass stopovers that are covered with original leather for brilliant preservation properties.

The creed scents utilize some of the most fragrant and highest quality natural substances from all over the world. The rose essences are selected from the purest bunch in Bulgaria, Turkey and even Morocco. The jasmines and irises are obtained frm Florence, Italy while the tuberoses are imported from India. Parma violets are obtained from the original location according to its namesake, and Olivier Creed takes great effort to preserve the use of natural ingredients in his fragrances, as opposed to other fragrance makers that opt for synthetic scents. The House of Creed takes great care to carefully weigh, mix, macerate and filter the ingredients by hand before they are packaged and sent to only selected retailers worldwide. To date, the Creed fragrances can boast to possess the highest percentage of natural substances in the history of French perfume.

Some of the most popular men’s fragrances include Creed’s number 1 best seller, the Green Irish Tweed that incorporates floral, green and woody scents in it. Silver Mountain Water is another amazing fragrance from Creed, this one combines the purity of pouring alpine streams as well as the cooling freshness of mountain air in a single fragrance. Tabarome is one of the more masculine scents from the House of Creed, and it merges the fragrances of sandalwood, Patchouli and Vetiver together with green tea, mandarin and lemon. If you are looking for a fragrance that combines wood and green aromas in one, then Original Vetiver would be the solution for you from Creed. Or if you are interested in a completely different fragrance, the Millesime Imperial was created specially to celebrate Creed’s 140th anniversary of supplying fragrances to the Imperial Courts of Europe, and would prove to be an excellent choice.

The House of Creed not only caters to men, but also to the fairer sex. Some of the more prominent fragrances for women from the House of Creed include Acqua Fiorentina, Fantasia de Fleurs, Irisia and Love in Black.

If you are one who appreciates the touch of nature in your perfumes and fragrances, The House of Creed would be the perfect match for you.

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Salt Pepper

Salt Pepper
Cookbook pulped over ‘ground black people’ typo
An Australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.” Salt – Shopping – Books – Australia – Cookbook
Salt N Pepa – Let’S Talk About Sex (The Original)

Pottery Candle

Pottery Candle
What kind of Roseville pottery has an asian motif with asian women?

I have 2 candle holders that are the heads of what appear to be asian women, the only identification I have is the Roseville logo on the bottom of both.


pressing a pottery candle filter – for a second time

Hand Thrown Pottery

Hand Thrown Pottery
What do I need to become a potter?

Years ago my uncle used to take me the Richmond Pottery and I fell in love with it. I learned the basics of throwing, glazing, and got pretty good at making bowls, pots, cups, plates, etc….

Anyway, I want to start doing it at home, but I have no idea what I need. Of course I know I need a wheel and all the basic little tools which I remember using– my question lies more along with what KIND of wheel is best, and most of all, the kiln? Do you HAVE to get a kiln or are there some types of clay that you can bake? I would probably do a lot of hand painting on my pottery.

I’ve tried researching, but not to much avail. I’d love to find someone I could correspond with to help me get started.

When I went to the pottery when I was younger, I was never schooled on things like types of clays and firing temperatures and stuff. I was only taught the basics of actually throwing the pottery.

Thanks guys!!

Go back to school and take classes about pottery which do involve properties of clay, glazes, design. And take some classes in business administration as well. A lot of potters have teaching jobs because while it’s possible to support oneself as a potter its a lot of work and it involves more than just making great things. If you want to live off your pottery only, you will have learn how to run a business successfully, that part may be harder than making the pots…visit art/crafts fairs and talk to potters who exhibit there to get an idea.

Hand-painting without a kiln is not going to do it, people who buy pottery usually want to use them, so you will need food safe glazes, even if you use underglazes you will need a transparent glaze on top of it. There is no substitute for clay which has to be fired in a kiln either.

While it’s certainly not required, people who do pottery often have a BFA in ceramics. So you could try to do this. Alternatively go to a ceramics studio and pay to use their facilities to get back into things. Or you could try to get a job there. You could use the facilities, teach people and get some idea of the business part of things.

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Nicholas Mosse Pottery

Nicholas Mosse Pottery
anybody know of place where i can get NICHOLAS MOSSE POTTERY?

have looked on ebay and theirs not much, really would love to find a place that sell it at a discount price. please let me know

Apart from eBay, I’ve only found it on his own site:

Scottish & Irish Merchant

Floral Vase

Floral Vase
How to make aquarium for a betta fish?

I have a betta fish that I got from a pet store. It is still in the little plastic container that I bought it in. I don’t know how to make an aquarium for it. I have a floral vase that I would like to use, but I’m afraid that it is dirty. Should I wash it with soap, or could that hurt the fish? Do betta fish need gravel? How high should the water be? Also, how much should I feed my betta fish every day?

ok, I think people can get a bit crazy on the aquarium size. I think a 2.5 gal tank would do just fine for one betta, get a small heater for it also. Bettas prefer temps to be 78-82. I have a mini heater for mine. Anyway, most 2.5 gal come w/ an undergravel filter. Basically, you need to set the aquarium up and put about 2-3 inches of gravel over top of the undergravel plate. The gravel acts as a filter, as debris gets sucked into it. You will have to siphon the gravel to clean it ocassionally. Since you already bought your Betta, get your aquarium ASAP and set it up. I recommend you buy a small bottle of Cycle to help you establish some good bacteria in the tank. For the first two weeks, I would do about a 20% water change every other day or so. Don’t forget to add the dechlorinater. After this, you probably should do about a 20% water change once a week to keep your Bettas happy. Give your Betta a few plants to hide behind, preferably live. Remember that you should NEVER use soap to clean any equipment for your fish, the residue will never completely wash clean and it is unnecessary.
Many people keep Bettas in bowls. while it is true that Bettas do not need an air pump, they do need clean water. Amonia created by fish waste will rise to toxic levels quickly. Think about how nasty a catbox smells. Now imagine having to swim in it! In addition, unless you live in an unusually warm house, you will need an aquarium big enough for a heater, which is why a 2 gallon is about as small as you can go. Yes, people do keep this fish in small bowls, but the fish are cold and not too happy about it. Good luck w/ your fishy. The first few weeks is going to be the most crucial in getting him set in to his new aquarium. Basic Betta pellets are fine, feed morning and night, about 3-4 pellets each time. Take the time to give him a good home and he should do great!

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Cups Saucers

Cups Saucers
Drilling holes in cups and saucers?

I am wanting to make a chandelier with cups and saucers added.Has anyone done this and can give me some directions on how to do?What kind of drill bit?

The material you are trying to place a hole in is very hard and brittle. The process used will require a drill-press, grinding compound (obtain at hardware store) and steel pipe the diameter of the hole you wish to drill. The pipe will also need to be about 3-4 in. long with a 1/2 in. slot cut in the end.

Make a little circular retaining wall of clay around the area where the hole will be drilled. Place the grinding compound in this area and add watter until it is soupy. Place the pipe in the drill-press with the notched end down.

How with the cup/saucer that has the grinding compound applied, place it in the drill-press and apply a steady pressure, but not enough to break the item.

The notch in the pipe will allow the grinding compound to work between the pipe and the cup/saucer to grind a hole in the item. This process will take a while, be patient.

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Delft Hand Painted

Delft Hand Painted

Fascinating Art Tiles To Decorate Every Room With Everlasting Charm

Art tiles, with their magnificent beauty, are well-matched to requirements of home improvement. Used as wall hanging to adorn your living room, kitchen or bedroom, or as wainscoting to revamp a foyer, art tiles can be accommodated in any room space. Hand tinted tile has been in use for ages in various parts of the world. From brilliantly painted and chunky Spanish tiles to classical Delft tiles in white with blue decoration, ceramic decorative tile has got a number of applications.

Art on tiles was first introduced in the fourteenth century in Spain and Portugal. The tiles were presented in a solitary color to begin with, and utilized in a checker board form for chess boards. Attractive forms, images and murals were included afterwards. As the reputation of the tile increased, both outdoors and indoors of homes began to be covered with these decorative tiles.

Art tile, nowadays, is specified as any hand decorated ceramic tile. Normally with a recurring, conjoining pattern, this delightful tile differs in style and color and also by the geographical area in which it was formed. French decorative tiles include a lot of blues and burgundy reds on a white backdrop, whereas Spanish and Moroccan decorative tiles employ rich greenish blues, lemon yellows, leaf greens and rusty reds.

Hand painted tiles can be installed at any place in or about the home. The application of every tile will be confined to its constructing specifications. A slim, lustrous wall tile, for instance should not be employed for flooring purposes. A stocky, ceramic ware tile with a lusterless or coarse finish can be employed to cover pathways, stairs and embellish floors.

Numerous time-honored Spanish art tiles are used as wainscoting in entranceways, foyers and dining rooms to add curiosity and vividness to the rooms. Glazed Delft tiles are repeatedly applied as fireplace facades and kitchen backsplashes, as well as mopboards to bring a stroke of color to your space, whilst performing as a safeguard for the walls from damp mops.

French decorative tiles can upgrade your French Country Style kitchen with the addition of the perfect accent and finishing touch to it. Seek putting a series of the tiles at the back of the cooktop, while mixing a row of the decorative tiles with a simple tile alongside the counters.

Bathrooms, patios and recreation rooms are perfect places for thick, scratchy artistry tiles on the flooring. For a more ceremonial doorway or room, attempt decking these tiles into hardwood floors for an attractive look.

Art tiles can be bought at numerous custom ceramic tile stores. You can see there hand-crafted, and hand painted tiles, in addition to modeled tiles, and ceramic tiles constructed to produce a mural. Vintage decorative tiles retrieved from old structures can often be come across in antique shops, and online auction sites. These vintage pieces will often have old mortar still bonded, or may feature a haze from prolonged use for many years, so have a word with a tile restorer about cleaning them before fitting.

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