Pot Votive

Pot Votive
What is the best way to remove hot wax from a painted wall surface?

I spilled a glass votive melting pot against a wall that was on top of my dining room hutch. It went against my wall which is wine colored. Is there a better way to remove the wax without damaging the wall and the paint job?

place some newspaper against the wax, and set your iron to the lowest setting. The heat will transfer the wax to the newspaper, which can then be thrown away.

Afterwards, use a very mild cleanser, such as extremely diluted dishwashing liquid, to eliminate any leftover residue.

Good luck!

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Pottery Pitcher

Pottery Pitcher
Does anybody have any info about ceramics (a pitcher) made in japan?

I collect pitchers (mostly the big ones sitting in the bowls). When I moved recently I came across a little pitcher that I don’t even remember buying. I must of picked it up at a garage sale somewhere along the way. Its smaller (maybe about 8 inches tall) and the main part is round. Its like a little circle w/4 little legs, a handle and spout on it. It sits in a little square dish. I’m not even sure if its a pitcher, I just don’t know what else to call it. It has a raised picture of a sailboat on one side and a lighthouse on the other. Both sides have a border of flowers and leaves. There is a stamp on the bottom. It is little leaves in a horse shoe shape w/a flower or clover inside of it and underneath it says Japan.

Everything else I collect is American and thats all the ceramic and pottery books I have cover. I am curious about this piece and would love if someone had some info.

Thank you!

There’s an awful lot of Japanese ceramic around! So probably a visit to an antique shop with helpful staff is the best way to go. It might be a sake bottle, but it will definitely be a tourist item and fairly modern (I mean 20th century) as it says Japan, and has therefore been made for export.

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Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier
What is stronger out of an englsih bull terrier and a staffordshire bull terrier?

Ok first off in now way, shape, or form do i believe in dog fighting. but i need a detailed answer on what is stronger and why? out of an english bull terrier (bully) and a staffordshire bull terrier (staffy). like what would win in a fight. Thanks!
its because i am having an argument with my friends about it they have got staffys and ive got bullies, and i like to prove my point.

Before anyone answers, I think we’d like to know why.



Studio Art Pottery

Studio Art Pottery
Is ceramics a good class to take ?

I want to get rid of my college biology class , because i have 3 years of science and ceramics is one of my choices. My question is it a challenging class ? Apparently the ceramics at my school you have to use a pottery wheel thing and you have to make pots/vases/cups all year long. I’m all ready taking : photography, glass craft class, studio art and arts and communications.

Thank you 🙂
i’m not in college , i’m going to be a senior in high school

A lot of the challenge will depend on the teacher, how knowledgeable they are about the subject and if they push you to do interesting work. If the instructor does not challenge you, will you be able to challenge yourself to make interesting work in this medium? In ceramics you have to be prepared to accept that some vessels just do not turn out. Some pieces that you love will be destroyed in the kiln, sometimes through no fault of your own. Vessels can be fascinating or terribly dull, depending on your point of view and your willingness to experiment. Are you prepared to challenge your views on what a bowl, a cup or plate can be? Can you see past students work to know if you want to do similar work?

Also take into account that your schedule is very Studio heavy, would taking the college bio class mean you get college credit? If so, have you weighed the value of what that class would cost to take in college vs. taking ceramics from a college professor?

Just some things to think about.

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Votive Candle Holder

Votive Candle Holder
Anyone have a website for cheap votive candles with holder?

We need approximately 2http://www.candle4less.com/144-Holders-144-Votive-Candles.1711.html50 candle holders with votives. I found 144 for $70. Can anyone find them cheaper???

Oh, and we want to put labels on them to personalize for our guests, so if anyone knows where you can find the frosted ones cheap, let me know!!!!
Oh, I forgot to say, they are going to be personalized with the guests names (in lieu of place cards) so I dont think I could afford having them professionally personalized.

Watch the cost of shipping them- I bought mine from candles4less, and I was happy with them, but after I added the shipping charge on, I think I could have found a better deal locally. Take all costs into account before you order.

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