Vintage Pottery

Vintage Pottery
Quilt! Help!?

About a year ago, I was leafing through a Pottery Barn Magazine. I saw a beautiful quilt, but, since I had just remodeled my bedroom, I dismissed it as a beautiful, but unnecessary item. Well, I am redesigning my bedroom again, and would like to use that quilt. The problem is, it is discontinued, and I cannot remember it’s name. Its an island themed quilt, (not Pottery Barn kids) its like vintage hawaii themed, with palm trees, hawaii flowers. its colors include reds, pea greens, aquamarines, camel/tans, and vanilla like colors. It’s stitched with squares, but inside the sqaures are stitched flap-like things. Please!!! Somebody help….if anyone knows at least the name of the quilt that would be great!

I hope this helps try copying this link and placing it in your address bar at the top of your screen. I went to advanced google search and typed in pottery barn quilts

City A Go Go: Our American Theatre/Laguna Vintage Pottery

Cup Saucer

Cup Saucer
I have a Tea Cup & Saucer from when the queen was crowned in 1953 was wondering how much its worth???

If this is the tea cup and saucer that commorates her (Queen Elizabeth II) coronation, with her picture on the side, value is around $60-70 US. The link below shows this one, and the price asked. Hope this helps!

2009 Gold Cup and Saucer Trial One

Small Brown

Small Brown
Extremely thirsty and now I have small brown spots on my neck, can this be helped?

Sometimes I find myself waking up in the middle of night and having to drink 3 bottles of water straight. I refill my water bottle like 8 times during school. I feel so thirsty all the time and I feel sick. Just before this, I found one little brown spot just above my collar bone and now there is another one around where I take my pulse. What is this and can it be treated? It’s been about 3 weeks since all this started.

How old are you?

Excessive thirst is a symptom of many conditions including diabetes. You should make an appointment with your doctor.

Small Brown Bike – Safe In Sound

Beautiful Hand Thrown

Beautiful Hand Thrown
25 Events That Shocked Football
Throughout football history, there were many different moments that have shaken the landscape of how the beautiful game impacts people. From gambling scandals to a terrible moment in the World Cup, football has seen many moments that it would like to rid itself of. But there also is times such as a great goal in a cup final that are extremely memorable. So with this in mind, here is my list of …
Hand thrown Pottery by Sandie Cosens – Ooh la la Pottery

Crafts Pottery

Crafts Pottery

Pottery Art in China With a Long History IV — Chinese Ceramic Pottery

As one of the four ancient civilization nations, China has contributed much to the society of development and progress of human, among them the invention and development of pottery is particular important and significant.

Pottery craftwork and ceramic art is the oldest arts and crafts of our country. As far away as in the New Stone Age there are gray pottery, terracotta, white pottery, painted pottery and black pottery with simple and rude styles. In Shang Dynasty glazed pottery and rigid glazed pottery which initially featured with porcelain characters appeared yet. The porcelain was created in the Eastern Han Dynasty, whose production techniques and artistic creation level reached to a high degree of maturity. In Song Dynasty the industry of porcelain flourished greatly, and dozens of famous porcelain kilns emerged in rush. As to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the technology of blank forging, decorating and glazing to firing of pottery are more advanced than those in previous generations.

The mainly species of Chinese pottery are terracotta, black pottery, white pottery, painted pottery, printed pottery and faience pottery and so on.

* Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta Pottery is one kind of pottery in Neolithic Age, and as the clay of which containing a few elements of Fe, which will be oxidized into ferric oxide when roasting, as a result the color of the pottery will take on earth red, brick red or henna, and it got its name consequently.

* Black Pottery

The invention of black pottery, according to archaeological discoveries was taken placed in late Neolithic Age, it was bred out between 2600 BC – 2000 BC. As the black pottery was produced through traditional techniques of pottery, so people often shocked by the magnificent and noble beauty of black pottery, it could bring people will feelings of dignity, comfort, quietness and extending. The discovery of Black pottery culture indicates the pottery production technology of Chinese ceramic has achieved to an unprecedented level, and it also displayed to backwards the historical process of the conversion of pottery production from possessing practicability to meeting aesthetic demands.

* White Pottery

“White pottery” is a leap forward from pottery to porcelain. “White pottery” is one kind of pottery, whose inside and exterior surface are both taken on white. Most of ceramic blanks are handmade and using porcelain clay or kaolin which contains less Fe elements than china clay, and the firing temperature of which is about 1000 degrees. The invention and application of incised white pottery in late Shang Dynasty is an achievement in the history of the development of Chinese ceramics production technology.

* Painted Pottery

Painted pottery is a remarkable achievement of Yangshao culture, it is one kind of pottery that painted with sienna, red and black colors. The art of painted pottery featured with strong flavors of life and unique artistic style, the image of which should be painted on the ceramic blank before firing thus the painted patterns will fixed on the ceramic utensil surface and will not break off easily after being fired. The pottery with stamping back patterns from late Neolithic ages to Han Dynasty in China were fired out in such a way: before firing, to press down patterns the pottery needed on its special places just before the ready-made ceramic blanks become dry.

The main sculpts of pottery there are burners, pots, jars and bowls. Among them the main types of ceramic burners there are Ge style burner, Boshan burner, smoke burner and so on; the main types of ceramic pots there are saliva pot, cock head pot, dish mouth pot and so on; the main types of ceramic jars there are four tied jar, small jars with bubbled abdomens, “Tian” word shape jars and small mouthed jars with break shoulders and so on; and the main types of ceramic bowls there are high foot bowls, palace bowls, bamboo hat bowls, lying foot bowls and so on.

Chinese ceramics has flourished for many years till today, the dark-red enameled pottery in Yixing city, the ceramic sculpture in Shiwang town, the three-color glazed pottery in Jieshou area, the purple-red pottery in Zibo city, the green glazed pottery in Tongguan area, the carved glazed pottery in Chongning county, the porcelain sculpture in Dehua county, the porcelain willow leaf bottle and porcelain phoenix tail bottle in Jingdezhen are all well known in the world.

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Arts and Crafts Pottery

Witch Piggy

Witch Piggy
recycling help witch ones better!?

witch is better for the environment
Tap water vs bottled why: with bottled you can refill and reuse with tap you don’t use plastic

recycling vs reusing why: With recycling you get it back with reusing you use it again

I do all of it but witch makes a bigger difference i’m curious what you think

. .
(00)oinks, piggy girl

Tap water is definitely better than bottled water. Bottled water uses a lot of resources to produce. Plastic is needed to bottle and package the case and then they have to be shipped to distributors. The plastics used for bottled water is not made to be reused for drinking purposes, meaning they are made for one time use. Some studies have shown that chemicals called BPA (Bisphenol A) can be absorbed by the liquids it contains (especially after being warmed). Additionally much of the bottled water on the market is re-packaged tap water.

Tap water here in the US is some of the cleanest in the world. It is safe and healthy. If you do not like the taste, use a home filtering system. Our tap water is delivered to us via pipes, much of which is gravity fed. The pipes are laid once, and deliver fresh, clean water to our homes for years and years using a lot fewer resources.

Both recycling and reusing have a place. Reusing is the way to go with many common items. Many items cost more to recycle then it is to make a new one, such as plastic bags. .

Very good question.. Its great that you want to learn more about these issues.

The Bear Wit Project – Blair Witch Parody by the Muppets

Salmon Falls

Salmon Falls

Kokanee Salmon Ice Fishing – 4 Tips For Catching This Delicious Breed

Because it is a land-locked variety, Kokanee salmon are more easy to find than other types that are hard to find, especially during the spawning season. Large isolate natural areas are the best places to go Kokanee salmon ice fishing, so you’re likely to do better in the Northwestern U.S., Alaska, and Canada. Montana brags about the great Kokanee salmon ice fishing it offers.

The size of Kokanee salmon depends on the density of their population and the abundance of food. They thrive at all depths in cold, clear lakes and reservoirs, and the spawn over gravel and sand at the lower end of tributaries or at the lake shore. Kokanee salmon swim in compact schools and feed on zooplankton. Males have bright red to dirty-red gray backs and sides, their head is bright olive green, and their tail is black. Females are much the same, but their colors are not as bright. Kokanee salmon range from 10 to 18 inches long.

The U.S. Army has developed some basic advice for safe ice fishing. After you have these safety tips down, you’re ready to go Kokanee salmon ice fishing. First, you should be in good physical condition to endure the extreme temperatures and to have the best chance of surviving dangerous situations like falling through the ice. Second, you should wear durable clothing that protects from wind, freezing temperatures, and precipitation. But your clothing must not be so cumbersome as to create a hazard if you should fall though the ice. To avoid this dangerous situation, wear a flotation device while ice fishing, something like an inflatable vest or jacket. Third, carry equipment to measure the depth of the ice layer and items for rescue or self-rescue like an ice pick or chisel.

The Army also offers some procedural advice for safety:
– Never go out on the ice alone and never go on the ice if there is any question of safety. Always let someone know where you are going and how long you intend to be there.
– Know what the temperature has been for several days before your trip and keep an eye on the temperature while you are ice fishing.
– Look for areas of open water to avoid and listen for cracks or booms that may indicate unsafe ice thickness.
– If you’re going on the ice in a group, always stay at least 10 feet apart so you don’t put too much weight on one spot of ice.

Kokanee salmon ice fishing is best done during the coldest part of the winter, when large lakes are frozen over. They’ll be more easy to catch near the center of the lake where you can reach the deepest parts of the lake. You’ll probably have the best luck in Alaska and northwest Canada, but many areas in the lower 48 area also good for Kokanee salmon ice fishing. Nevada’s Lake Tahoe is a popular spot because it’s a deep freshwater lake where Kokanee salmon abound because they have plenty of space for breeding. There are also some great spots in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.

Before you go on your Kokanee salmon ice fishing trip, be sure to check local regulations. There are many places that ban the practice, for example Crater Lake and Guelph Lake. While you can do some Kokanee salmon ice fishing in New York’s lakes, it is heavily regulated in that state. Be sure to check with the state’s fish and wildlife departments to find out if Kokanee salmon ice fishing is allowed there.

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Salmon Falls-in’ It Up by Brandon Baines

Ceramic Arts Studio

Ceramic Arts Studio

Travel FAQ

Does anyone know where on earth you can make a baby turtle contained by Phoenix?
Drive in Scottsdale, finding his method to Shea and 64th Street. Drive North. There is a right 64 of the house, after Bell Road, with a large sign that says Tortise baby for sale to a reptile shop the cornor of Dobson and Broadway … Figure roads

Does anyone know where the hell I can look for a short time to live contained by Houston Tx only weekends?
If you are a disc jockey, my position is open. We are seeking a change of personnel weekend at the air-Sat / Sun as soon as possible. / Classifieds'm sure I'll like it. Your local mall. retail stores, primarily Help needed weekend. look on Craig's List

Someone know where the hell I can get tickets to Screamfest orleans surrounded by exotic? try ticketmaster just roll down I saw something for sale to the public and found this site which is usually quite reasonable, if sold outside ticketmaster.

Will Someone who knows where the hell I can get discount tickets to San Antonio, Tx names?
trying to fly a lot of airlines and a brief capture of miles ull without wanting to fly in or out? This is to see local attractions? to the attractions like Sea World or Fiesta Texas and the cans of soft drink surrounded by the San Antonio …

Does anyone know where the hell I can buy TV shows and movies online for free the need is to download youtube the films for the masses and television is an awesome site limewire. need to download the BitTorrent program first, but it is easier said than done. more …

Will Someone who knows where the hell I can get some decorations for the good of Hollywood?
Vine American Party Store has everything you could dress requirement for any subject. You state that since the 50s and must be for a reason. Reasonable prices. There is a part of the city surrounded by Studio City … try this …

Does anyone know where the hell I can buy discounted tickets San Diego Zoo?
I bought from Costco, but it's my end game. Now I have reservations in SD for the weekend and really do not want pay $ 33 when I used 24.99 each. Any suggestions? – You may want to find a good deal on craigslist near this one WAP …

Does anyone know where on earth you can buy tickets in the San Diego Zoo?
I bought from Costco, but my output delayed. Now I have reservations in SD for the weekend and really did not want to pay the $ 33 reward when 24.99 each. Any suggestions? – I think it is likely that They can be purchased from San Diego Zoo. Sounds like your screwed. You must …

Does anyone know where on earth I can get the little chickens here in San Antonio?
no, I live in Houston way to keep chickens within the borders of the city? I used to deliver them to outsiders (postal service) in the country. How do I know that a group of people who do not have any of the young birds were sold adjectives …

Does anyone know where on earth I can get this shirt Biggio Hits 3000 contained in a smaller size? … I looked the place of the Astros and what I found on e-bay is a great … Do you know a store that sells? – I found this environment —- … I could not find some .. Hope this helps! Try Academy Sports and …

Does anyone know where the hell I can rent a conversion van or caravan contained by the San José names?
Van Camper, Eurovan, Westfalia, Vanagon, conversion van … whatever you want as hail. We are flying to San Jose and I would like to find a rental for the period of license. We do not want to rent a trailer, but something smaller …

Does anyone know where the hell I can rent a cheap apartment surrounded by Chicago?
You may want to look for apartments contained Bridgeport, Pilsen, Rogers Park and Edgewater. Bridgeport is my topic of choice if your priority is something affordable in a month to the most. Not much on hand in the vocabulary of fun things to do, however. In Rogers Park and …

Does anyone know where the hell I can rent a furnace containing the names of Chicago? "
I teach ceramics and want rent or use an oven. Anyone know of any study of art that include the Chicago area that allow parents to use ovens for rent? – Call the Institute Conservatory Art, or go and talk to the teacher of the ceramics department. I am …

Does anyone know where on earth that I can rent a hot pink limousine?
hello, try to dig into a mud you can get photos and get a price quote is not really a bright guy has a limo, Street rose for my friend who lives surrounded by Rhyl in North Wales I want …

Does anyone know where on earth I can rent one day the light out in a hotel in New York, to get closer to my boyfriend?
I want something cheaper, but somewhere too. when my boyfriend and I can not outrun the light of day, and spend a romantic moment together. I live in NY, and prefer something nice but not expensive ….

Does anyone know where the land where I can rent an RV for loners at least $ 500 monthly possible in Philadelphia?
please if you know of $ 500 or less, and in Philadelphia, PA. Thank you – you will be lucky to find one for $ 500 for a week .. 500 per month is not going to start looking for a good place to live, or to use …

Does anyone know where the hell I can rent a TV contained in orlando?
Search Yellow Pages TV TV or car hire. Be careful, the rental price of a television may be more expensive than buying one. You may want to compare prices in the rental and K-Mart, Sears and Wal-Mart other budget. Why not …

Does anyone know where on earth you can reserve a space surrounded by Las Vegas, but the remuneration in currency need to charge a deposit on the card?
To book room, involving a credit card. More than likely, most cars with a tank, but we ask that question in advance. Once the hotel, you can put $ 200.00 in the center of the incidents. …

Does anyone know where on earth that can run on left side my clan?
Living in Cleveland, Ohio, and maintain a child who will be 22 months old at the time of travel. We like to stay inside you for a ride in the car 6 or 7 hours of Cleveland. Travel must be the family and young child friendly. Thank you all. …

Does anyone know where on earth that can take discount codes for hotels surrounded by Las Vegas?
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Does anyone know where on earth I can do any movement or mutual funds?
I live in Florida and am moving to Chicago, IL.We lead to a large family (5 total) demand for the tons of boxes! Any advice is appreiated! Thanks – I would like to join the shopping list. I've always liked was the shoe stores and he asked. As Payless. When you receive the shoes …

Does anyone know where the earth can take photo stickers taken Japanese Long Substantive Beach, OC?
Does anyone know where I can get stickers photo taken in Long Beach Japanese, nouns OC? I'm interested in something like the suggestion! content by Rowland Heights, but closer in the distance. … – Good luck. This trial is a matter of taste I have never heard ….

Does anyone know where the hell I can find a passage to the terrace during the Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street?
You can contact the New Orleans Tourism Department to know that hotels have balconies overlooking Bourbon Street, or you can rent for that area. It's probably too late to get a balcony for the year 2008, as these are …

Does anyone know where on earth that I can stay near Times Square marked york Content cheap?
im wanting to go to trial york, but it's my first time and I'm on my own, so I want to stay somewhere cheap x – did not match anywhere near Yonkers Year New You can always stay in Queens or Brooklyn and take the …

Does anyone know where I can cultivate the land in a study of the eclipse live full moon tonight? I live in Chicago, IL. "
Yes, you must have looked … im in Florida did not know that u wouldnt be able to see judge tried google but id I know of no srry because you can not go out and watch it live? It is a. ..

Does anyone know where on earth that can take off engine rental codes?
If you are a member of AAA to offer them. Many also offer fraternatines and sororities. You must contact the national headquarters. I know that my fraternity has a traffic service Alamo. The best place to look for this type of coupons is SearchAllDeals. Start part a. ..

Does anyone hell knows where I can go parasailing surrounded by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or somewhere in the possibility of neighborhood?
No, there is no content for Philadelphia. The nearest is 3 hours hike Ridge Gliderport 3523 S Eagle Valley Rd Julian, PA 16844 Map (814) 355-2483 The city offers activities batteries free of charge throughout the year, hose eternal sports facilities, lovely beaches …

Does anyone know where on earth he could bring back to the position of life in northeastern Maryland?
Find a Safeway, it is likely that they are hiring. Because what you aim, as in the northeastern Cecil County MD Harford, or the royal city of Northeast itself? If you are determined Harford County, look for a job in Bel Air Bel Air is very …

Does anyone know where the hell could play badminton surrounded by words like Chicago?
badminton courts in the U.S. are very bloody and above all we need to use bias the mechanism of the club. Someone could tell me all he could join the badminton club in the names of Chicago or if anyone knows where I can find a badminton court open to the public? – There's one in …

Does anyone know where the hell I pinch a snorkeling class surrounded by words like Atlanta?
I'm going on a cruise in March and snorkling I really want to turn to the tank. I'm a little nervous, but hey, you only live once .. maybe. 🙂 Ann – These guys have a pool indoor pool (Marietta): … Atlanta diving and snorkeling …

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From Danish

From Danish
How do you change you language to English from Danish on Myspace? D:?

I logged into my acc and EVERYTHING was in Danish and since I can’t read Danish I don’t know what anything says x.x And I’ve searched through everything and don’t know where to switch the language D: Help?

I found that going to switched me back to english. Hope that helps.

soccer skills from danish boys 3

China Ceramic Plate

China Ceramic Plate

Using Cake Plates to Make Guests Appreciate your Elegance and Imagination

Plates are a type of dishware on which food is served, they are concave flat vessels, sometimes even rectangular. They are used in homes, in restaurants and even in parties for food reception. Plates are mainly made from different kinds of ceramic materials such as bone china, porcelain and stoneware, plastic paper or glass; There are many different types of plates available in the market today, some of which are dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates Bowls, soup bowls, cereal bowls, dessert bowls, saucers, platters and salvers. Today companies are finding innovative use of disposable plates, made from paper as promotional items.

Which is the most perfect way to serve dessert? If very normal types of cakes require no special plates to be served, there are cases when the cake plates have to match the cake style as such. The edges, the shape, the design, and even the size of the cake plates need to suit your culinary efforts. Smaller cake plates will by no means do for serving birthday or wedding cake, but they are definitely excellent for cookies. Generally speaking, there should be at least two types of cake plates in the house, some smaller and others larger, and sometimes it may not be a bad idea at all to also have some little bowls to serve jelly, ice cream and the like.

Besides the cake plates on which you serve dessert to guests, there are also the ones on which you store it, and these items are just as important. The variety of products now available on the market allows a very generous choice of models: thus, many people go for a covered storage container. Unlike other regular cake plates, such an item will preserve the cakes fresh, even when you have to transport it for instance to a party scene. The most common materials used for such cake plates include stainless steel and plastic, and they usually have handles for your better carrying the cake.

The easy and very comfortable replacements for cake plates are dessert cups, which often solve the dessert serving problem. Usually made of glass, these cake plates substitute are ideal when it is very difficult to cut the cake into slices or chunks. Keep in mind, that sometimes, depending on the cake you serve, the cake plates or the cups need to be cooled in the refrigerated or powdered with sugar. One doesn’t have to be a professional decorator in order to add a touch of inspiration to sweets: imagination could be your best friend for the matter.

Furthermore, all sorts of funny, but exquisite arrangements can be set. Thus, you can have two or three cake plates on which you build the pieces or the slices in the most fanciful of ways so that the pile should look good and appetizing. Sometimes, there are small cards with funny messages hidden in the pile, or you can try to use an unusual decorative pattern. Using cake plates in such ways will definitely make guests appreciate your elegance and imagination, not to mention that everybody will have their share of fun.

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