Ottoman China

Ottoman China
How did Muslims rule of India change over time?

1. How did Muslims rule of India change over time?

2. How did the Mongols contribute to the formation of the Ottoman Empire?

3.What advantages did the location of Istanbul give to the Ottomans?

4. Describe the period known as Pax Mongolia?

5. How was Kublai Khan’s rule of china different from previous rulers?

Muslims never ruled India. In the past there was a very few percentage of Muslims in India, but it increased significantly over the last 200 – 400 years because of Muslim sales men who traveled to India from the Arabian peninsula.

D5: Foreign Domination in China and the Ottoman Empire

Art Pottery Planter

Art Pottery Planter

Garden Lanterns that Brighten and Amuse

Garden Planter is a small pot or container used for growing small plants or trees. Garden Planters are stunning outdoor accessories that takes care of your actual garden or outdoor space. Garden Planters provide solution to plant lovers who do not have enough garden space.  Garden Planters allow plantation anywhere in different styles shapes and sizes.   Square, Rectangular or circular garden planters are there to suit different space area and different plant types viz., small trees to medium plants.    Even hang-off garden planters are also available. With garden planters an artificial garden can be created even at the roof top.

Selection of Garden planters is most important.  Quality material with nicely crafted garden planters must be selected as it did not require replacement at later point of time.  Garden Planters with good wooden material like teak, cedar, Redwood, synthetic material like polymer and granite or marble is durable and elegant.   Wooden and Granite Garden planers are natural and beautiful.  They withstand tuff weather conditions and monsoon seasons.  Garden Planters can be selected taking into account whether the container will survive mid-day sun, breezes and can hold moisture and should not dry out immediately.   Terracotta Planters dry out very fast while wood and metal garden planters retain water unless there is provision for water drain.  Fiberglass Planters are very light weight, mobile but not durable.

Popular kind of outdoor planters is terracotta planter pottery.  These clay planters are natural in color and well suited to the greenery in the garden.  Terracotta garden planters can be painted, glazed or engraved designs. Pottery Planter designs can be arranged nicely like Linear (stripes, checks), Geometric shapes, Floral.  Ceramic Planters come out with beautiful colors, designs and textures.    Ceramic normally contains moisture and this will be useful for plants thrive on moisture.  Ceramic planters are light weight and can be hanged on wall. Hanging Planters also called suspended gardens adorn house décor.  Plants in hanging planters at ceilings, windows walls add beauty to the garden or living place.  Patio Planters act as a bridge between garden and home and is very decorative.  
Garden Planters are very important accessories for garden art.  Garden Planters also indoor and outdoor herb gardening.  Growing fresh herbs for day to day use in cooking is made possible by garden planters.  When it comes to making your own garden art, there are so many different possibilities as to what you can do that it can almost be overwhelming. That is why I am going to focus on just one type of garden art in this article: planters. Check out these fun and unique ideas for your garden pots and planters:  
Bonsai Garden can be created by using garden planters.  Bonsai trees are very popular and bonsai garden provides peace and relaxation over the years. Garden Planters should support the type of bonsai trees grown.
When selecting the outdoor planters for your bonsai tree, you need to keep in mind the overall impact it is supposed to have, little to none. The outdoor planters are not what you are trying to show off. They are simply the vessels that are supporting the bonsai trees that you are raising. That means the outdoor planters you choose should not be showy or over the top. Instead they should be natural looking pieces that add to the overall effect of the tree in them.

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Campbell Art Pottery

Campbell Art Pottery
Pottery Class- Pop Art Idea?

I am in high school and I am taking pottery. We are doing a pop art piece, like Andy Warhol’s campbell soup can.
I have to bring in an item tomorrow of what I am going to make..and I can’t think of anything!
My teacher says it needs to be a representation of something in our society today. She is doing a pill bottle, because medicines are always advertised today.
HELP PLEASE!! I can’t think of what to bring to make..
– no electronics

a 32oz soda fountian cup, with plastic lid and straw.

Anthony Callea & Tim Campbell’s Pottery Masterpieces

Signed Art Pottery

Signed Art Pottery

Mata Ortiz Pottery in Puerto Vallarta

You will undoubtedly see some lovely pottery as you peruse Puerto Vallarta’s many art galleries, and none is more lovely than Mata Ortiz pottery. If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to check it out, this is the time. Honestly, it won’t hurt you to get away from the pool at your Mexico Vacation Villa Rental for a couple of hours and pick up a bit of culture. You may just come away with some beautiful pottery, as well.

Mata Who?
Mata Ortiz pottery is growing in recognition and popularity. The name is not that of a person, but rather that of a pueblo (town) in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, near the border where Mexico, Texas and New Mexico come together. Members of this small community (it’s only a few blocks big) began making a name for themselves and their pots in 1976, when they and their work were “discovered.”

It’s not so much that they were “lost” to begin with; that just happens to be the date that the outside world became aware of the exquisite work they produced. Master potter Juan Quezada introduced, or rather reintroduced, the centuries old method of forming pots with coils of local clay. Today, his students and followers continue to make all their pots by hand, without the use of potters’ wheels.

That’s some sophisticated folk art
It didn’t take long for Mata Ortiz pottery to become acknowledged as a legitimate form of contemporary art. Art aficionados and pottery experts will tell you that both the construction and the decorative style are derived from Paquime Casas Grandes pottery, as well as from the Mimbres traditions of the American Southwest. Mata Ortiz artists do not simply recreate old designs, however. Their work is unique and modern, despite its ancient origins.

Now that you’re convinced that this bears looking into, you’re ready to dash out the door of your Mexico Vacation Villa Rental, but first, you need to locate a source for these works of art. In Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find Mata Ortiz pottery at the Mata Ortiz Pottery Gallery (who knew?) at Lázaro Cárdenas 268A. And the Galeria de Ollas, at Corona 176, features a large collection of signed pieces from the village. If you do decide to acquire a piece, take your time and really look at each piece. They are all lovely, but if you listen, one in particular will surely speak to you.

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John Conaty Estate Sale

Pottery Ornament

Pottery Ornament
Africa Festival in Sydney, Australia?

Hi dear readers

There is a yearly Africa festival on the 23/11/08 in Hyde Park Sydney, Australia. Open air, free entry..
There will be:

1- African and Australian concert for the whole day.
2- African foods
3- Representation of many african countries with their hanicraft. It is a good chance to grab yourselves unique handmade and beautiful christmas presents for your loved ones.
and much more…
Many countries will be represented such as South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Botswana, Gahana, etc etc etc
I will be representing Algeria and North Africa in general with many Handmade Berber ornaments such as berber rugs, Jewellery, pottery/ceramic, etc.
For more details about the festival, please visit
Please come along and spend the whole day there if you want, there are a lot of new things to see.

See you there

Great, thanks for letting me know. I’ll be sure to get along there.

Owl family tree – Australian pottery by Anita Reay

Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar

Lg Gs500 Cookie Plus Joins The Cookie Jar

Korea’s second leading mobile phone maker LG Electronics launched last February 10 its successor to the highly popular entry level touchscreen handset LG Cookie with the new LG GS500 Cookie Plus.

To date , there have been more than 10 million LG KP 500/501 Cookie phones sold worldwide since its release in October 2008.  This is the 5th mobile phone from LG that has reached this level, after the LG Chocolate, Shine, the KP100 and the KG270 models.

A good 5.4 million of the Cookie had been sold in Europe alone.  The new handset offers the same full feature touchscreen experience, this time with 3G and Social Networking capabilities.  According to LG’s press release, this is LG’s new Cookie for the year as it plans to offer more Cookie handsets in 2010.  There’s mention of a forthcoming LG GS290 Cookie on the horizon.

Plus Features

LG has added a dual band 3G/HSDPA 900/2100 at 3.6 Mbps on the new Cookie’s quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio on 2G.  This should delight new Cookie fans with high speed internet surfing to match its SNS capabilities.  The handset is slightly wider but thinner than its predecessor at 107 x 52.5 x 11.5mm and weighs 3.5g heavier but still at a pocket-friendly 92.5 g

Other than that, it shares the same hardware features like a 3-inch resistive touchscreen TFT LCD display with 256k colors and QVGA resolution, Flash-based UI, accelerometer and handwriting recognition. There’s Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0 for local data connectivity, a 3.2 megapixel basic fixed-focus camera with QVGA video recording at 12fps, FM stereo with RDS, Bluetooth with A2DP for wireless stereo earphone listening and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is powered by the same 900 mAh lithium-ion battery for up to 3h40min of talk time and 400 hours of standby time.

Internal memory has been reduced from 48MB to just 30MB though with the same 1000-entry limitation on the phonebook and the usual microSD support for up to 16 GB.  It’s plainly a cost balancing compromise after putting in a rudimentary 3G.

Software-wise, the new Cookie has some improved features like a “cartoon”-like UI similar to that used in the Samsung Corby line. Imaging gets digital zoom and you have an editable screen shot apps that allows you to capture a webpage screen you can edit and send out as MMS.  It now has SNS support with built-in apps and homescreen widgets you can use with Flickr, Twitter and Facebook that the older Cookie did not have.


The new Cookie is expected to hits its markets this March and will comes in a choice of body colors like Brown, Wine Red, Baby Pink, Imperial Purple, White Silver and the standard Black.   There’s still no information on the pricing but this is an entry level touchscreen feature phone meant to be as affordable as its predecessor. The current LG KP501 Cookie with a new model released in white will be available from O2 at ₤99 on Pay & Go without contract. If this is any indication, you can expect the affordable entry level touchscreen LG GS500 Cookie Plus to be priced in the same price point.

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Gym Class Heroes – Cookie Jar (Feat. The Dream) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Plate Set

Plate Set
Star Dogs set to return
The Western Bulldogs are set to swing the axe ahead of their clash against Adelaide at Etihad Stadium on Friday night with coach Rodney Eade flagging as many as four changes to the side that lost to the Brisbane Lions by 22 points last week.
Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Dino Plate Guts Set 爆竜戦隊アバレンジャー

Porcelain Vase

Porcelain Vase
Porcelain Marking – Cross inside an urn/vase?

I recently purchased a small dish from a charity shop, which has a picture of a butterfly in the centre.

The makers mark is a bit faded but resembles an urn/vase with a cross in the centre. I was just wondering where it was originally from.

Thank you
The dish is about 2-3mm thin.

The makers mark is on the base, it’s very faded though (I mistook it for the remains of a sticky label when I first saw it).

The urn has no handles.

ok, describe the plate, the color of the marker from the maker, how thin is it?…..some of the french porcelain that supported the catholic churches back in ww-2 had a mark that was like a “fluer-d-lis”,…..and had a cross but I dont recall it being iin the inside of the vessel but rather on the bottom. and it was a darker carmine color or reddish……..there are a few chinese makers who marked their stuff with a “vessel and cross”, it represented the body and blood of Christ if I’m not mistaken…and the makers were churches and there were very few churches which might be a good sign for you in this search of yours….I suspect what you have comes from an older catholic church…….”Possibly a wafer platter” or part of a set of them but not having seen it, I cannot say for sure,…..One other thing,……there is a town in Italy “bonnell fieosole” where they are known for their detailed, hand carved wooden vessels that they coat in plaster and then impress desings upon and color and gold leaf and then more color then there are other towns near there that are known for their porcelain,…..since the mark seems to be of catholic origin I’d be searching the internet for porcelain makers in france and italy from the ww-2 period or just before bewteen ww-1 and ww-2. Thats where I’d begin, and there are ceramic mueums that have makers marks on file and they could tell you right off the bat who made it and about when. the symbols seems familiar to me though If the mark is an upwardly curving vase shape with a smaller base and a top on the vessel ” as just an outline and the cross is in the middle, Start looking for “body of Christ”,Holy savior, savior of or any of the nunneries from tht time period in those countries…..if the urn has handles on it, it’s almost surely french and the handles will look like ears sticking out besiude it……..thats all I can tell you about the mark. alot of the nunneries like sisters of, or servants of, it tghey were orphanages, they almost always had some ceramic expert that they were sheltering wqho taught some of the kids and made profit for the orphanages and each ot those organizations would use a single mark to represent who they were……..only two other places I can think of,.One is Scotland in the north and the other is “china” China is known for having been responsible for more fake pottery than any other country and your piece could be a fake……….But I suspect it isnt a fake cuz it’s just one piece, not much profit in that. the more you learn about the meaning sof symbols, the more you’ll find out about your little plate & then you’ll start buyoing more and more and more cuz it will make you passionate…….hahahaha “not really”. The movie “the bible coad” shows several chruches that are important because of their symbology and decor in fact “Joseph & Mary, the father andf mother to Jesus Christ ended their days up in Scotland” or so experst think and I agree with them, & an Idea that Mary herself was the holy grail or the top of the bloodline of Christ himself abides in alot of researchers minds that Mary and Joseph almost had to be protected even in their oldest years and almost every story about some part of the bloodline has it’s own symbol in history and loacation much like the “Knights Templars” Who built chruches, libraries, collected taxes, made banks anb roads and provided strong covber for travelers and each of those knight had his own little story that is given a symbol alot of the time,…..Ther’s one more factoid I’d be looking for and that is “sources of Kaolin clay in france, Italy , Kaolin is what makes porcelain what it is, stable and very fine……your item almost surely came through Brtitain and I wouldndt spare that location some thought. hope this helps, it would be tragic if the plate was from Japan!..not oput of the question though.

Throwing the Porcelain Vase Kunisaki, Roy Yuichiro

Vintage Art

Vintage Art

Vintage Maps: Décor With Direction

Vintage Maps: Décor with Direction

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases;
It will never pass into nothingness;”
– John Keats

Maps have long enjoyed a special place in our heritage. Capturing the wayfaring spirit of the traveling adventurer, the intrigues of shifting kingdoms and political fiefdoms, the historical perspective and routes of our forefathers, and the unique colors and flavors of the world, maps offer what most pieces of vintage art do not—a romantic appeal to most everyone. With unique allure, maps can serve as focal centerpieces or merely serve as interesting accents. These attractive pieces of vintage art offer Old-World charm and captivate our fascination, even if for a brief moment, wherever they are placed, as conversation starters or as meaningful pieces with eternal appeal.

As a Design Feature

1799 Map of The World
Antique world maps encapsulate the essence of a changing world and provide unique pieces of historical romance and splashes of adventurous color to any room.

The vintage map is unique in its ability to mesh its design with virtually any type of design scheme, color palette, or enclosed space. Maps speak artfully across the ages of the desperation of esteemed ancestral émigrés, the derring-do of heroic explorers, the determination of military minds, and the doggedness of beleaguered cultures by framing time within man-made land boundaries and natural seascapes. The crisp graphics and subtle tints allow us to capture an entire era, a nation or a culture that has receded into the past but demands not to be forgotten.

The use of the vintage maps as a décor item allows us to capture a time and place which we may have never experienced directly or one that we wish to cherish as a memory. As the human lifespan extends, the length of our future makes the extent of our history seem all that more important. The vintage map can give us a starting point and a sense of direction contained in a clear and concise piece of art that will allow others to see the patterns of our personal or cultural history.

1716 Homann Map of The World
A double hemisphere map of the world by Johann Baptist Homann. Digitally retouched .

Universal Usage

Most everyone uses maps, and the vast majority of people do so with the single purpose of finding a proper route from where they are to where they want to go. In some cases, they even look to see where others have started and ended journeys. A select few, however, see the map as artistic design, perhaps even viewing it as the high expression of engraving and printing skills. Beginning in the 18th century, and well into the 20th, the wealthy, the powerful (and those aspiring to be) either used the bound, colored atlas as the centerpiece in the private library or sitting room in an attempt to demonstrate both acumen and urbanity. The cleverly displayed atlas was left open to a page denoting a recent travel experience, a troublesome current political event, or even a gloomy catastrophe in an effort to spark conversation.

Dynamic business leaders, determined politicians and high-ranking military officers have always used the imposing globe or impressive wall map to delineate the extent of their influence or the depth of their ambitions. Medieval and Renaissance governments and their commissioned discoverers kept maps as secret weapons to rile foes or foil rivals. Democratic societies distributed maps to their populations as a symbol of freedom while totalitarian regimes made maps, and the potential such documents gave for travel, off-limits to all but a few in the ruling echelons.

As an Artform

Vintage Map of Greece
Published in 1688 in Amsterdam. , originally printed on three sheets. Includes illustration of lion with enslaved human figures shown in embellished title cartouche. Views of fortified towns in outer margins.

Fortunately, maps have other uses beyond their function as travel aids. When maps first appeared on the walls of the powerful or in the atlases of the wealthy, the eye-catching beauty of the design and the power of the ability of paper and ink to evoke emotion were immediately apparent. Color, line, structure and even the calligraphy of maps could transcend the purpose for which they were originally intended. The tool became an art form unto itself. A map’s practical use could be made obsolete by war, politics or cataclysm, but the beauty of the design and quality of production gave a well-executed map an eternal appeal.

Evolution of Cartography

The first maps to be engraved, colored and printed for non-field use were produced for the most part as artworks, not as practical tools for navigators, engineers or armies on the march. In these display maps, the functional part of the chart often took up a minority of space with the majority being devoted to depicting the grandeur of the cartographer’s patrons or the novel landscapes and wondrous creatures supposedly to be found within the map’s boundaries. Other maps offered the pictorial histories of those who had traveled the depicted lands and seas. Until the 16th century, most maps had been individually hand drawn and illustrated with much the same care and artistic verve as could be found in medieval manuscripts. Just as books became mass-produced and mass consumed, so did maps, and in both cases the practical aspects of the product soon overwhelmed the artistic. Although today’s maps are far more accurate and the information infinitely more useful, modern collectors and interior designers look to the past for the finest examples of cartography for use in display or décor.

Bird’s Eye View Map of San Francisco
Published in 1876 by Currier & Ives.

The Allure

There has never been a time when people have traveled as often and as far as we do today. Everybody came from somewhere and most of us want to go somewhere else. The frequency and exigencies of travel often destroy our sense of time and distance but maps return this sensibility. We not only can recapture these sensations from our own travel experience but those of our ancestors and culture. Vintage maps allow us to display pride in our own accomplishments while linking them to our lineage. Like a shelf of richly bound classic texts, a well-framed map speaks as much about the owner’s worldliness as it does about taste. Few people today can decorate their walls with portraits of stately ancestors, but that does not mean one’s ancestry is not worth celebrating. A vintage map can say as much as a hall of portraits in far less space and in a much more subdued voice.

The Variety

The choices of décor maps are many, but the effect is the same. A city map of medieval Naples, a county map of revolutionary Cork, a regional map of Provence, a Civil War map of the United States or a 16th-century map of the New World are as much conversation starters as they are symbols of the owner’s perspective on life. Some are elaborately framed or shadow boxed to match a classical interior design while others are simply shielded by a glass panel to emphasize the graphic quality of the print. Whatever the presentation method, people are instantly drawn to these displays and it takes little to encourage the viewer’s historical opinions or personal travel experiences.

Any Design Scheme, Any Budget

An artful map presentation can be used in any room and with any design scheme or within any decorating budget. Maps can be printed in any size deemed suitable and serve as an affordable means of affecting a timeless sensibility to home or office. Properly presented maps focus the eye and the intellect with a subtle mixture of graphic excellence and historical perception. Like many other forms of art, the vintage map can reduce the world while expanding the mind.

Reprinted with Permission from ( offers an extensive selection of vintage maps from the 15th to early 20th century available as a museum quality art print or digital download.


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Vintage Mix Media Art

Vintage German

Vintage German

Classic Car News: Vintage Venture

The 18th edition of the MSA Euroclassic tour is due to take place between Saturday 4th and Sunday 12th of September 2010, which is good news for cars over 20 years old and their owners who will have the opportunity to “drive on a mixture of challenging roads while sightseeing”, according to the Telegraph website.

The event organisers have said “the Euroclassic is a non-competitive, scenic tour – there are no timings or penalties for not following the official route and everyone can travel at their own pace”. What better way to travel, than to glide around in a vintage vehicle, starting at the Nürburgring before travelling through Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, to finish at the island of Lindau in southern Germany.

The Euroclassic is promising to provide spectacular scenery, breathtaking mountain views and magnificent driving roads, plus you can park your classic car and check out various venues at numerous check points throughout the tour. has reported that the Euroclassic tour, “established over 15 years ago, is one of the best loved annual European classic events”, and with the Telegraph website reporting that “there are already 85 classics signed up for this year’s event”, it looks set to be another successful occasion.

The worst of the bad weather seems to be over, and the sun is starting to shine, so it’s time to get your classics out the garage and warm them up ready for the Euroclassic tour. The event is open to four wheel road cars that have been manufactured before the 31st December 1989, which means many vintage motors will be attending the event and gracing the German roads in their full glory.

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Raw Video: Vintage German Steam Trains Collide