Thrown Pottery

Thrown Pottery
where can i buy clay for throwing pottery?

I actually don’t plan on throwing it, but that’s besides the point. I want to sculpt with it, just for fun. Can anyone provide websites where I can purchase clay, as I don’t even know where to start because I’m not sure of the specific type of clay I should even be using? (I’m looking for the stuff you typically find in high schools).
I went to hobby lobby today and they did not find anything, and their website doesn’t have anything either, although it’s rather hard to navigate.
Last I asked, which was last month, walmart did not carry it.
Michaels around here also does not have it, hence why I am asking for places online.

What you want is called a ceramic supplier. There are hundreds of them on the net. I’ll give you a link for just a few. You really want to find a supply house closer to where you live, because shipping cost will eat Deeply into your pocket!
Many of your university campus bookstores have Clay, if the university teaches pottery classes.

Pottery throwing demonstration

Turkish Ceramic

Turkish Ceramic
What is the cost of these Turkey souvenirs?

In March I am going to Turkey and Antalya. I am wondering what the cost of these items and some details about them, so I don’t get ripped off and such. Some things I am thinking of getting are a tea set, spices (which are the best?), Turkish delight (best flavours?), tea, shawl/scarf, Meerschaum pipe, books, jewellry, ceramics, etc. Please give me any info you can, anything will be appreciated, thanx! Also, where would prices be better Antalya, or Istanbul?

prices are same in antalya and istanbul since there are so monay tourists in both of them.
however here are some prices :

teaset : max. 80 turkish liras
spices : max 10 tl/kg
the best ones are hot peppers
turkish delight : 20-25 tl/1 kg
best spice is the one with pistacchio or nuts
shawl/scarf: if silk can be around or more than 80 if not dont pay more than 20 tl
jewelerry: diamonds are expensive, if you come to istanbul you should visit grand bazaar however you need a turkish person with you otherwise the prices are twice as more

Turkish Islamic art

Art Studio

Art Studio
Artists filling up Pembroke Pines’ new art studio complex
A Pembroke Pines art studio complex that opened in March with only one tenant is quickly filling up with working artists, city officials said this week.
Mt Art Studio Dilemma-Oh! and my Oprah birthday cake!

Crafted Pottery

Crafted Pottery

Craft Ceramics

In section 103 Session of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) on, with rich cultural heritage and local features of the Germany-based fine ceramics has attracted the eye and from businessmen, white as white as snow, Caine dense thin, red porcelain red rich and gaudy , pure and honest and full, almost every piece of work are Xingshenjianbei, mouthwatering photo is breathtaking, precious ceramic craft boutique exudes a growing temptation.

Improvement of living standards and aesthetic taste of the changes in people’s attitudes toward technology showed great interest in pottery, craft pottery gradually become market “new favorite,” the problems the market can not be neglected.

Dehua porcelain in the market that in recent years, with the domestic and international art market, gradually warming up, discerning collectors and investors will turn their attention to contemporary ceramic artists works of art. Because they know that a good work of art is subject to the production of multi-channel processes can be baked and a superior work of art, but also the skills to years of experience and artistic accomplishment is possible to complete. Value of Contemporary Ceramic Art collectors have also been gradually recognized, a number of the works of masters even more heavily bought by collectors.

Red-Cultural Development Co., Ltd Fujian rich artistic director Xu Shaodong, said that with the improvement of people’s living standard, social and daily life from the initial demand, the transition to the collection needs of the times. From the survival of the status request to request, from the economy requires to cultural requirements, technology ceramics market, gradually warming up, many ceramic artists from the embarrassment of the initial creation, creative levels are getting higher and higher, even ceramics for daily use are becoming increasingly technology-oriented, technology ceramics market potential is gradually being dug up.

Enhance the operation of the market

“Their favorite works do not necessarily easy to sell, we can only go the market route.” Dehua Ceramic young artist Yan Song Liu has been committed to the traditional porcelain carving of innovation, and strive to the modernization of the traditional porcelain carving. He said he set foot on the beginning of porcelain art road alone personal preferences, creating a very modern character since that works, resulting in the market has dropped his ankle. In the personal creative struggle with the contradiction between market choice, the final selection of personal ideas and market integration.

Flying Arts porcelain Zheng PENG Xiong also said that in the market demand, according to the idea of creating their own works less and less, the market also made the contradiction between art and some of his regrets. Reporters interviewed found that, in fact, such a situation is not only one or two troubled divisions ceramics, ceramic industry, created to cater for market-oriented, dealers concerned about the low-end consumer goods, high-end art sales channels and poor, the basic walking collection routes, the final market selection is the last word. Of course, this is also with the current appreciation of the level of the public as a whole, but the market is still the contradiction between art and ceramic art master difficult to resolve troubles.

On the other hand, “do not sell” is also a lot of ceramic masters weaknesses. China Arts and Crafts master LIU Yuan-Long will be a work of art to be sold to another 100,000 yuan price, but buyers soon to 500,000 yuan in Hong Kong, sold at high prices, which also made a lot of people to re-examine the process ceramics markets. Experts believe that this reflects the art of pottery making by self-awareness of the market is not strong on the other hand also shows that Taiwan does not have a smooth sales channels, can provide a suitable market for ceramic art mode of operation.

The establishment of formal channels, art market, beyond the mode of operation, for example today’s ceramic artists, and creativity are equally important.

Constraints to break the bottleneck

Craft ceramic pottery carries cultural heritage in China for thousands of years, but also laying the ground for Chinese ceramics in the international position in the international and domestic reputation, with the construction, decoration, collection development of the industries, technology class ceramic broad development prospects. However, reporters found that a single talent structure, and cultural heritage such as the protection and still become a bottleneck restricting their development.

In a ceramic for local pillar industries of Germany, ceramic industry employees increased dramatically, with traditional porcelain carving for 50 years in the state of the last century are only a few dozen factory apprentice, and now there are more than 1,000 people engaged in arts and porcelain production alone, the private sector there are more than 200 Ceramics Research Institute. Yet even so, the lack of qualified personnel is also become the biggest challenge facing the industry, civil society, “the division with believers, the parent tape,” the traditional teaching methods have also been hit. Faced with a number of traditional craft ceramic A lack of family situation, the younger generation running out of patience, it seems too strong ceramics have not shown interest. Some ceramic culture, the researchers held that the current technology in Germany, due to the pursuit of market efficiency, industrial machinery, to replace the hand-made, resulting in the degradation of the loss of traditional skills. At the same time, the entire ceramics industry has not formed attention to the protection of cultural awareness of ceramics and atmosphere.

It is worth mentioning that the Government was aware that some traditional craft is heading towards the brink of disappearing and need to be digging, sorting and rescue. Today, Germany has its own ceramic-based colleges, the college is considered Dehua porcelain hope for the future.

In fact, industrial development and cultural protection, there is no contradiction between the long run, it should be an organic unity, mutually reinforcing relationship, the key still lies in the attitude towards cultural awareness and how to enrich the cultural connotation of ceramics, making economy and culture go hand in hand into the ceramic, it will be the development of ceramic industry must break issue.

Become a collection of contemporary ceramics

It is understood that the early 90s, modern and contemporary ceramics mainly in the form of handicrafts for export trade, and more than that some overseas acquisition, modern and contemporary ceramics, especially Hong Kong, Singapore and Southeast Asia. Into the 21st century, the domestic collection of contemporary porcelain, mostly bought from overseas. Today, the collection of domestic market, increasing cash flow, collecting groups are also rapidly expanding.
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Sedona El Prado Gallery Art Video

Germany Vase

Germany Vase
west germany vase 567-57 looking for information on this piece can anyone help out? thanks?

has label but hard to read bay r? k? ecamik # 567-57 large west germany vase I’m researching coming up empty. been lots of places. thkx

I agree with otto – This will be very difficult to find out. I think Bayern Keramik basically means, that the motives or the style is bavarian but it says nothing about the manufacturer. Does this Vase have a logo stamped on the bottom besides the serial number?

I could try to find out more about it then. Because most companies have their own logo which would make this research a whole lot easier!

kazaliste vase i nase mladosti | 1996

Ceramic Pottery

Ceramic Pottery
Larry Fennelly: Arts springing up all over Middle Georgia What a weekend: Fired Works, selling large-scale ceramic sponsored by Alliance Macon of the Arts, begins on Saturday for a nine-day race in the Central City Park. Preview tonight's game will give us a first impression over 4,000 pieces of ceramic artists from Georgia.
Making Double Walled Pottery : How to Carve 3D Details in Ceramic Pottery: Pt. 1

Vintage Usa

Vintage Usa
best vintage and rockabilly stores in the USA?

so i’m traveling to the US for the first time in a couple of weeks, and for extra spending money i sold most of my clothes in the hopes of finding a whole new better wardrobe while i’m there!
here are all the cities i will be visiting:

new york
las vegas
san francisco
los angeles
long beach

so i’m mostly looking for 1940’s and 1950’s stuff, but i’m not too fussy, even if there are just some amazing vintage stores worth checking out i’m happy with that!

Check out Retro Row on 4th Street in Long Beach, CA. Hollywood set designers and costumers look in the stores along there for mint condition vintage clothes.

Vintage Yonezawa M-57 USA Army Battery Operated Toy Tank

Arts Studio

Arts Studio

Reducing Art Studio Fumes–4 Steps That Will Reduce Paint Fumes In Your Studio

Visual artists allow us to relive beautiful moments again and again by capturing the moment for us on their canvas. Unfortunately, their gift to us often means they are forced to breathe harmful chemical fumes for hours on end.

Many of the materials used in a fine art studio contain volatile organic chemicals that can cause acute side effects such as headache, nausea, and light headedness. And prolonged exposure to these airborne chemicals has been shown to cause more serious and sometimes irreversible health problems. Here are 4 ideas that are easy to implement and will greatly reduce the fumes you breathe and increase your air quality and productivity.

1. Proper ventilation is important to let the fumes leave the room. Moving the air from inside to outside with an exhaust fan is a great way to reduce build up of chemical fumes. It can be as simple as placing a box fan in the window and allowing it to blow out, pulling air from inside your studio to outdoor. The direction of the air flow is important, otherwise turning the fan inward only blows the chemicals around rather than getting them out.

2. If possible, use products that contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) outside. Cleaning brushes with solvents outside is an easy way to keep indoor air clean. This will eliminate the fumes from your indoor air. Be sure to properly dispose of solvents so they don’t leach into the water and soil, and store any unused portions with the lids on tight to prevent off gassing from occurring while they are just sitting on the shelf. If possible store them away from where you work.

3. There are so many green products on the market now. Talk to your suppliers about using products that contain less, or even no volatile organic chemicals. These are not only less threatening to your health, but are easier on the environment as well.

4. Use a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) air purifier that can remove fine particulates from the air. If it also has an inner filter that can remove airborne chemicals your air cleaner will be able to eliminate all the airborne pollutants that, left in the air, will cause you problems. Allowing this purifier to clean your air 24 hours a day every day will insure that your air quality is always as clean and healthy as it can be.

Knowing that your air is healthy and that you are not putting yourself at risk when you are creating will allow you focus all of your attention on your art rather than worrying about chemicals that you’re breathing.

Breathing air with a higher oxygen level will pay off not only with good health, but probably with better quality of art as well.

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Silent Hill Shattered Memories HD: Chemistry Lab † Biology and Astronomy † The Art Studio P14

Czech Pottery

Czech Pottery
Dutch Railway Museum hosts first-ever exhibit of royal trains
Dutch Queen Beatrix (centre) stepping out of the replica of the saloon car No. 1, belonging to Dutch Queen Mother Anna Paulowna, during the opening yesterday of the Royal Class, regal journeys exhibition at Utrecht. Photo: Royal images Lex van Lieshout/AFP.
Czech Pottery in Action 1