Pottery Ceramic

Pottery Ceramic
Students display and sell unique artwork
Allan Hancock College’s annual Spring Pottery Sale will be held April 30 and May 1 in the Santa Maria campus Student Center (building G), room 106. The two day event will feature ceramic art pieces created by students and faculty in the college’s fine arts department. Hand-made jewelry will also be available for purchase. The selection will be available on Friday, April 30 from 11:00a.m. to 4 …
Steven Hill Workshop Slide Show – Lakeside Pottery, Ceramic School and Studio in Stamford, CT

Art Studio Pottery

Art Studio Pottery
Youth after school art lessons????

I am looking but can’t seem to find a youth after school art studio that has pottery and painting and gives lessons for children around 10 years old? It needs to be near the zip code of 48331.
Thanks for the cooperation.

I would try the Y first, then look at your local school district as sources of reference. Another idea would be to contact a local store that sells pottery & painting supplies, they might offer classes or know of someone who does do so.

Good Luck!


Australian Studio Pottery Art by Anita Reay

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark
I’m a sophomore in college and am thinking of studying abroad (summer) in copenhagen, denmark. good place?

I’m going through my choices of where I want to study abroad because I’ll probably study abroad only once throughout my entire undergrad career, so I want to experience somewhere great and different, and also memorable. I was thinking Copenhagen, Denmark. If anyone’s ever been, is the food really that expensive? Is it really one of the safest cities in Europe? And finally, is there lots to do, especially weekend stuff like shopping, eating out, movies, clubs, and other cool stuff?


shopping, eating out, movies, clubs, and other cool stuff? you can find those stuff there. food is not that expensive, if you’re coming from usa its not but if you’re coming from a poor country it is.

but i would suggest that you go to italy or france or one of the ‘nice’ places in europe and not denmark…

Copenhagen, Denmark