Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vase

Jonathan Adler Vases


Jonathan Adler has been reinventing the world of modern decorative ceramics. His work makes overt references to earlier designers of the 50s, 60s and 70s, yet his pieces are instantly recognizable as Jonathan Alder ceramics, lamps, textiles and furniture.


A new Vase collection designed by Jonathan Adler caught our eye. Metal screens perforated with a square pattern similar to his Kensington duvet from his dance around frosted white glass, casting an interesting shadow. The Parker Collection, manufactured by Robert Abbey, follows on the heels of the Carlisle and the Maurice.


Jonathan Alder credits his artistic personality to his parents. “My dad was sort of a rigorous modernist and my mom was a bit more loopy in her aesthetic,” he says. “I would like to think that I’m a perfect fusion of their spirits.” Jonathan Alder’s focus is always on his pottery. His career was launched in 1994 with an order from Barneys New York. His ever-expanding pottery collection mixes sophisticated modern design, kitsch, American folk art, and a good dose of tongue-in-cheek fun.


Recent additions to the Jonathan Adler collections include home textiles such as pillows and rugs, lamps, furniture, handbags and more. Plus, a new line of designs called “Happy Home” include lower priced ceramic dinnerware and accessories. And Jonathan Adler isn’t stopping there. He’s taking his unique eye for shape, pattern and decoration to interior design as well. Jonathan Adler recently designed the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. These Jonathan Adler vases were featured in Will & Grace in a scene with Will Truman. For more details visit http://www.etabletop.com/


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Brown slip and Texture Pottery Ceramic Vase

Blue Delft

Blue Delft
Final eviction of xenophobia victims begins
Police and court officials have started the final eviction of 187 people who sought refuge at the Blue Waters refugee camp after being displaced by xenophobic violence two years ago.
New KLM delft blue house 90, nieuw KLM delfts blauw huisje 90, KLM, Amstelveen

Carl Harry

Carl Harry
Who do you think is really pulling the strings behind Obama and McCain?

George Washington, in his farewell address to the nation, warned us about the inherent danger of political parties. I know this question is going to ignite a firestorm (and I need a good laugh). Howard Dean and Carl Rove? Harry Reid and Newt Gingrich? The Roadrunner and Whil E. Coyote?

I don’t want to hear any of the party lines. Americans know that there is corruption in both the Republican and the Democratic parties. The question is simple: what is your opinion on who is really pulling the strings behind Barack Obama and John McCain?

thats exactly the reason that i think that george washington was the best president we have ever had, i also agree that there is a lot of corrupt politicians out there, however i dont think that all politicians are corrupt, i think the reason for this little wylie coyote thing is more of the stupitidy of certain people, lets take that circus called “hannity and colmes” it seems that if hannity said the sky was blue colmes would deny it to death and vice versa, most politicans and so called “political junkies” are just idiots who see it as some sort of game

bottom line – political parties suck and people involved in them are brain dead robots whos only objective is to argue with the opposition

carl- harry(aso’ko)

Bud Vase

Bud Vase
Bud Glass Vases…..?

I am putting together my wedding and wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get inexpensive bud vases to fit these roses:


I have friends that do one stroke painting, so they are going to decorate them for me, maybe. I haven’t decided on that yet. I have been searching the internet and not found too much. If you know anyone, please put it in your response. Much Thanks!!!!!
Not stressing, just looking for a good deal. And I think it’s important that the guest take home something nice.

First, a bong also didn’t come to mind when I saw your title. LOL on that one.

Second, I would also look at dollar stores for the bud vases, but would also your wedding florist. Ask them where you can purchase bud vases wholesale. Since you’re (probably) spending alot of money for flowers, they should be able to help you out on finding your vases, and they’ll have alot of connections. Or at least ideas.

Third, I wouldn’t stress over this either. Actually, it could be a great pre-wedding de-stresser to get all of your gf’s over to have a painting, champagne and gabbing session. As well as a great memory. Good Luck. 🙂

SIMON LEACH – throwing a small bud vase

Votive Candle

Votive Candle
Does anyone have a picture of a votive candle on a gerber daisy or sunflower?

I’ve seen this on a show called “Get Married” they showed some wedding decor ideas where they put a votive candle resting on a sunflower and they also had one resting inside a rose where the petals were all around the candle holder. I can’t find any pictures like this anywhere. Please help me if you know where to find it.


How to decorate votive candles

Pots Planter

Pots Planter
Some Award Winning Suculents
When choosing cacti and succulents, you won’t go wrong with award winning varieties. A number of succulents have been singled out for special honors.
Making an Olla plant self watering clay pot on the potters wheel demo how to make a Ingleton Pottery

Year Mug

Year Mug
What is a good end-of-year gift for a teacher?

It’s my senior year, and this teacher was by far the best teacher ever. She never yelled at me and is very nice. She’s not any ordinary teacher, so I need a unique gift and I’m leaning towards an original one. No mugs, lotions, bath sets, stuffed dolls, etc. I especially don’t want to get her lotions/body sets/moisturizers because she’ll think that I think that she smells bad :[

And I’m already getting some flowers.

Gift Certificate to a store…

Mock the week michael mcintyre dad of the year mug