Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vase
about squeezing a metal plate between two layers of ceramic…?

is it possible to stick a metal sheet on a ceramic before it is kilned and later cover it again with ceramic to hide the sheet? in other words, can i glue a metal plate on my old ceramic vase and cover it with ceramic paste again? Can I prevent the shrinking of the fresh clay by just bisque firing, or leaving it under sunlight instead of kilning, will it help if I wax the old ceramic before putting on the second layer?

i need to hide the metal sheet in two layers, it’s a kind of school project so ANY COMMENTS or DIFFERENT IDEAS ARE WELCOME.


Let me say that if what you want to do is possible you will have to do it at low temperatures. Because you don’t have specifics on what is the old piece, high fire or low, and does it have glaze etc. on it; what kind of metal are you wanting to use, and what kind of clay you are using on the new piece, it’s hard to give advice. Do you have to use metal to adhere the pieces for the project? Do you have to use old piece? If you are just trying to hide the pieces in the middle of two layers of ceramics it would probably be easier to use to new pieces, so you don’t have a uncertain outcome on the old piece and can test on a few different ones to get the best try, instead of having just one shot to get it right. Also if you started out with two new pieces instead of an old one, the blank areas that would be touching the metal may adhere better (assuming you have glazed the old one) to the melted metal. I have attached two links that could help finding the melting points of different metals, and then finding the cones that you need to fire at. Have fun.

Ceramic Vase Decorations : Ceramic Vase Line Decorations

Lidded Jar

Lidded Jar

Luxury Pet Ceramic Dog Treat Jars Blue

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Small Antique Lidded Jar – Japan Flowers & Calligraphy

Pottery Vase Signed

Pottery Vase Signed
satsuma vase/ pottery?

i have a large satsuma vase and is signed underneath in japaneese. is there a website i can source the signature

Information about Satsuma and the markings:
Good luck!

Throwing a big clay pottery vase on the wheel

China Ceramic

China Ceramic
Have you ever done any China Painting?

This is different from pottery or ceramics.
China Painting is where you actually paint on a piece of finished porcelain with metal oxides that are mixed with either oils or turpentine and then fired in a kiln to about 1200 degrees F.

no, that sounds like fun tho. i’ve only done ceramics (from pouring slip into mold, cleaning, painting and firing) porelan painting, and plaster cast figurine painting. is there places to learn this craft?

How to judge China ceramic antique fakement

Pottery Lidded

Pottery Lidded
Finishing Touches
Completed your bath design and now have clients asking for suggestions about accessories? Check out the collections below. Once filled with colorful tinctures and remedies, bottles like these once lined the shelves of European apothecaries in the 19th century.
Throwing a Lidded Sugar Bowl on the Pottery Wheel : Throwing a Knob Directly onto Lidded Vessel

Pottery Mug

Pottery Mug
help!!! pottery expert needed what gloss do we need to put over acrylic paint?

we are a young enterprise business which is run by are school are idea was to buy unglazed mugs paint them how we wanted and then sell them on teh only trouble we has is we do not no what to glaze them with or what to do with them after they have been painted. plz help it is an emergency

If you had been using glazes or underglazes to decorate the mugs, you wouldn’t be having an emergency now.

Well, you can’t put acrylic paint into a kiln (the paint will burn off and you’ll lose your designs), so you can’t put a tradition ceramic clear glaze on the mugs.

And an acrylic varnish won’t be food- or dishwasher-safe. So you’re kind of stuck.

I’m going to recommend that one of you make a trip to Michael’s or other art & craft store, and ask about glass paint. It is possible that there is a clear glass paint you could use as a varnish. You need to ask a salesperson if it can go over acrylic paint and still adhere well, and whether it can go into the dishwasher, or whether it must be hand-washed.

It’s also possible that you will have to sell the mugs as completely decorative items, not for drinking use. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if this is a school-run business, your school mentors certainly failed to make sure you researched and planned this thing through properly. So a lot of people will have lessons to learn from this.

Making Pottery Mugs on the Pottery Wheel : Forming Curves on a Pottery Mug: Wheel Throwing Techniques

Pigeon Forge Pottery

Pigeon Forge Pottery
Pigeon Forge Pottery?

I have a bowl, marked on bottom, Pigeon Forge Pottery, D. Ferguson. Very unique and old. Brown and white glazed. Need imfo. on this peice. Is it worth anything?
Tried that site. Been searching this peice for 6 months now.


Hoot n Holler Pigeon Forge

Picture Note Holder

Picture Note Holder

Sell My Note – Promissory Note Document


When the decision has been made to use Owner Financing to facilitate the sale of real estate, legal documents are created. The importance of these documents to the seller(Note Holder) can be thousands of dollars. All to often I have witnessed note holders decided to sell their note, after several payments, and not have all the note documents readily accessible. Healthy Record Keeping practices can mean thousands of dollars to the note holder. If record keeping is note your specialty, AT LEAST put the PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT somewhere you can find it and easily retrieve it. I am going to indent the next sentence because it is the most important of this article.


Think I will say it again to stress the importance.


When a note holder decides to sell their note and cash out of their monthly payments the PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT is what is being SOLD. If you don’t have the original note then what do you have to sell? That is like you go to buy a car with cash in hand and the seller of the car gives you a picture and tells you the car is in another state. Often is the case that a home seller will us a real estate professional, like an attorney or title agent, to prepare all the necessary documentation and to record it with the county, a very good practice. The issue comes up several months later when the note holder decides to sell his or her note and assumes the real estate professional has all the needed documentation. The real estate professional will have copies of the documents on hand and that is helpful but rarely will they have the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT. I will say it again.


I have repeated myself three times in this article about the ORIGINAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOCUMENT, but all of the documents that went along with the original real estate sale transaction are important. When a note holder has made the decision to sell their note and received an agreeable offer, 90% of the time that goes into the note transaction is chasing the note documents. Here at The Texas Note Company we have experienced note sales take as long a 90 days as well as note sales that are completed in as short as 5 days. In each case the length of time goes down to the practice of record keeping. In the month of March the Texas Note Company worked two transactions where the Note Holder(person receiving the payments) could not locate the Promissory Note. In one instance two sisters became owner of a note through a will. In another instance, the note holder had the Promissory Note Document in a storage facility in another state with no real means to retrieve it other than to drive half way accross the United States. When the document process slows up a real estate note sale it can become very frustrating and can add weeks to the length of time a note holder will receive their money. Sound record Keeping Practices is the key.

Every note sale is different in some respect, even as far as the documentation is concerned. Here is an extensive list of documents in our most recent note purchase.
1) Original Promissory Note
2) Deed of Trust
3) Warranty Deed
4) Original Closing Statement / HUD-1
5) Purchase Agreement between buyer and seller
6) Texas Residential Policy of Title Insurance
7) Purchaser’s Closing Statement
8) Seller’s Closing Statement
9) Payment History Affidavit by seller
10) Dwelling declarations
11) Evidence of Hazard insurance with seller designate as mortgagee
12) Payor’s Social Security Check
13) Property Tax Status

Here at The Texas Note Company we are real estate professionals that specialized in owner financing strategies and techniques. If you are a real estate note holder and interested in selling your note or would like to determine the value of your note on the secondary market visit us at TexasNoteCo.com

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Robert E Young is the Founding Director of The Texas Note Company. He is a Real Estate Investor who puts real estate transactions together using proven owner financing strategies and techniques. He purchases and brokers private real estate notes often getting home sellers the cash they need to move on to the next transaction. Robert enjoys teaching and educating real estate minded people the advantages of Owner Financing and what it can bring to a real estate transaction while dispelling it’s myths. When traditional financing methods fail to provide the benefits buyers and sellers are looking for, often it is owner financing to provide a solution.

Matchbook Post-it Note Holder

Eames Era

Eames Era

Replica Furniture

There is certainly an upsurge in popularity of antique styles of furniture but, unless you have plenty of money available, it would cost a fortune to furnish a whole home totally with original antiques nowadays. This has led the way for top-of-the-range replica furniture: beautifully designed and manufactured, with close attention to detail, following closely designs that were associated with specific eras and furniture designers of their day such as Sheraton or Chippendale, amongst others. Many designers attract continual attention, with replica furniture based on the original designs by international names such as Isamu Noguchi, Le Corbusier and Eileen Grey.

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair, Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge and the Grand Comfort Soft Lounge Chair all inspire replica furniture manufactures to reproduce these pieces, adhering faithfully to the original designs. Le Corbusier’s designs continue to be very popular, keeping the furniture company, Cassina, based in Milan, busy producing Le Corbusier products. Cassina has been licensed as the producer of all things Corbusier.

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi was renowned for a wide range of interests, aside from being a designer of furniture that continues to be popular enough to have attracted the replica furniture market today. Aside from popularizing the Akari Lamp that is iconic of the 1970s, Isamu Noguchi is particularly well known for his sculptures such as the Play Mountain, the Glass Pyramid, and the Tetra Mound. Contemporary furniture designs that incorporate Noguchi concepts abound in the Cyclone dining table, or the Noguchi table, as well as some delightful replica furniture creations inspired by Noguchi such as the Tribeca Table, the Yin Yang Coffee Table or the Sable Dining Table.

Eileen Gray

Aram Designs is the company which holds the license to reproduce Eileen Gray originals. A genuine 1929 Monte Carlo Sofa that Eileen Gray herself designed was recently advertised online for £2,200 GBP: if you bought it from the Aram Company in London you could expect to pay in excess of £7,000. Eileen Gray’s Monte Carlo Sofa is true Art Deco, consisting of frame manufactured in chrome plate and upholstery in black leather. This is just one of Eileen Gray’s designs. She is renowned for influencing the Modernist movement during the 1920s era and continues to be regarded as one of the most significant designers of the 20th century.

Getting Replica Right

If you do decide to decorate your home interior with replica furniture you need to put considerable thought into the era design you are going to pursue. After all, you don’t want to start buying Eileen Gray Art Deco replica furniture and then get enticed into the Georgian or Victorian eras: the rule of thumb is one style only if you are to avoid an appearance of confusion.

When it comes to replica furniture there are various looks to aim for and interior design tips continue to be important, even when furnishing with replica. As an example, if you have a small room, go for the elegance of Louis XIV, with the elegant mirrored look of Venetian glass to make the room look bigger. Kitchens would look great with French Country style, whilst a lounge would look great following the Bergere style of Regency period of replica furniture. Replica furniture is certainly more widely available, regardless of which era you choose to pursue but, even then, it is not cheap: replica furniture does not mean cheap and cheerful!

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The Eames Era – “When You Were A Millionaire”