Ornament Bowl

Ornament Bowl

Unusual Baking Ideas

When you think of baking things in the oven, things like cookies and casseroles probably come to mind. However there are many other interesting, non edible things that you can make in the oven as well. The oven can be a useful tool for arts and crafts applications.

Making Record Bowls

Give old, scratched vinyl records new life by making them into attractive bowls. For this project you will need an old record, a medium sized stainless steel or Pyrex bowl, and a baking sheet. Place the bowl upside-down on the cookie sheet and place the record centered on top of the bowl.

Records melt at a very low temperature, so set your oven at its lowest setting. Allow it to preheat, then place the baking sheet. Check the record frequently and wait for it to melt. The time will vary from record to record, but should be about 5 minutes. When the record begins to droop over the bowl, it is ready to mould.

Take the baking sheet out of the oven. Carefully life the record (it will be hot) and flip the bowl right side up. Place the hot record inside the bowl and use it as a form for shaping the record. Work quickly so that the vinyl is shaped before it has cooled. If needed, the record can be reheated and moulded again.

Other Vinyl Record Projects

Heating vinyl records to the point of pliability also allows them to be cut and shaped into many things. Heat the record on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Look for the record to warp and you will know that it is ready. Use scissors or a razor blade to cut shapes and pieces out of the record, which can then be moulded if desired. Try cutting bows, flower shapes, stars, or other shapes. The pieces can be attached to each other with glue to create more complex projects. They make wonderful magnets or brooches.

Recycled Bottle Cap Necklace

Some types of clay, like polymer clay, are made to harden when heated in the oven. This makes them good for crafts like making a necklace charm out of a bottle cap. Fill the back of the cap with polymer clay. Make a loop for hanging out of wire and embed it in the clay. When baked and cooled, clay will stay inside the cap and secure the loop in place.

Shrink Film Jewellery Charms

Shrink film is a kind of plastic that, when heated in the oven, becomes much smaller and thicker. This makes it a good material for creating small jewellery charms. Rubber stamp or draw images onto the shrink film. Use a hole-punch to make a small hole in the plastic. Shrink according to package directions, then feed jump rings through the holes to create finished charms.

Dough Christmas Ornaments

A popular and delightful Christmas decoration can be made with some DIY dough, made from things you likely already have in your pantry. Basic dough can be made by combining one part salt, one part water, and two parts flour. Blended together and mould into shapes or use cookie cutters to make shapes. Poke holes for hanging before baking at a low temperature for 2 hours. Once cooled, the ornaments can be painted. Hang with a length of ribbon.

Wax Paper and Crayon Stained Glass

Wax paper and crayon shavings can be made into window decorations that look like a lot like stained glass. Place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet followed by a piece of wax paper with the waxy side facing up. Arrange a layer of crayon shavings over the wax paper, then cover with another sheet placed waxy side down. Add another sheet of parchment paper, then place a couple of bricks or other flat, heavy objects on top. Bake on a low heat setting for several minutes to bond the two layers of wax paper and allow to completely cool before continuing. Cut shapes from the fused wax paper sheets. Punch a hole at the top of each shape and add a ribbon for hanging.

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The article is written by Chelsi Woolz the topic unusual baking ideas. Discover how you could turn ordinary objects such as records into creative bowls, simply by baking it in the oven.

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Candle Holder

Candle Holder
Does anyone know where I can find a medieval pewter candle holder and serving plate for my wedding reception?

I am looking for a specific one, my computer crashed and I had the website in my favorites folder. Everything lost. These items were beautiful and was specifically suggested to use at the head table centerpiece of our wedding reception. I have been searching the web and can’t find it. Any help would be great.

make a day of it and go to medieval times for dinner and a show, then stop at their store on the way out or try a renfest faire they would offer custom made items 🙂

Polymer Clay Dragon Votive Candle Holder, Pt. 1

Candle Holder

Candle Holder
How melted wax from the candle holder?

It depends on the format of the candle holder, but if you can get some great paper towels over the wax and use the iron to heat the wax and paper towels will absorb.

Piercing / carving a clay pottery candle holder / bowl pierced throwing

Campbell Art

Campbell Art

An introduction to the art of seduction

The art of seduction is the art of getting what you want without fighting. In other words, seduction success, the seducer gets everything he or she wants the "victim" of good will, to the point where the 'victim out of his way of helping seductive to get what he wants.

Of course, I'm putting the word "victim" in quotes because, although the skilled seducer is everything you want, the "victim" does not necessarily feel like victims. In fact, in a successful seduction, the victim feels the pressure, but never give out your own desire to please the seducer.

A little known fact about the seduction is something that is created by women. Yes, the world of Don Juan is known as the great seducers "But does not create the art of seduction.

As explained in "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Green in the past was more common among men to be cruel and as a result of a woman became almost helpless. Yes, it could seduce a man, but once a man gets the sex loses its power. This was overcome by these women as "Bathsheba from the Old Testament, Helen of Troy, the Chinese Shi Hso siren and the greatest of these Cleopatra", which created seduction as a way to gain power.

In the case of Cleopatra, having been expelled by Pharaoh (his brother / husband, as was customary there, then), she appeared at a meeting of another conqueror wrapped in a carpet. When the carpet was rolled out rose with beautiful clothes and makeup. Everyone was stunned. That night, Julio Cesar became his mistress.

Cleopatra followed Caesar to dazzle with visual and sensual pleasures, becoming the figure of male fantasy that is a basic part of the whole psychology of men (more on that later). In other words, have sex with her was not enough, she created a desire to possess. And when Caesar was looking for more of their attention, withdraw and leave wondering what went wrong. Then would strive to do better as more and more a slave every day. She has asserted his throne.

In the 17th century techniques appropriated men the appearance of women, and theater style and combined it with "soft words" which are a weakness for women to overcome their resistance to sexual intercourse. It was a time when women had more freedom of choice. Most of these seducers were Spanish people that the legend of Don Juan sprung.

In our times women are treated less as the property, giving them a sexual and political freedom had an average of 4,000 years (2000 years in Europe and 6000 years in the Midwest, about matriarchal dominated by then.) This cycle a woman prior tactics, such as arranged marriages as part of the business or political agreements stopped working. (At least in the west).

This means that now more than ever, seduction has become a key method to gain power, whether sexual or social.

seduction skills can help someone? Yes, if you do not look good, just does not matter. You can still attract success. Cleopatra was simple, but their use of special make-up done by being able to capture the figure of male fantasy in his character, that is nothing new, women know applicable women currently Neanderthals knew at the time, and there is even evidence that the Neanderthals mined for use as red ocher lipstick (yes, were "savages" may be a myth … tradition of burying the dead and the domestication of dogs may also be attributed to Neanderthals – read more Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell).

Gabriele D'Annunzio, was a journalist in 1880 in Roman society, which was so ugly that men do not care if spoken with their wives. But when talking with women, some said it was like church bells, others said it was hypnotic, and others said they transformed the god Apollo. He knew how to flatter a woman, indicating the sex and romance, without doing anything, making your heart flutter. He married the daughter of a duchess and continued to grow is social and literary stature with the help of powerful women.

For women, for whom marriage is like slavery, which is the excitation and pleasure in the idea of a man who was completely taken with them and with whom they can set aside the major role of social civility, commitment and loyalty that she must remain in society. At a conference I attended, I heard a real success "credit" of rights, with full certainty that "chastity is the greatest virtue of a woman "highlights the role to be played.

The seductive offers a break from conventional reality and she is a willing victim. Just as a man when faced with a personality "like Marilyn Monroe", encouraging in a way that is very powerful and effective.

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Abbas Abedi – My dating and seduction tips blog has become an investigation into how dating success can be achieved easily. The right seduction skills can make a big difference.

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