Artist Signed

Artist Signed
I signed up as an artist on myspace and uploaded some songs, but they aren’t showing up. Why is this happening

I signed up as an artist on myspace and uploaded some songs, but they aren’t showing up. Why is this happening?

You either may not have the rights to the music (if you uploaded a song by a different artist), or it may just be lagging and taking a while. Check the page where you actually upload the song and check the song status on the far right.

Edward Maya – This is My Life ( Unofficial Videoclip )

Plate Clearance

Plate Clearance
Torque converter will not spin?

I jus put a new transmission in and im about ready to bolt the torque converter to the flex plate but the torque converter will not spin…there is enough clearance between the flex plate and torque converter actually i have to slide the torque converter out a 1/4 inch to hit the flex plate…any suggestions?
the torque converter is seated all the way back but it wont spin…how will i know if it is the trans pump without taking it back down or is that the only way to check?
the torque converter spins in one direction but not very easily
Actually it spins in both directions but one way is a little easier than the other but it still seems like it is too hard to spin
All about torque converters.

There is too much to copy and paste.
Click the hyper link.

There are two parts that go into the transmission:
Pump drive spline
Gear drive spline.

On the opposite side is the centering hub (seats inside the crank), and mating surface.(where the bolts go)

The converter should not seat fully into the transmission.
The drive splines should engage the transmission receiver yokes, but not completely rest inside them.

If you are having problems getting the torque converter to seat into the engine side, when you tighten the bolts, it will seat properly as you tighten them.
The converter should NOT completely seat into the transmission.

There should be “some” play in the system.
It should NOT be a tight fit.

Did you seat the converter into the transmission prior to assembly?
The splines and yokes may not be fitted properly.

Jeep Wrangler gas tank skid plate installation

Pottery Bowl

Pottery Bowl
How would you call making pottery bowls by hands, not on potter’s wheel, but by hands? I’m looking for a name.?

Mushtaq thank you for answering, but you are not even close to answering my question I was asking, ”What is the ”Name” of making bowls by hand?” For example making pottery on a wheel would be called made on ”potter’s wheel”, but how is it called when it is made by hand?

Pots on the wheel are “thrown”
Other pots are “hand built” Types of hand building are “coil built” and “slab built” the first involving long rods or “snakes” of clay laid up in a spiral coil and the latter involving rolled out thin layers or slabs of clay which are cut to shape and bonded at the edges with clay slip.

Wheel Thrown Pottery Bowl

Pottery Small

Pottery Small
what makes pottery aquarium safe?

What makes pottery aquarium safe? How do I know if two different types of clays can be blended together?
I am in the process of starting up a small business. I make aquarium ornaments and other decorative pieces out of earthenware. I want to add some color to my work without glaze. I’m considering using two or more types of clay in a single piece. How do i know if two clays can be blended into a single piece? I know it has something to do with the shrinkage rates and grog %. But where do I get this information and exactly how close do two types of clay have to be to be workable together. Also how do I know if a particular clay is aquarium safe. The supplier came right out and told me the first type of clay I used was safe but they aren’t being nearly as helpful now for some reason. How do I know if the clay will hold up in water? How do I know if it will affect water chemistry?

As far as I know you can always ad pigments into your clay to get the look you want without mixing two different clay types. Most clays will mix fine but you will have to do a full mix and not layered or ribboned if the grit is too different in size from one another. You can test to see by doing a double layer peice and firing it and then water testing it to see what happens. If it comes all apart then the clays are too different without full mixing.

And as long as your peices are fired you won’t have any problems with the water. (Been there done that!) If you don’t plan on using glaze then firing should take out any harmful chemicals that might be in the clay. (If you use glaze use a non-leaded type) You can also test this if you really want by making a few peices and adding fish from Wal-Mart.

Hope this helps! 😀

Wheel Thrown Pottery Small Table Vase

Thrown Stoneware

Thrown Stoneware
I received a a tea set from my daughter-in-law’s mother from Seoul and wonder what the equivalent would be

My daughter-in-law came from the countryside outside Seoul.They do not appear to be middle class by US standards (as we are).She sent a stoneware tea set.I don’t want to offend.Should I send something innate to KY?i.e. stoneware?a throw?as well as a thank you note-also can I just find out the Korean translation of words and write my own thank you note or will the syntax be off terribly?
Hmmm I choose the word ‘equivalent’ after reading some literature on Korean culture-“to not offend, you should send a gift of equivalent weightiness,worth,value or equivalent gender” after looking further at the tea set, I saw it was designed by a man whose work has been shown in galleries nationwide. Obviously this is a gift for which a recipricol will require more than a box of soaps as I had originally thought. Re:asking my daughter-in-law ,I would like to have the question already answered

I am not from Korea. But I think it was sent to you with love. Or your daughter in law would not have carried something so heavy in her baggage across oceans.

A tea set in the East is a meaningful ‘gift’ . All have tea. And serve to others with ceremony. It is known to be a traditional Wedding Gift too.
Maybe ‘stoneware’ is just now a sought after item there.
Cultures can be so conflicting sometimes.

You sound very offended. I have known MILs react in funny ways. Do be wise.

What you send or how you thank her will show your “Class”. Not vice versa. Also, you may not like to lose a daughter who has come into the family.

Large Wheel Throwing Bowl Stoneware

Hand Thrown Stoneware

Hand Thrown Stoneware
I need help please?

My friends needs help on her h/w and I don’t get it. The thing is it says Summarize his method of construction and what does that mean?

Is method of construction this Minerva works with wheel thrown or hand built, she makes reduction firing stoneware, adding blushes of oxides to enhance the natural colors. Her works are functional, but with a sculptural flavor, ranging from bottles and teapots to pitchers and other vessels and vases, but also her new Organic Series.
Well then what does method of construction mean? Please and thank you

what it is meaning is to summarize these different steps of building pottery written in this entery. this entery is not strait forward. think beyond what this is saying it has some hidden answer.first shaping the pottery. they firing the pottery. then adding natural colors to the pottery. then making bottles and teapots and vessels and vases which is helping her organic series. 🙂 makes perfect sence once u c what this entery is based on. this is the persons method in making a piece of art. the method is the steps taken

Making low carb.(emissions) cone 10 stoneware clay