Handmade Turkish China

Handmade Turkish China

Types Of Rugs

There are five main methods of rug production with variations within each technique.  Here we will give a very brief overview of each rug making method.

The production method is only a small part of the story.  The quality of the fibre, the expertise of the weaver, the knot count or stitch rate of the rug, and with handmade rugs, the quality of the shearing and washing process will all affect the quality and price. Ultimately you should buy what you like, most rugs sold today have no real provenance, they are mass produced and suit most buyers’ needs.  By explaining the differences in rug production methods we hope to help you buy a rug that will perform to your expectations and give value for money.

Hand knotted Rugs

When we use the term of Oriental rugs we mean a hand knotted rug, the oldest of all the rug making techniques, each tuft is tied onto the warp by hand with a knot at the base of the tuft, a weft (sometimes more than one) is inserted between the warp threads and hammered tight to form the pile of the rug .Two types of knot are commonly used; the Turkish knot and the Persian knot, although the Turkish knot is widely used in Iran especially in tribal and nomadic weavings. Most Oriental pieces are unique and not available in sizes other than the rug you see. An experienced adult weaver can tie between 6,000 and 9,000 knots per day. KPI or knots per inch is used as one of the quality indicators of this type of rug. Considered the only type of rug to buy by the true enthusiast, hand knotted rugs can be a very wise investment as the traditional art of village and tribal weaving is becoming less common and good pieces are harder to source.  Hand knotting is very time consuming and good quality pieces can command high prices.  We stock small hand knotted rugs from £30.00 each to Fine Persian rugs up to £10,000 each.

Flat woven Rugs

Flat woven rugs are usually known as kilims or kelims in Turkey, Gelims in Persia (Iran) or Dhurries in India.  Kilim is a general name used for any non pile rug in the Middle East. More precisely a kilim is a tapestry.  There are different production methods used, the best known being slit weave and Soumacs.  Usually made from wool and used as floor coverings, throws and wall hangings.

Hand tufted Rugs

A cotton scrim is stretched across a vertical frame, the design of the rug is printed or drawn onto this.  The pile fibre is inserted into the back of scrim with a tufting gun.  The rug is then laid out flat and stretched onto another frame.  Latex is applied to prevent the tufts from coming out and a second backing material is added.  Most of the hand tufted rugs coming into Europe today are made in China or India. There is a huge selection of both contemporary and traditional designs to choose from. Generally prices are a fraction of a good quality hand knotted rug but like hand knotted rugs you get what you pay for, Our Nourison 2000 collections use high quality wool with the addition of top quality Chinese silk, each rug is then expertly hand carved.  These rugs will be the same price as an average quality hand knotted rug.

We will deal with each technique and their processes in more detail in future articles.

Hand loomed Rugs

Usually Indian production, hand loomed rugs are quicker to produce than hand tufted rugs .This reflects in the price of the rug, various pile textures can be used including loops to create a design in the rug.  The looms are operated on the same type of treadle looms used in the UK over 300 years ago.  Most of our current Multi stripe rug collections are made using this method.  Available in both wool and synthetic fibres hand loomed rugs can offer excellent value.

Wilton Rugs

The tradition of textile weaving in the Flemish region of Belgium goes back for hundreds of years. From a cottage industry the process has changed to the hugely mechanised industry it is today and Wilton rugs are produced all over the world.  There are many types of Wilton construction, face to face is the most commonly used in rug production. The pile is woven sandwiched between two sets of backing material. The finished material is then split leaving two rugs, a mirror image of each other. This is a very fast method of production and the use of top quality materials and high stitch rates can produce a rug that compares favourably with a good quality hand knotted rug.

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Rugstore NE http://www.rugstorene.co.uk offers a vast selection of rugs in both modern and traditional styles from all over the world.

Soultone Cymbals – Mike Taylor

Red Wing

Red Wing
Why are there so many Red Wing fans at a Wings Thrashers game in Atlanta?

A lot of people relocated to Atl from the midwest, especially Detroit. There’s a Honda plant there. I used to live in Atl…its difficult to meet people from Atl in Atl.

Red Wing goalie talks Jimmy Howard works hard to keep happy-go-lucky view

Flower Frog

Flower Frog
What should i make next with my perler beads I just made a frog hed, a blosseming tree, a rainbow, a flower.?

I am bord today

If you really want your Perler bead designs to look great, try out the new product at www.jamlibs.com. It’s a creative way to decorate/enhance your Perler bead ideas

Ikebana Plant Stem Holder – Japanese Kenzan Flower Frog

Eames Era

Eames Era
Can I get the names of some good Indie/Rock bands?

I am a HUGE fan of The Format.

I also like:
Death Cab for Cutie
The Postal Service
Bloc Party
The Eames Era
Plain White T’s
Steel Train
The Dandy Worhols
The Perishers…

Any ideas?

shout out louds
the devics
matt pond pa
of montreal
the perishers
dandy (warhols)
arctic monkeys
kings of leon
the pigeon detectives
she wants revenge
the afters

thats all i kind think of right now.

The Eames Era – “Watson On Your Side”

Delft Wall

Delft Wall
How many coats of primer on a purple wall???

I am changing the color of the room to a nice light blue (Valspar Martha Stewart Delft Tile from Lowes) from the purple it was when we bought the home. We have the first coat of primer on right now and it looks really bad… it just looks lavender now to me. SO should we go ahead with another coat or should we just plan to put two coats of the paint on??

Two coats of your finish coat will do the trick.

I have used many brands of paint, and totally agree about the Behr Paint.Best coverage I have ever used, and a good price. 7/31

Art Of Soul meets Wall Krush Crew in Delft

Vase Red

Vase Red

Decorate Your House with Murano Glass Vases

Beauty, class, art can take many shapes and forms, but have you ever imagined that a simple vase can make a difference between a dull room and a stylish and beautiful one? If you haven’t, then it means that you have never seen or come across a murano art glass vase. This crafted artwork expresses elegance. The colors are simply amazing, the styles and designs are unique and the overall effect is simply astonishing.

Murano glass vases come in so many different designs and style that it is very hard to even choose one. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, because you know that no matter your taste, there is always going to be a murano glass vase that will meet your requirements. The price for a murano glass vase ranges depending on the material used to manufacture it, the size of the vase, the style and most importantly on the age of the murano art glass vase. The most common murano glass vases combine lots of vibrant colors, such as red, yellow or blue, making these vases unique and incredibly beautiful. Furthermore, the numerous patterns and different color mixtures make these works of art suitable for any home, no matter the chosen design style.

A murano glass vase can be used to serve its purpose, namely that of putting flowers in it, but due to its special aspect, this type of vase can just be put on display on shelves or cabinets to brighten up the room. Furthermore, because murano art glass vases are extremely original and interesting, they are great items to collect. Murano glass vases can thus serve many purposes, but this is not by far the most important aspect that should be taken into consideration when it comes to murano glass work.

Murano glass has been around for more than seven hundred years and they represent one of the most treasured gifts of the Italian people. The unique method of manufacturing of these types of glasses and the different products that can be brought to life using murano glass makes murano art glass vases so special. The elegant air that a murano glass vase brings into any room is simply undeniable.

A murano art glass vase is not just the perfect piece that you can put in your living room, but it also makes the perfect gift. Because of their diversity, murano glass vases can be perfect for any person and any home. First of all, because there are many different styles of vases, you can never go wrong even when you make a gift for you pickiest friend. Second of all, murano glass vases are collectable items so they can be perfect gifts for people who have a passion for art collections.

All in all, a murano glass vase is, I dare say, perfect for any home, and it can always be one of the greatest gifts you have made or received. These types of vases are easy to find and purchase and the easiest way is to go online and look for stores that sell them.

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For more resources about murano glass vase or about murano glass vases or even about murano art glass vase, please visit these pages.

Jack’s blue vase red ball magic trick

Holder Bull Terrier

Holder Bull Terrier

The Fun of Flyball

Flyball, if you’ve never seen it, is a relay race for dogs. Two teams race on parallel tracks through an electronic gate, over four hurdles to a Flyball Box , from whence they must retrieve a ball and return lickety split… without missing a jump and without dropping the ball. On paper I suspect it sounds rather pedestrian. But did I mention the timer? The whole round trip might take… say, four or five seconds per dog.

Last weekend I spent two rollicking days at the Fresno Fairgrounds with a local flyball club called Mutts in Motion who are hosting their first tournament. I am here because they have a compelling story to tell, and because my website, FitDogHome.com is one of the event sponsors.

The action is already at full throttle by 8:30am. Amid the bedlam, teams with names like Mad Dogs, Leap of Faith and Gold Coast Flyers are going neck and neck over the jumps. More than 100 dogs have come to compete and I realize I should have brought earplugs. Flydogs do have the most magnificent vocabulary of woofs and howls and yowls, but then, so do their owners. At the starting lineup, the dogs bark insults at the team across the way, rowdy as all get out, and straining to be off.

I am watching Touch N Go, the team from Las Vegas who are currently the world record holders. Their dogs are sleek and sinewy… staffy-borders someone says, a serendipitous combining of Staffordshire Terriers and Border Collies. They are specially bred for flyball, and they redefine fast. To watch the champions, it must be said, is as exciting as flyball ever gets.

All dogs run for the joy of speed, the stretch, the physical delight of wind in their ears. But these dogs race. There’s a difference. The body sinks low, ears flatten, and the whole dog becomes an aerodynamic muscle, undulating over the jumps at heart stopping pace.

The precision of a really good flyball team is impressive to say the least. The first dog’s return starts the time for dog two. The art in the sport is in knowing when to release the next dog so that the incoming dog has passed the sensor, a nose hair before the outgoing dog bolts through. On Sunday morning Touch N Go come within a fraction of a second of breaking their own record and the place goes wild. They miss it by a whisker.

Breaking records is nice, but winning, as some wise person once said, isn’t all.

The roster of the Mutts in Motion flyball club is as varied and diverse as the Ben & Jerry’s section of your grocer’s freezer. From mystery mutts, to Jack Russells, to cattle dogs and herding dogs, their lineup includes a Dalmatian, a Portuguese Podengo, a Pomeranian and, surprisingly, a couple of Bouviers des Flandres.

If the dogs themselves are a motley crew, their owners are motlier. The youngest handler is Victoria Neufeld, age 16, running Roxy, an Australian Shepherd so pretty she looks like a beauty queen. On the other end of the spectrum are a couple of senior citizens with such an astounding amount of energy one might be forgiven for pronouncing flyball the secret of eternal youth. The oldest dog on the team is Lizzy, an 11 year old Staff Bull Terrier, owned and loved by Loren Fleming. Lizzy and Loren may not be speed demons but they exemplify what Mutts in Motion is all about.

These are predominantly rescue dogs. In previous lives they have been unwelcome and unwanted, abandoned, cut loose, dropped off, left behind.

Nancy Chauncey’s Toby was a drug store giveaway. Lavada Montgomery who is one of the original founders of the club, currently has five four-legged family members including Jack who came from a rescue group, Riddle who was left as a four month old pup when his owners moved, and Chammy, for whom Lavada is the fifth and absolutely, positively last port of call.

The members of Mutts in Motion know first hand the healing power of a sport that can channel one’s natural exuberance. Both dog and handler must become highly trained, responsive, cooperative members of the team. And that doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone commits to the training, everyone shows up and does their best, everyone belongs.

The dogs haven’t just found a home, they have found a life, and that life has purpose.

A singles run brings a little Pomeranian to run against a young Boston Terrier. Both are still learning, easily distracted by barking dogs on the sidelines and red flags which flutter up to indicate a fault. They lose their way. The handlers yell and wave, stand on their heads if it will bring them back on track.

After a comical minute or two the dogs finally complete the run, each crossing the finish line to a hero’s welcome. This is a benign universe where those who go astray get second chances, and everyone gets lavish praise for being just who they are, whoever they are. If that’s not grace I don’t know what is.

In fact, in the flyball universe, the divisions are not determined by the size of the dog but by its speed. Hence Retrievers and Rat Terriers can be team mates and the height of the hurdles will be set for the smallest dog. It’s the universe we all wish we lived in, where what we have in common would so far outweigh our extraordinary differences we could all play on the same team.

When the races are run and the dust has settled, Mutts in Motion’s first tournament is declared a success. At the end of the tournament there is an awards ceremony with plenty of categories to ensure that no team goes home empty handed. A pot luck supper follows, and no one goes home hungry either.

Mutts in Motion is a non-profit group. Look out for their flyball demonstration performances at NBA and NFL half-times, or catch them at rescue fund-raisers and school events.

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Sue Rauch is a freelance writer who runs FitDogHome.com Dog Agility and Flyball equipment for fit dogs and their faithful owners.


Note Holder

Note Holder
In Utah if i help note holders sell notes by refering them to buyers interested in notes, do i need a license.

no you don’t.

HOWEVER for the buyers to pay you a fee or commission, that requires a license. (cannot pay fees to unlicensed individuals).

If you do not work for a Broker/Dealer, then you would require an additional license for that too.

Post it note & pen holder with Dawn