Danish Potter

Danish Potter
Could we get creationism banned if we just claimed to worship our common ancestor?

I see it all the time, all over the planet people try to get things banned, because it’s an insult to their particular version of a god: Da Vinci Codes, Harry Potters, Danish cartoons, gay marriages, chocolate Jesuses, etc, etc.

Every time somebody says something bad about evolution, it’s basically a huge insult to our common ancestor.
So, if we’d claim to worship our common ancestor, could we get things banned too? Like creationism, for example?

Cool! Let’s apply for non-profit status & get to work on designing our mascot, “Harry Hominid”.

The Danish Potter

Mid Century

Mid Century
What political factors do you think ultimately led to Spain’s decline in the mid 17th century?

Also what wars were they involved in that helped speed up their decline?
Did the inquisition help their decline on account of them brilliantly banishing their educated middle class (good move ferdy)

well they weren’t planning very well, they were spending away all their money on colonizing the new world and were relying upon bullion. they didnt save or watch their money but were instead spending it

Spokane Mid-Century Modern

Czechoslovakia Art

Czechoslovakia Art

Teaching Without Boundaries..the Online Classroom

The Online Virtual English Class

Thousands of Koreans attend English Classes everyday trying to learn to speak a Language that is now deemed essential. All teachers of English in Korea are expected to be able to Speak English by 2010. Schools, Colleges, Universities and a myriad of tiny after-school centers pay enormous fees for native speaking teachers to become their English Presence. Millions of bored students sit and waste their fees, not learning a language they are suddenly expected not only to learn, but to gain a speaking fluency in.

Technology has now made the Online Virtual Classroom available, where anybody wishing to learn to speak English can now tune into their Computer and take a lesson. For the month of January, the daily English lesson is free on Active English Speaking.com, as a marketing promotion, and also while the teachers train in learning effective teaching online, where not only is their English teaching skill on public display, but also the skills and abilities of their students.

This provides a valuable research tool for those seeking to document the way students apply themselves and learn a language, and also provides a learning tool for students of English who have progressive English lessons for review and replay. In what other situation can a student replay a lecture? As a student we used personal voice recorders for the more difficult or the lectures we missed. Today the whole lesson is fully documented and available for replay.  Parents can review the lesson and see how their own child participated in class, and also join in the lesson and study English with their family.

Advantages of the Virtual Classroom

More than one person can view and attend the lesson. A whole family or group can watch and learn together from one lesson. A whole Class or University can attend the lesson, and follow the lesson as a review or replay as the lesson is recorded and the recording available, at no charge, to the attendees. This is bringing the classroom into the home, school and world, and making Education an International Experience.

The Online English Lesson is fully interactive. Students can introduce themselves and talk to each other and the teacher, in the open chatline, without disturbing the lesson once it is in progress. Students can walk in ad out of the virtual classroom as they choose, and the student who chooses to watch and read, can do so, without the constant disturbance of classroom noise. Total immersion in the lesson is possible for those needing to concentrate. They can repeat words and speak out without fear of embarrassment, and they can practice their words as they choose, and repeat every word the teacher says, to learn the correct pronunciation and phrasing. They can also request clarification or the meaning of a word by asking the question on the chat.

Questions can be answered by other students as well as the teacher. More than one student can respond at a time, and variety of responses can be elicited simultaneously and recorded. Everyone has equal opportunity to participate. You do not ask permission, you simply type in your question or response. If you are not fluent with typing, after a series of lessons, you will learn how to type and thus write, as interaction depends on the student having the ability to write and type. The whiteboard means that the student can write a response in their own language, if they choose to still be a part of the lesson, without having English writing skills. The student always has the opportunity to constantly respond and react, and it is their choice. A student can sit and type every word he hears, or choose to ignore the chatline and concentrate on the teacher and her voice.

Students who constantly write, type, repeat words, and respond, benefit the most. Active learning is always being alert and interested and involved in a lesson. The student who attends and listens does not always get the same benefit as the student who responds.

In the Virtual field, the student can be anonymous, and participate as they choose, without fear of being itemized or victimized in any way. The Prime Minister of a country could be a student in the class, along with a 5 year old, and a University professor; or a whole classroom or congregation of a church or Club. There is no way of identifying the age, race, social status of a student, or even the number of people attending, unless they choose to identify themselves. The students are here to learn to speak English, and the only common factor is the fact that they have chosen to attend the Virtual Classroom and be a member.

The added bonus of the Online Interactive Virtual Classroom is the variety of students and their backgrounds. Students can learn about other cultures by interacting online with the students. In one class, students attend from Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Saudi Arabia, America and England. It is a whole International Classroom, and at the end of the lesson, relationships have been formed. The final 15 minutes gives students the chance to get to know each other and share their personal details and comments. Students link with each other and a Class Community has been formed. Students look forward to the next class, knowing that they now have friends they have made, and that they are part of an Online Classroom.

The Oral session where the student feeds back information from the lesson, or chooses to speak as they wish, gives the class and teacher the student voice, and face, if they have a webcam. Students are able to view the student who is speaking and see their speaking ability and hear their speaking voice. Only the teacher is constantly available on webcam, and only one student can be visible and vocal at a time. This focuses the lesson on the teacher and the teacher voice, and the model is there for the student’s learning. The students do not get distracted with other voices and accents, and learn incorrect pronunciation of words, as they may do in the real classroom by focusing on vocal students instead of the teacher.

The text of the lesson is presented in Power Point, which also has interactive features that can be responded to without disturbing the flow of the speaker’s words.  Students given whiteboard access can ask questions or clarification on the whiteboard, as well as on the chat. The Power Point Presentation is Powerful, as it provides the illustrations and images that may be necessary for clarification.  The teacher also has at her control, her own bank and collection of photos, images and documents that can be downloaded during the lesson if needed. The teacher presents the lesson with ready access to a whole Library and also the internet. A new Window can be opened if required, and made available to the students, as well as Youtube videos, movies and slideshows. You could say, the teacher teaches with the whole Internet and computer at her fingertips. It is Powerful Teaching and even more powerful learning.

The lessons can be one-off, or they can be progressive. The value is there for the student who attends every session, as each lesson builds on the last session, and is progressive as well as being cumulative. A student can join in and review the past lessons, or start with the current lesson, and progress at that level and from that Point. The lessons become a continuing conversation and students increase their ability and skills with every lesson and session, according to their input and level of activity. A student, who joins in actively, will have a very good basic level of English, within three months, good with six months and excellent with a year of instruction. Beginner lessons and Lessons on other topics will commence as they are created. Active English Speaking will provide a full days instruction with English Speaking, Writing, Science, Mathematics, Art and Music,.

The future is providing specialist Courses in learning Korean, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese, and other areas as requested. International Teachers will run their own sessions from Active English Speaking in the areas of their own specialist teaching.

The World of the Virtual Classroom is extending its subjects and borders as teachers join and create their own Virtual Classrooms.

Free English Classes are available every day until 20 January. You can see the sessions and join in by registering at Activeenglishspeaking where the next lesson is featured on the FrontPage.

Details and membership are available from Maggi Carstairs    Maggi_carstairs@yahoo.com

Don’t just read about it…come and participate in the lessons …every evening at 9.30PM Seoul Time.

Details available at  Activeenglishspeaking.com

Marguerite Carstairs 2008©

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Educational Consultant in Online Teaching and learning

Alphonse Mucha

Germany Pottery

Germany Pottery
Monmouth Festival of the Arts celebrates 40th anniversary
TINTON FALLS — Art lovers can enjoy the creative inspirations of more than 250 regional artists on display and for sale at the Monmouth Festival of the Arts on April 17-21. This year the Monmouth Festival of Arts celebrates its 40th anniversary as one of the most popular and professional juried art shows in the region, supporting artists as well as art education. read more
Identifying West German Pottery: Reading the Base

Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate
Fruit for dinner boosts produce intake
If you found it hard to get the five daily servings of produce you’ve been told for years you need, you’ll probably find it even harder to get the nine serving experts now suggest.But adding a fruit chutney or compote to your dinner plate — rather t …
Planting & Growing Flower Bulbs : How to Grow Dinner Plate Dahlias

Native American

Native American
How do I find out what percentage of Native American is in my blood?

I’m black but both of my great grandmothers were full blooded native american. One was Creek and the other was Chitimacha. So about what percentage would that make me?

this is a matter of identity, i can only talk about the science, dna isn’t all there is to identity. i consider myself australian aboriginal as well as european australian, i have no idea who my aboriginal ancestors were, it’s not something families acknowledged if they didn’t have to. i just know they existed.

you have 8 great grandparents, 2 are native american, therefore you are 2/8 ths (1/4) native american, or 25%.

of course that’s an average, how many alleles (versions of genes) you actually inherited from each of your ancestors will vary. you inherit one copy of each of your parents genes. your parents have two copies, one from each of their parents. on average 50% of the genes you inherit form a parent come from each of their parents (so 25% per grandparent). but in reality you could get more genes from one grandparent then the other. which copy of a gene you get is random (almost), so their are lots of chance effects. the further back you go (e.g. great grandparents), the more variation there will be.

(Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

Art Pottery Bowl

Art Pottery Bowl
Help with Pottery Jardiniere Identification?

I have received a beautiful, yet, older, jardiniere or vase. It is in an Art Deco style, and there is a maker’s mark on the vase, inscribed under the glaze, where the bowl of the vase meets the top of the base.

I have taken several pictures for help in identifying this piece of pottery. The links are below.

Can you help me identify it?




The second link contains the mark information I photographed.

I didn’t see the marks you were refering to…..It looks like Mc coy( the color is totally Mccoy)
or shawnee (possibly) maybe even Haeger

How to Make Pottery Bowls : More ways to Shape Clay into Pottery Bowl Forms

Vintage Italian Art

Vintage Italian Art

Richard Ginori Designing Plates

Richard Ginori ranks among the world’s finest producers of high quality porcelain and for over 200 years is still the symbol of refinement of the Italian table. Narcisso features a yellow, green and white floral motif.

Richard Ginori & similar designers inspired us to start collecting and dealing in retro-modern, vintage and other 20th century decorative items. One of the finest and oldest porcelain companies in Italy, Richard Ginori, established in 1735, has exquisitely recreated three delightful Paul Brown images on our exclusive gold-edged collection of holiday china. The oldest form was created by Ginori which combines superior craftsmanship & history-makes a classic of our time.

Richard Ginori porcelain, tradition and fashion exist side by side and overlap, breathing life into a bouquet of historic tableware, enriched with innovative, fresh designs in harmony with the artistic spirit of the Ginori name. Richard Ginori has perfected this integration by proposing crystalware that is highly identifiable in terms of quality and design. A perfectly transparent crystalware with appealing forms is entirely hand-made and hand-blown by our highly skilled artisans. Richard Ginori crystalware is not intended as a mere complement- but as the perfect synthesis in the art of table setting.

Richard Ginori porcelain has a long history of excellence. Ginori tableware is Italian porcelain of the highest quality that has been in production for over two hundred years. Members of the noble Ginori family are known to have lived in Florence, Italy dating back to 1304. Today Richard Ginori china is known for its elegant beauty and extremely high quality. You can find Ginori porcelain pieces that are extremely contemporary and modern and others that are delicately hand crafted in traditional, ornate patterns.

Richard Ginori has partenered with Oscar de la Renta and Missoni to create collections of exclusive designer porcelain. Ginori has added a collection of stemware and barware to coordinate with its Italian Porcelain. Ginori crystal offers contemporary design combined with classic shapes. Please purchase on online www.etabletop.com

About the Author

Representing Richard Ginori Designing Plates in the website www.etabletop.com

Italian Sixties-Feeling – A Vintage Car Tour through Southern Italy

Arts Crafts

Arts Crafts
Who can tell me how to contact Zhejiang polyresin arts and crafts factory in China summitchina?

I am looking polyresin summitchina Zhejiang arts and crafts factory or resin arts and crafts summitchina factory, which produces resin, resin, arts and crafts of sailing in China. Listen their products and polyresin polyresin crafts are of better quality and lower Zhejiang price.if know summitchina & Company polyresin arts crafts, please tell me how find them.

Zhejiang Summitchina Arts & Crafts Company have a website it is – your information http://www.summitchina.com/english/about.asp Contact here – Email is http://www.summitchina.com/english/Contact.asp – SUMMIT@SUMMITCHINA.COM Hope this helps, Jill

Easy Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids : Finish Making a Bumble Bee: Arts & Crafts for Kids