Votive Candle

Votive Candle
How to remove burn mark on painted wood furniture from votive candle?

I burnt a votive candle all the way down to the end and it left a circular burn mark on my painted wood furniture.
Any easy way to fix it without repainting? I am in a rental and don’t want to be charged for damage.


A Mr clean eraser will do the trick They are great. I have used them to remove marker off of clear plastic with no scratches. Give them a try.

Halloween Votive Candle – Quick & EZ Kids Craft

Wheel Thrown

Wheel Thrown
Please help! I need the names of at least 2 famous potters and a wheel thrown piece made by each.?

I’ve looked everywhere myself. I cannot find an artist AND a piece made by wheelthrowing.

I will give you one potter

Dave the slave


Cindy Clarke Wheel thrown 22 inch Platter

Forge Pottery

Forge Pottery
do anybody know of the old forge pottery in rowlands castle hampshire?

i want to find out the date ti closed i know they have built houses there and it was a blacksmiths before a pottery i have just found some pottery and would like to put a date to it the address is durrant road rowland castle hampshire

Helicopter Ride over Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Sevierville and Smoky Mountains

Collectible Useful Handmade

Collectible Useful Handmade

Handmade Paper Products

“Say no to plastic.””Save energy, save the world.” “Global Warming, the new monster.”

Slogans echoing in today’s world, shibboleth of the world, which is heading towards a phase where the species called “Homo sapiens” will be an endangered one!! The “intelligent” human race is creating a serious threat to the ecological balance because of the increasing degradation of trees to match the ever-increasing demand for paper. Approximately 300 trees are cut for every one ton of mill-made paper. As a result the forest covered land of the earth has come down from 30% to around 16% in today’s date. Acting “intelligently”, as ever, mankind brought back the age old cult of handmade paper, as a respite, to reduce the drastic deduction of trees, to save the world.

Handmade paper, environment friendly and bio-degradable, is 100% wood-free. Made out of cotton and agricultural wastes, handmade paper has high tensile strength and a longer life compared to mill-made paper. Grass, jute and straw waste, banana stem, mulberry bark, sisal, weed and waste paper, are also used in the making of handmade paper. Infact any raw material can be used as long as it has fiber. Flourishing at its heights, today the wide range and kind of handmade paper include multifarious collection from plain paper to banana paper, embroidered paper to starch coated paper, hand printed paper to screen printing paper…creating a myriad of utilitarian paper products.

Following the hazy path of history, the ancient art of handmade paper making traces its roots from China through the Mid-East to Europe. Its invention in China dates back to the fifth century A.D. Known as Kagzis (paper-makers), the Muslim handmade paper makers, originally belonging to Arabia, migrated to India during the first Muslim invasions of Mohammed Ghazni (997-1030 A.D.). And that was the beginning of handmade paper industry in India which is looked upon as a country with maximum growth potential in handmade paper, with the largest population of handmade paper-makers in the present world.

Handmade papermaking is nearer to art than to the mechanics of industries because of the bewildering variety of natural materials and dyes, as well as finishing techniques, used in its making. The fairly simple process of handmade paper making can be basically divided into six stages – preliminary treatment, beating, sheet formation, pressing, peeling and drying, and sizing. The beginning marks the breaking down the raw materials like rags, straw, grass, etc. into small pieces which are then beaten in the second stage to disjoint the fibers, impurities are washed off and kept in abeyance to make a pulp. At the third stage the cast, which is inside a wooden frame, is doused into the tub containing the fiber-water mixture and the tub is agitated to make an even layer of the pulp, draining the remaining water out; the conjoined fibers give strength to the sheets. In the fourth stage the damp sheets are moved to a woolen felt and in this stage different patterns could be given to the sheets. Extra moisture is removed in the fifth stage and in the sixth stage the handmade paper is treated with glue and starch to restrain blotting and the process is complete with the drying of the sized sheets.

Just because handmade paper is not produced in a massive quantity, it turns out to be a little more expensive compared to conventional paper. But that is not worth counting when it comes to the much greater price which the entire human race has to pay if the demolition of trees is not barred at the first place, which is giving rise to the monstrous Global Warming. 100% eco-friendly and recyclable, handmade paper reduces pollution, saves trees, thus contributing to a much balanced and healthier environment.

Attractive and aesthetic, handmade paper has high bursting, tearing, shredding and double fold strength, and does not have brittle qualities of mill-made paper. Artistic feel and elegant natural look of handmade paper is for its natural unprocessed fiber content, which makes it more fashionable, more classy.

Recycled, reinvented and resurrected, handmade paper has come a long way from an antique handcraft to setting newer trends of fashion. Handmade paper products are a rage now. Handmade paper diaries and notebooks, slip pads, paper bags, wrapping papers, lanterns, photo frames, envelopesthe range of handmade paper products is ever increasing. What gives the handmade paper products a distinctive place is the attractive and aesthetic appeal, with a tinge of ethnicity and fashion.

Colourful handmade diaries, notebooks and slip pads can add life and vibrancy to the dull and boring working hours!! Handmade paper diaries and notebooks are decorated with stone work, zari work, string work, lac work, etc. which sprinkles an ethnic and artistic appeal wherever kept, be it your working desk or the center table of your living room.

A gift wrapped in handmade wrapping paper in a handmade paper bag would speak for itself in any party, any occasion, also verbalizing your artistic and designer outlook! Be it the embroidered paper or the marbled paper, handmade wrapping papers and handmade paper bags are creating a new cult…an eco-friendly way to wish your loved ones, saving the lovely earth too.

What could be more romantic than a dinner under a beautifully textured handmade paper lantern shade? Diffusing the light into the color close to your heart, handmade paper lantern shades can give a new meaning to any occasion, be it the vibrant party times or a romantic dinner. And capturing those moments in a handmade paper photo frame…a new dimension to relishing some of the life’s best moments.

Ecologically sensitive, imaginative and innovative, handmade paper is at its boom now, with its demand increasing in a rapid way in both domestic and international market. Its artistic and elegant appeal, mingled with the need of the century to save the world, lead to the resurrection of this antique art of handmade paper making creating a new cult in the history paper industry…ensuring that nature survives, forever.

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This article belongs to IndianHandicrafts.co.in, a store house of handmade paper products, >, paper bags, wrapping papers, handloom bedspreads, quilts, curtains, cushion covers, madhubani paintings, patchwork bedcovers, terracotta products, silk scarves, fashion jewellery, jute bags, all hand crafted by Indian artisans.

★PART 2★ OOAK Polymer Clay Artist Handmade Collectible Miniature Sculptures by MiniLishus

Bowl Signed

Bowl Signed

Expert’s Guide to Organizing and Setting Up Bowling Shops

Today, there are almost 50 million people who play bowling in the United States.

No wonder more and more business people are trying to venture out into owning or managing bowling shops. Most of them contend that with the number of people who participate in sport there is the possibility of making a good profit or maybe attaining wealthy status.

However, just like any business, opening or managing a bowling shop is not that easy. Obtaining and using the necessary tools, inventory, and merchandising strategies to obtain a profit can be difficult. Merchandising is the one most important tool that every entrepreneur must learn to use. It is more than just storing clothes on the rack, other products on shelves and using some signs.

Starting a bowling shop involves the right placement of the items, proper lighting, and the correct way to advertise the products.

So for those who are planning open their own bowling shops, here are some of the factors that must to be considered to succeed in this business:

1. Key location

As in every business, it is important to select the right location to attract customers. Logically this means that bowling shops should be located in an area where there is a bowling center nearby.

This will ensure optimum sales because it is likely that the owners of the bowling center, as well as the players who use, will more than likely patronize a bowling shop in the vicinity.

2. Signage

A bowling shop that is not located in an area adjacent to or within the bowling center should put up attractive signage to catch the attention of potential customers.

3. Attractiveness

Merchandising is also a form of art where products, design, signage, and other tools must be well coordinated and arranged in such a way that customers find the store attractive and will browse and/or buy the products available..

4. Ambiance

Bowling shops should be established in such a way that it embodies good ambiance. It is important to make the customers feel that the shop is a pleasant place wherein they can obtain the products that they need easily and comfortably.

5. Technical skills

There are instances wherein some bowlers would like to personalize their bowling balls. Hence, it is important for a bowling shop to know how to drill bowling balls in order to cope up with the growing demands of the consumers.

Indeed, organizing and maintaining bowling shops is not that easy, but with dogged determination and the right skills, everything will flow smoothly.

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Read more about bowling tips, including spare bowling and bowling hook at The Bowling Coach website.

Fleur de Lis Signed Sealed Delivered at Arena Bowl XXI

Art Pottery Pitcher

Art Pottery Pitcher
Oil Lamp is a Successful Investment
Q: Enclosed is a photo of an oil lamp that my wife’s grandfather purchased in the early 1900s for 50 cents. He converted it to electricity. The lamp has green glass with a cast-iron base and shade. “Success” is marked on the oil cap. Can you give me any information on our lamp? A: Using the name Pilabrasgo, Pittsburgh Lamp Brass and Glass Co. made success oil caps and founts. The glass is known …
How to Make Pottery Lids & Handles : How to Attach Beaked Pottery Pitcher Spouts

Pigeon Forge Pottery

Pigeon Forge Pottery

Fall Festivities Abound in the Great Smoky Mountains

One of the best (and busiest!) times to visit the Great Smoky Mountains is during the month of October – the peak season for fall foliage when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park comes alive with a brilliant blaze of red, orange and yellow leaves, as well as fresh, crisp mountain air. Some of the best fall colors can be viewed along Newfound Gap Road, the scenic 32-mile stretch of U.S. 441 that winds the the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to Cherokee, North Carolina.

An abundance of festivals and special events also take place throughout the Smokies during the autumn months. For example, the Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival, which runs until October 31, 2007, features live entertainment, old-fashioned hayrides, local crafts and more. Dollywood’s National Gospel & Harvest Celebration, which takes place from October 5 to November 3, 2007, offers the best in Southern gospel music, along with the talents of more than 100 craftspeople. Named as one of the “Top 20 Events in the Southeastern United States” by the Southeast Tourism Society, the 32nd-annual Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair (October 11-28, 2007) boasts over 200 talented artists and craftspeople in the areas of pottery, woodworking, broommaking, stained glass, basketmaking and more. Old-fashioned Hayrides depart approximately every 45 minutes from the Mountain Mall at Traffic Light #6 in downtown Gatlinburg Sunday through Thursday from 5 PM to 9 PM until December 1, 2007.

In addition, fall is the perfect time to drive through the 8-5-mile loop that comprises the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community, which contains numerous studios, shops and galleries. Founded in 1937, the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community has evolved into the country’s largest organization of independent artisans. Mountain crafts that can be purchased here include woodcarving, pottery, quilting, painting, weaving, candlemaking, broommaking and more. The Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community lies just 3 miles from downtown Gatlinburg on U.S. 321 North.

The fall traveler can choose from either resorts, hotels and motels convenient to downtown Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, or rustic cabins and chalets nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains. Most cabins provide spectacular views, along with such amenities as bubbling hot tubs, fully equipped kitchens, vaulted ceilings, outdoor decks and wood-burning fireplaces.

“With great weather, colorful foliage, a multitude of lively festivals and a diversity of accommodation choices, the Great Smoky Mountains provide the perfect fall vacation destination,” said Kyle Collins, Director of Interactive Marketing for HotelsCorp.com. “And by purchasing discount vacation packages, hotels and attraction tickets online, you and you family can enjoy substantial savings on your fall getaway to the Smokies.”

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Escape to the Smokies, the most comprehensive online guide to the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, also provides discount Smoky Mountains attraction tickets, Smoky Mountains discount hotels and Smoky Mountains discount vacation packages.

Pigeon Forge Shopping

Handcrafted Pottery

Handcrafted Pottery
I Need a name for a unique gift shop with some imported items, some handcrafted candles, and lots of baskets.?

This shop will have lots of grapevine running around the ceiling with mini lights, meditation music and hardwood floors. I need a name that isn’t too long, but shows the character of a tranquil, homey shop. The shop will NOT be country kitch, but more one of a kind items, including some home made pottery and gift crates for delivery and online ordering as well. Any help would benefit me GREATLY!!! Thanks all!!

“Kismet” “Joy” “Simple Pleasures” “With Love” “Peace and Promises” “Gifted” “Gifts to Go” “Just Because” “Breathe” “a Little Something” “From the Heart”

Tootall trims a custom ceramic urn http://www.tootallspottery.com and http://urnnews.com

Zanesville Pottery

Zanesville Pottery
American Art Pottery Association Convention and Sale comes to Cleveland
Hundreds of pottery collectors will be in town this week, when the American Art Pottery Association celebrates its 30th anniversary with a convention and sale in Cleveland.
Zanesville Pottery Commercial 2008