Bowl Vase

Bowl Vase
How to make a coconut shell bowl?

I have a big coconut shell, it is green, without hair. I managed to open it, and to remove the white stuff from inside the shell.

Now I want to make a bowl – and I wondered, what processing is needed to keep the shell against degradation (I am not sure but I am afraid that it might loose it’s nice shape and probably the color of the green shell!)

Should I heat it/varnish it? What do people normally do in this case? How to process the coconut shells for making bowls / vases?

Besides sanding it smooth, I believe the best thing to help keep it from degredation would be repeated applications of food-grade mineral oil, available at pharmacies. Wipe off the excess after application. Some may say to use olive oil, but it can go sour.

You’ll want to add three “feet” on the bottom so it won’t tip. Go the the wood section of the craft store, and see what would work. I am thinking of epoxying three half-spheres to the bowl.

How to throw a pot/bowl/vase

Bulldog Dog

Bulldog Dog
How do I get my siberian Husky/German Shepard mix dog to get along with my English Bulldog?

Hi, I have had my siberian german shepard mix dog named Thor for four weeks now, he is about three years old from what the receptionist told me, they have no histery left about Thor, he is very friendly and has tall legs and the coloring of a siberian husky and the face of a german shepard, Thor is territorial twards my four year old english bulldog chopper, but they are both always being supervised when they are together out side because when Chopper gets near Thor he snaps at him so I keep chopper inside the house in his crate in my bedroom and I keep Thor outside in the shade chained up to a metal stake cemented in the ground. I try to get Thor to get along with Chopper but is doesn’t seem to work and I try to get Thor to talk more because I heard these dogs talk a whole lot I have also got the both of them to sit if anyone could give me some pointers I would very much appreciate it and thank you for your time.

Neutering them would help make them less aggressive.

Talk to a dog psychologist. It sounds as though you need professional help here, Is there a dog training school near you?

Try contacting this lady, she seems to know what she is talking about. I looked up the page about fighting dogs for you, there is a contact section at the top of the page. Good luck.

Deezel English Bulldog – Incredible Dog!

Ceramic Pottery

Ceramic Pottery

Pottery Art With a Long History III – History of Ceramic Pottery in the World (down)

In this region we can through another method to deduce the ages more accurate, that is analysis the roof beams of these houses. Dr. Douglas in the University of Arizona invented a method of through analyzing the annual rings of the house roof beams to confirm the exact age of the beam. This way not only has fixed on the time frame of the Mayan’s settlement on calendar, but also has determined the corresponding ages of different potteries in the time scope. Compared to the United States Pueblo region, the sediment layers in the Maya region of
production were distributed more widely.

In addition to ceramic relic piles, in the ground of squares and buildings as well as tombs left by those upper ranks we also had found the sediment layer of ceramic flakes. All these sediment layers had been found in the Wuwaxiake, these sediment layers described a chronology for the main types of Maya’s pottery.

This chronology has provided us with a basic framework of the Peten region, and the age orders about Kepan will be published too, and other materials come from regions of Pidelasi, Nicholas, Palenque also had been dig out and been arranged well, and a book written about potteries dig out from Yucatan are just on printing process.

And the order of pottery from Zacualpa and Zaculeu are same, on the high ground of Guatemala, and the pottery orders of the formative years of Kaminaljuyu and former classical period were been recorded same.

Viewed from the marked changes of the pottery production in these regions, for the development of the whole Maya’s pottery, a large number of excavations in other areas are very essential, and due to the widely comparability between different areas, and timely amendment in individual areas based on the Maya chronology, all these have shown us with an overall chart of the Maya development.

Through the Maya monument that marked with dates, one day we would finally get an accurate dating standard. The accurate years of many Maya monuments were determined strictly in accordance with the Maya chronology, whose existence are merely used to make the Maya chronology corresponded to the Gregorian calendar, just as we could conclude the accurate age of a tree according to its tree-ring.

The above-mentioned we said are related to the at the types, the complexity, the quantity and specialization of Maya pottery, while they are so agree with the monuments that marked with accurate dates, so that when all the story fragments and all evidences came together, compared with the pottery production industry in other nations of ancient America, and from the pictures of Maya we may get more about the Maya’s pottery production, the origin places and sites of different types of Maya pottery, the industry distribution of Maya pottery and its final decline.

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Making Double Walled Pottery : How to Carve 3D Details in Ceramic Pottery: Pt. 2

Pot Votive

Pot Votive
What wedding favors should I use?? And how many??

Here are the ideas I Am tossing around…

(The wedding is September 6th, 2008)

— single stem bamboo shoots
-herbs in little pots
–linen covered notebooks with a matching pen
-linen covered mini photo albums
–live evergreen trees
-etched glass votive candle holders

I want something eco friendly and relatively cheap- we have 140 people coming to the wedding…

ALSO another question– do you need to have one favor for each guest, or each couple? Do I need 140 favors, or 70 favors??

All your ideas are really beautiful. Typically (at least all the weddings I’ve been to) there is a favor at each place setting – which would mean 140.

If you’re going to have assigned seating, you could then put out what you get back in RSVPs and according to how many couples are sitting at that particular table. That way you’d be able to get down to 1 favor per couple.

You could also use the favors as part of the centerpiece and only put enough for 1/2 the guests (considering they’re all bringing a guest) and make an announcement that the favors are eco friendly and for each couple to please bring one home to enjoy.

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Vintage Studio Pottery

Vintage Studio Pottery

Bjorn Wiinblad Object Vase

One of the most famish artist in the line of Danish pottery is probably Bjorn Wiinblad. He is known worldwide and has enjoyed a career that has spanned more than 60 years. His talents aren’t limited to pottery and ceramics however; his art has been displayed on book covers, glass, and a myriad of other creative mediums. His artistic creativity in addition to his versatility combined makes him rather impossible to classify. He is much like a jack-of-all-trades within the artistic community and yet remains wildly popular.

Danish pottery, like Bjorn Wiinblad has many facets. Much of the pottery of Denmark matches the modernistic flare of the furniture that is created here as well. The furniture, the art, they all form a symbiotic relationship within the home and most artists of the area are designing their wares for the local buying public. Not that they don’t welcome tourists, but most tourists offer a one-time purchase. The local public is the bread and butter for these people and they are well aware of it. It only makes sense that their designs would reflect the local culture and the idea that less is indeed sometimes more.

Quirky Danish designer, Bjorn Wiinblad was known as the ‘designer’s designer’. His work is diverse and encompasses studio art pottery, glass, silver, posters and costume design. He was the Rosenthal Porcelain company’s chief designer for 35 years but much of his early work was produced by the Danish company Nymolle. We are just starting to collect Wiinblad pieces so pretty much any porcelain/ceramic piece will do as well as the many vintage posters and hand-signed prints, especially the black and white line-drawn type scenes as shown to the left.

In one of the most talked about installations,in Bjorn Wiinblad’s The Gossips he has created another whimsical masterpiece. The four smooth bronze sculptures of young ladies obviously in the middle of idle chatter, or just whirling their heads away from it, exudes a swirling motion, a certain arrogance with the figures’ noses turned up and away from each other. Please purchase on online

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Butterfly Wall

Butterfly Wall
3d butterfly wall stickers?

Does anyone know where to buy some 3d butterfly wall stickers? I have seen them before but all I seem to be able to find at the moment is the flat kind. I am after the sort that actually looks like a really butterfly is sitting on the wall. Thanks heaps if you can help.

search around this site

Poi Tech Blog 2 Butterfly Wall Plane Flower Extentions

Witch Piggy

Witch Piggy
what guinea pig do you think is cute?

i have 3 piggies but witch one do you think is cute??
best answer gets 5 points 🙂

I would have to say the one with diffferent shades of brown patches. It seems the most social and I love how it kind of claimed your feet! It is so cute and gave both the other piggies kisses. I hope when I get mine in four weeks it is somewhat like that.

Miss Piggy The Witch is in the House

Stoneware Pottery

Stoneware Pottery

Create A Pottery For Your Jewelry

Pottery has many uses and has had many uses throughout the history of the world. One use that is often overlooked or not very widely known is as jewelry. Ceramics and stoneware make for some very beautiful and elegant pieces of jewelry as well as for some fun and very funky designs. If you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one or simply something to dress up your own jewelry box a little bit then you might want to pay careful attention to the market and check out some jewelry that is made of clay.

Finding these pieces may be a little more difficult than a trip to your favorite costume jewelry shop or department store. Most pieces of this nature are pieces that you may hand make if you are so inclined to do or those that may be purchased directly from the artists that create them. Occasionally you will find a potter who really enjoys the idea of making, or for that matter wearing, jewelry and has discovered a new talent that sets her (or him) apart from others in the field of working with clay. Other times you will find that jewelry making shops will have a few pieces of pottery that can be purchased to make your own jewelry with. There are a few options as you can tell and no reason to pick one over the other. You could always work to incorporate several into your jewelry collection. The more the merrier, right?

There are many beautiful options available to those who wish to purchase or craft their own beautiful jewelry made from pottery. The possibilities are nearly as limitless as any other type of jewelry. There are casual pieces that can be crafted with pottery to create a fun every day kind of pendant or earrings as well as the more elegant pieces that are meant for special occasions and to really garner not only a great deal of attention but also more than your fair share of envious glances. Jewelry is an adornment that many women adore. Be prepared to have some jealous looks as you walk into any event wearing pottery jewelry.

If you decide to learn to make your own pottery jewelry then it is possible to have one of a kind pieces (unless of course you decide to make more) that friends, families, and (more importantly) enemies alike will turn green over. In time you can perfect your skills and you will have developed a talent that can actually create great gifts for friends and family if you are so inclined. If you have a talent there is nothing wrong with using that talent to make things for those you love. Most loved ones will appreciate the time, talent, and attention that went into crafting the jewelry and find it to be even more valuable for all of those reasons.

Purchasing jewelry made of pottery may be a little more difficult in some areas than others. The Internet makes the prospect a lot more convenient than in times past however. Look to popular bidding websites that specialize in artsy items as jewelry made of pottery definitely qualifies as artsy as well as something that is a little out of the ordinary, though becoming a little more popular every day.

You should also check out local craft shows, jewelry shops, and pottery shops to see if they may have some jewelry made of pottery that catches your eye. If not then check out local flea markets and festivals that have visiting vendors. It’s amazing some of the finds you can come up with at these types of events. Beautiful jewelry is no exception to the great craft treats that are available at these types of festivals across the nation. Keep your eyes open and on the lookout for some beautiful pottery pieces. You never know what you might find when you least expect it.

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