American Art Pottery

American Art Pottery
Transmodern Festival brings art to the city
The seventh annual Transmodern Festival (Live.Art.Action) will take place Thursday-Sunday, April 15-18, at the Baltimore Museum of Art, H&H Galleries and the Baltimore waterfront. This unique festival presents new, multi-disciplinary work, such as interactive art and roaming performances. It kicks off April 15 at the BMA with an experimental film…
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Ceramic Pottery Bowl

Ceramic Pottery Bowl

Ceramic Pottery Treat Jar – Red Easy to Use and Clean

A sophisticated dog Treat Jar – Red with amazing style, the pet Dog Treat Jar is a new favorite. The Katiewong Treat Jar is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. The Ceramic treat jar has two colors have red and blue.

Ceramic Treat Jar – Red cute designer ceramic cat dish is blue in color with cut outs of fish along the side of the dish. This ceramic pottery Treat Jar – Red easy to clean bowl is dishwasher safe and measures 5″ in diameter. A stunning dog treat jar at an amazing price.

This plastic jar ceramic antique delightful Ceramic Treat Jar-Red is the perfect design for your pets. White ceramic bone-shaped ceramic treat jar, embellished with silver bone charm. When it comes to treats, it’s all about Bones! These ceramic supplies Treat Jar – Red has bright and funky bone shaped ceramic treat jars are covered in Paw Prints with a “Treats” metal tag.

Designer pottery bowls, our Southwestern Dog Bowls are handcrafted using traditional Mexican methods. The plastic jar ceramic treat jar Carved and colorful drawings of various dog breeds decorate each bowl. Please purchase online www in Newyork.

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Throwing Making a Wavy edged clay pottery Bowl on the wheel

Delft Tile

Delft Tile
has anyone ordered the blue delft birth tiles? Have you been happy with them?

I had to google to see what you were talking about. Obviously I didn’t know what they were so I can’t tell you if I am happy with them but just wanted to pass along that they are gorgeous from what I can see!

Large Delft Tile Zaanse Clock For Sale On eBay UK

Ceramic Pottery Bowl

Ceramic Pottery Bowl

Versatile Stylish and Decorative Ceramic Dog Treat Jar


Beautiful hand painted dog treat jar. This dog treat jar will look great in any home. This pet treat jar features a hand painted paw print on a heavy duty ceramic container. The eye-catching design of this ceramic dog treat jar will brighten up any counter top.

The quality ceramic dog treat jar features many different design elements. Our red & blue ceramic treat jar is a favorite style to hold your dog’s favorite treats! These lead-free ceramic jars have an air-tight seal that locks in the freshness and flavor of our gourmet treats.

A complete line of personalized dog cookie jars. Your pet’s treats will stay fresh in these decorative ceramic dog treat jars. Unique dog treat containers with pet themes will look great with your home decor. Designer pet treat jars for dogs or humans feature rubber seal to keep snacks fresh. Many ceramic pet treat jars are available with Personalization for that added special touch. All personalized pet treat jars are available with matching ceramic pet food bowls. The personalized dog treat jars are unique ceramic works of art.

The Ceramic pets food bowl and treat jar feature lids fit securely to keep treats fresh. This dog food bowl treat jar is sure to delight! This beautiful ceramic dog treat jar looks great in any dog owners’ kitchen! The ceramic jar is painted with a red color and accented with a matching handle with red trim so it goes with any space and it has an adorable paw print on the front surface of the jar. The versatile ceramic dog food bowl treat jar blue and red is both stylish and decorative. Please purchase online in NewYork city.

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Piercing / Carving Technique on a clay pottery Bowl : Demonstration Ingleton Pottery

Handpainted Turkish

Handpainted Turkish
Does anyone know if Turkish handpainted Iznik tiles are durable enough for outdoor fountains (in the water)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

I can’t really answer your question for sure (just a layman’s guess) – but I am keen to use Iznik tiles myself in a similar way.

I guess that you would have to know whether the tiles had been fired after painting, and also whether they have been sealed with a layer of varnish?

Genuine Iznik tiles are quite expensive, as I’m sure you’ll know! What about trying to get some replicas that would have been mass produced, and not so much of a risk?

I don’t know where you’re based, but I’d be interested to know where you got your tiles? I am in the UK and have not found any at a reasonable price, so I am going to buy some in Turkey on my next trip.

If you are unsure about whether the tiles will be ok, you could try buying a ready made fountain. I have found some Morroccan fountains that I like. Not authentically Turkish or Iznik, but depends on whether it must be Iznik or not?

Try this

I am tempted by these!

Ebay Auction Preview – 1815 Scottish Highlander, Turkish Rug, Rowing Machine

Handmade Turkish

Handmade Turkish
Good to go
LAS CRUCES – See a film at this weekend’s White Sands Film Festival or catch new exhibits by regional high school seniors and New Mexico State University’s master of fine arts candidates opening
Hand Made Turkish Carpets

Beautiful Hand Thrown

Beautiful Hand Thrown
Anyone want to try and interpret these poems?

“Velvet is my medium.
It leaves no mark.
Soft to the touch
Passive, Dark, Simple
Velvet doesn’t stain
But absorbs everything
and blends in with the shadows.
but stands out when it shines.

Velvet’s cousin is silk.
It is thin but strong
Unlike velvet, it resists
Vibrant, Exotic, Rich
Silk seems perfect
but when a single thread is pulled
it frays, and falls apart
and becomes useless”

“A bowl of naval oranges
all of them, round, perfect, beautiful
All but one, which was different
decorated with a soft pallet of mold
The other oranges mocked and shunned it
Until, one day, a hand reached out
“Don’t eat this one”
“Throw it away”
And the bad orange was thrown out.
The rest were eaten.”

I enjoy the visual imagry, but the stories have been told. No interpretation needed.

OU School of Art & Art History Hosts the Chili Bowl

Useful Handmade

Useful Handmade

Why Use Synergy Skin Care

Synergy Skincare is based upon the philosophy of, providing you with quality natural and organic handmade products that meet the individual demands of your skin, without using unnecessary harsh chemicals. There are many fillers and chemicals added to skin care products that are quite damaging to your skin. It is essential for you to know the Top ten ingredients to avoid in skincare products. Synergy Skincare products utilise the best natural and organic raw ingredients available, hand blended to achieve the most skin nourishing results. Everything that you purchase from synergyskincare is SLS, Paraben and Mineral Oil free.

At synergyskincare , you are provided with quality handmade products, using the best natural and organic ingredients sourced from all over the world. Synergy Skincare strive for superior quality in all products without compromising the demand for natural and organic. Our natural and organic vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable butters and other ingredients are of the highest quality and sourced from the most reputable origins. Essential oils for skincare is not a new trend, their benefits have been known for as long as essential oils have been used.

When choosing your natural and organic handmade products, what is the first thing you need to know? Quite simply, it’s identifying your skin type and understanding its needs. There are various skin types, Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Normal and Combination. Then there is Mature Skin, this isn’t really a type, but just aging of your skin and this affects everyone at a different age due to skin type and care.

When choosing your ideal products, skin care is worth remembering. The importance of a good skincare routine is essential. At synergyskincare, we are aware of how precious your skin is and also your time. All natural and organic handmade products are designed to effectively nourish and care for your skin and in a timely manner. Synergy skincare products also are blended in a synergistic manner; they all compliment each other and are even more effective together.

Regardless of your skin type or condition, you will have excellent results with products from synergyskincare . For some, skincare can be quite problematic. Skincare and Rosacea doesn’t need to be difficult; all products are very gentle and contain a large amount of organic Aloe Vera. This is one of the most soothing ingredients that can be applied to irritated skin. The same is true in Caring for Sensitive Skin or Caring for Mature Skin. Ingredients are carefully chosen to address specific conditions and skin types. Caring for Acne Skin and Caring for Oily Skin no longer means stripping away the naturally produced oils, and risk sensitising your skin. Isn’t it better to bring balance and allow your skin to function in a normal, healthy but more balanced manner.

Never compromise your skin and assume it can deal with lesser quality yet more damaging artificial ingredients.

At synergyskincare , there is no compromise on philosophy. Use handmade products, blended with the most effective natural and organic ingredients available.

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Signed Art Pottery

Signed Art Pottery
how do i find out which design firm did the interior decorating for MTV’s Real World Sydney house?

specifically, i’m trying to get my hands on a piece of art similar to one in the house – it’s a tall black sign that seems to have a list of railway stations on it in white type. i’ve seen similar signs in banana republic stores, and in pottery barn catalogs, but nobody seems to actually SELL this art… anybody have any ideas?

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