Art Pottery

Art Pottery

The History of Van Briggle Art Pottery

This pottery looks like Colorado, the area where it is made. Yes, it’s still made in Colorado Springs today, and pieces that will accrue in value can be obtained there. I have a collection of pieces from the early days and more recent ones that I picked up at the pottery. However, the truly valuable pieces are from the early years of the company and can sometimes be picked up when the seller is not aware of their worth.


Artus Van Briggle, a potter and artist, came to Colorado Springs in 1899 and began to experiment with the clays of the area. He was a master at blending clay and glaze and turning it into works of art. He also had the artist’s grasp of form, design, and color. All his pieces have a soft-toned glaze and the colors are the colors of Colorado-turquoises, greens, roses, browns, and purples.

Artus descended from Flemish painters. He was born in 1869 in Felicity, Ohio, and is said to have demonstrated artistic abilities when he was quite young. He began his studies in Cincinnati and eventually apprenticed at Avon Pottery. His mentor in the creation of pottery was Carl Langenbeck. He spent several years in the study of art, partly promoted by the founder of Rookwood Pottery Company, where he worked for some time. Rookwood sent him to Paris to study ceramics. In fact, he is best known for his eventual rediscovery of the Ming glaze, which had been considered lost for centuries.

Anne Lawrence Gregory Van Briggle

While in Paris, he met and fell in love with a fellow American student, Anne Lawrence Gregory. They planned to get married in 1895; however, that didn’t work out and they finished their studies in Paris during 1896 and both returned to America, Anne going to live with her aunt in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Artus went back to work for Rookwood, where he continued to develop his skills and to work on the formula for the dead Ming glaze. Unfortunately, he developed tuberculosis and was unable to work very many hours a week. A friend suggested that his health might improve in the climate in Colorado Springs, so he moved west.

Anne moved to Colorado Springs in 1900 and became the art instructor at the local high school. She and Artus developed the logo found on most Van Briggle Pottery, a double A enclosed in a square. He built a small workshop and the company grew from that. He sold his first pottery, about 300 pieces, in 1901. His fame was growing worldwide, and before long, he was able to find investors and his pottery was erected.

Anne and Artus were married in 1902; Anne became a working partner and, as an artist, produced many of the early pieces that today bring the highest prices on the collector’s market. Artus died in 1904, having accomplished more in his short life than most artists accomplish in a lifetime. Anne assumed the responsibilities of managing the plant and carrying on Artus’ work. A new, state-of-the art plant was erected and began operation in 1908.

Anne remarried and moved to Denver in 1923 and the company went through a turbulent period, the new building eventually being damaged by fire and a flood. However, it was eventually moved to the abandoned Midland Terminal Railroad roundhouse, where it can be visited today. Pottery is still being produced there, and a display of pottery from the various periods including the early ones can be seen there. Also, The Pioneer Museum in the Old El Paso County Courthouse holds the largest collection.

Collecting Van Briggle Pottery

There are many reasons collectors love this pottery. It’s beautiful and it looks like no other. Even those who collect Rookwood are attracted to it. After all, Artus’ foundation was there. The colors are extraordinary, and a collector from time to time finds one in an antique shop or even a yard sale that turns out to be quite valuable. The best way to be sure you’re getting an authentic piece of this beautiful pottery is to purchase a book that will show pictures and will have specifics about what to look for. The one I use is authored by Richard Sasicki and Josie Fania.

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Crown Dorset Art Pottery

Candle Pot Votive

Candle Pot Votive

Candle Making Supplies

In recent years, candle making has become extremely popular. The art of candle making not only fun is very interesting. You can involve your children in art, from its very funny. The candles are perfect as decorative pieces for the home, are also great gift This for someone. To begin your candle making, you need the equipment and supplies. These include candle molds, wicks, wax and fragrance. Mold Candle is one of the most important things you need need to find the right type of candle mold.

By selecting the template candle, and try to pick one that can relate. Your candle mold that gives the candle its shape, so choose the type of mold is essential. Having zero on mold the candle on the next purchase a little candle wax, wicks, etc. If you want to make some beeswax candles, then you need to buy some beeswax. Beeswax is considered a superior material for manufacturing candles, but can be quite expensive. Beeswax, however, has a number of positive aspects to it. It starts with a natural product and not to ignore the terrible gas felt ill and nauseous, have a recording time, plus has a pleasant smell honey poor. All these features make the wax is worth the high price.

Alternatively, you can use the gel instead of wax, leaving out the wax. Gel candles are very popular today, are very appealing to the eye.

Where can buy supplies for navigation? Much more time is available in most Arts and Crafts stores. You can buy some colored wax, if you want to make a candle of several candles. You can buy molds candles of different shapes and sizes. There are many available, can choose only those that catch their fancy. The seamless aluminum molds are very popular today as it slide right out of the mold, without sanding or cutting.

The wax that is needed depends the type of mold you have. For example, pillar waxes because of its high melting point should be used with pillars. Votive waxes are designed for use with metal votive chandeliers. Container waxes, for vessels or the owners, they should not be free standing pieces due to its low melting point. So its essential that you choose the type wax, which is intended for certain types of mold candles. You can also buy a variety of different fragrances such as vanilla, fruit flavors, musk, etc.

If your serious about your candle making, it makes sense to buy a candle making supplies such as wicks, wax, etc. in bulk. This way you can take advantage of tariffs Wholesale also. Some retailers also offer big discounts, you buy larger quantities of supplies. There are lots of online stores where you can buy candle making supplies. They are convenient and their sources are sent to your door. Online stores also offer various discounts.

If you just started and not sure what type of material to go to, you can go for a candle making kit that has all the necessary supplies. It is ideal for beginners.

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How To Make a Votive Candle

Holder French

Holder French
St. Leon Interpretive Centre Secures Monsanto Fund Grant for New Exhibits
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA–(Marketwire – April 19, 2010) – The small, French speaking agricultural hamlet of St. Leon, Manitoba has secured much-needed assistance for upgrades to its interpretive centre thanks to a USD$50,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund.
Bekim Bejta, Push Ups World Record Holder, Karate World Champion

From Royal Copenhagen

From Royal Copenhagen
Which football club is the best in Scandinavia?

Malmø IF?
Djurgården IF?
FC Copenhagen?(who beats ManU)
Aalborg B?
Brøndby IF?
Odense BK?

The reason I ask is that soon starts the scandinavian league called The Royal League, with the best clubs from the dansih league, the swedish league and the norwigan league. And then, who is favorite to win this?

I am from England, but I have never seen more elegant football than in the danish and the swedish leagues, and I am looking forward to see The Royal League. Please answar peobs 🙂

Brøndby IF

crazy in royal copenhagen skateboard park

Terrier Dog

Terrier Dog

Some Background About The Terrier Dog

Welsh terrier dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs. However, this native breed of Wales soon rose to become show dogs. Breeders attempted to outdo each other by developing the Welsh terrier dogs’ wiry coats and coloration. People often take a Welsh terrier dog as a pet because it is one of the most mild-mannered of terriers.

You might think that this characteristic would make it one of the more boring terriers. In fact, even the most die-hard terrier fan can have fun with this breed. This is because of the fact that Welsh terrier dogs love to play. This makes the Welsh terrier dog a great companion.

Although not as high-energy as other breeds, this dog still is a terrier, which means that it still does contain some high levels of energy. Because of this, it is advised that they be given proper exercise regularly. Another good advice to follow is to properly socialize the dog at an early age. This would help the dog be friendlier towards humans and would help the dog to develop a good tolerance of other animals. It is generally friendly around children, provided that the children do not provoke or pester it too much.

The Welsh terrier dog can be trained using different methods. What you need to keep in mind when training a Welsh terrier dog is that you can be firm but gentle. The Welsh terrier dog can be taught to perform a variety of tricks. This breed actually can do very well in fly ball tricks or tricks that involve catching flying things such as a Frisbee.

You should brush a Welsh terrier dog’s hair at least once a week in order to remove dead or loose hair. This would help prevent unnecessary shedding inside the house. Although regular bathing is not really required, it is advisable that you wipe off dust and dirt from your dog regularly using a damp washcloth.

Because of its high energy level, it is advisable that a Welsh terrier dog be kept in a fenced in yard. This will give the dog enough space to play catch. However, if you take it out regularly to give it exercise, a Welsh terrier dog can do without the yard.

One thing that always gets people’s attention is the Welsh terrier dog’s excellent ability to jump. Because of this ability, it is sure to provide a lot of amusement to people. The main reason that it can jump and hop like it does is its long legs. It is because of these legs that a Welsh terrier dog can perform various tricks that other dog breeds are unable to do.

Why do you need to know all these things about Welsh terrier dogs? First of all, understanding these facts will help you discover the best way to take care of a Welsh terrier dog. Understanding these facts will also allow you to decide whether a Welsh terrier dog will make the best pet for you.

By learning all you can about Welsh terrier dogs, you get the knowledge necessary to provide the needs of your pet. This means that you will be able to develop a good, caring relationship with your pet.

Of course, learning all that you can about Welsh terrier dogs is not really easy. But you need to remember that life sometimes requires sacrifices to be made.

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Smartest Yorkie Puppy Ever! Such A Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Pottery Vase

Pottery Vase

Chinese Art-pottery,

Chinese folk art is an important part of the country’s extremely rich cultural and art heritage. Chinese folk art has won recognition and praise from experts both at home and abroad for its great variety, sincere rural content, rich flavor of life, distinctive local style, straightforward, natural, flexible, free from affectedness, vivid and its artistic approaches of romanticism.All of this will enhance our life. Our products enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad and sell well far to America, Europe and Asia as its subtle craft and lively sculpt and excellent quality. We have 10 categories more than 3000 crafts now. Our professional artist design and make new works every day. We will keep on bringing more excellent classic Chinese crafts to you in the future.We manufacture and exports black pottery for home decorations and gifts. There are more than a thousand different products for your choice. All products are nice decorations for home and office, please visit our web page for photos.

prices Catalogue:

Our main products r as follows:all kinds of black Pottery crafts,interior decoration,Flower holde,vase,stem cup,pen holder,jar,pot,bowl,etc…As a symbol of fortune and elegance, Black Pottery was appreciated by nobles, government officials, and scholars in China at times dating back thousands of years. Throughout the dynasties, this craft has developed from a simple household item to a kind of superb, elegant, and precious art form. Due to our products carefully selected materials, using a fine brown sediment from the Yellow River, and by hand shaping, carving, and burnishing, the artists accomplish an art form rich in metallic luster and details.

These non-glazed, hand burnished pottery pieces achieve the finest black glossiness through revived techniques developed thousands of years ago. Combined with the most delicate detailing by hand, these pieces cast no doubt that luoyan black pottery are produced by one of the finest kilns in China, if not the world.

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Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted

China Wedding Dresses Free Tailor-Made, Carefully Hand-Crafted Every Detail


Before you even begin to look around, research gowns. You should always have a bit of knowledge about dresses (and know some of the lingo) before you even set foot into a bridal shop.
Add to that the fact that wedding dresses come up on average a size smaller and bigger brides could have their shopping for a wedding dress experience ruined.
we’ve put together a gallery of plus size dresses that will make you feel like the princess you deserve to be on your wedding day.


Formal ceremonies usually call for floor length gowns and long trains, while informal ceremonies (especially destination weddings) are a terrific place to wear a shorter gown without a train at all (or a “sweep” train, which just barely brushes the floor).
You can browse wedding website message boards and member profiles for photos of real women wearing gowns, rather than relying on professional photos of models wearing them.
ranging from diamond white to ivory to champagne to actual colors (pink, blue, red). Pick the color you feel most beautiful in.


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Free tailor-made, carefully hand-crafted every detail
We can manufacture the dresses matched to your any speical requirements no matter where you are from,which ethnic you are and how old you are. We will select the high quality and exquisite material, and will also make each producing process perfectly well.

Reliable product quality, our commitment is that refund if unsatisfied
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We will always consist on our company principle’ Quality is the life of our life’, Our products have earned good reputation from over 100 countries customers, The reputation is their recognition of our products and our service. And we promise to give you a refund if you are not satisfied with our products.

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Wilderness Pottery-Hand Crafted Pottery- Made in Mississippi

Royal Delft

Royal Delft
Royal Delft Blue and other Delft Blue?

I have a few pieces of Royal Delft Blue. Mine is the floral rather than the windmills. I like the floral better. Is the Royal Delft Blue worth more or is there any other brands that are good? It’s hard because I want more but some are just marked Delft Blue Holland on the bottom and I want to know that it is authentic.

What should I look for? Mine actually has a date on the bottom but most I find does not.

I collect Delft pottery. (I am American, but my family is from the Netherlands) I’ve visited 2 actual Delft porcelain factories in the town of Delft. I’ve visited De Candelaer and De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles. Those 2 places create real, true Delft hand painted pottery. You will find on the bottom of pieces from either of those places a special symbol denoting where the piece was made (each factory has its own symbol), the initials of the artist, the code that denotes the year it was made, and an article number.

The site I cite below is in Dutch. However if you put it through a translator, it verifies what I just said about what you find at the bottom of a piece.

Flans on the Street – Royal Delft Factory

Ceramic Tulip

Ceramic Tulip
Room Makeover?

im re-decorating my room & bathroom,, & i dont know where to start HELP…
its a medium size, Boxey sort of room .. Walls are painted purple with a border of purple tulips ..pinkish/purple curtain ..
white with grey-ish strands ceramic flooring, my bed room set is Dark Brown indian style
What more info Should I add ?!

Why not change the whole concept of the room, and make it look more modern and more spacious.

White can make a room look spacious, modern, and romantic if planned right.

Paint your walls white, which will make the room feel larger and more spacious.

Your floors are already done as you have white with greyish strangs.

Change your bed linen & bedspread to white.

Put a huge mirror up in your room or change your wardrobe to having mirror doors.

Put sheer white curtains on a dark brown rod to match the furniture.

white rug on the floor.

Put simple white sheer rod pocket curtains in the bathroom, so it blends with the sheer curtain in bedroom.

Here are some beautiful white rooms for ideas.,1793,HGTV_3366_4825775_08,00.html
(Shabby chic bedroom ideas)

Growing Flower Gardens : How to Grow Tulips in a Pot

Pottery Jug

Pottery Jug
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Throwing making a big clay pottery Jug / Pitcher & handle on the wheel