Bull Terrier Dog

Bull Terrier Dog
Beverly police shoot bull terrier that was attacking dog walking with owner
BEVERLY and mdash; A police officer had to shoot a dog to stop a “vicious” dog-on-dog attack near Dane Street Beach on Saturday morning. As a result, both animals ended up dying, one from being shot and the other from the injuries sustained in the attack.
bull terrier vs cat

Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge

Discount Pigeon Forge Hotels in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a tourist destination which offers a lot of entertainment venues enjoyed by tourists. There are wide varieties of hotels located at Pigeon Forge offering great deals for its hotel guests.

Gatlinburg is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Tennessee. It offers travelers various amusement parks and attractions like the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Ripley’s Aquarium and the Dollywood’s Splash Country located near Pigeon Forge.

Musical shows is one of the common attractions of theaters like the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre that regularly conduct musical comedy shows.

Gatlinburg is a favorite place for photographers and has been a venue of some of the popular shooting events in the country. The glamorous natural attractions like mountains, streams and waterfalls make it an ideal backdrop for shooting events.

Along with many beautiful attractions surrounding the area, Pigeon Forge in Gatlinburg offers a wide variety of hotels which offers its visiting tourist a haven of place to stay while having a dream vacation of their life.

Hotel Pigeon Forge

The Hotel Pigeon Forge, under its new management offers great service with discount privileges than ever before. The hotel is perfectly situated in the Theater District in Pigeon Forge.

Guests are offered complimentary breakfast and Internet access. In addition, free newspaper as well as free coffee is supplied at the lobby on a daily basis. A 30- minute free local call is also offered as an additional service. For safekeeping, a safety deposit box is available at the front desk.

The standard rooms of the hotel include spacious beds, 25- inch colored TVs with cable, coffee makers, irons, ironing board, and hair dryers.

The hotel also features its guests to enjoy through the BBQ grills, a picnic area and a seasonal pool, all located in the area of the hotel. A 48- foot deck is available for a magnificent and enjoyable experience of viewing Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains.

The hotel has a total of 130 rooms which is housed in a four- storey building. Hotel policy does not allow pets and the minimum age allowed for check in is 21 years old.

A 72- hour grace period is given prior to check- in for the cancellation of reservation in order to avoid charges.

Comfort Suites Pigeon Forge

The Comfort Suits Pigeon Forge is one of the first class hotels in the area which sits five miles away from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

The hotel is nearby shopping malls and dining restaurants, offering delicate cuisines for your appetite. Abundant entertainment establishments are all over the place for visitors to enjoy. The most popular local trolley connected from Dollywood directly stops over at the hotel’s driveway for the tourists’ convenience.

The hotel offers spacious rooms that are properly maintained to ensure its guests a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay for vacation. It also features amenities such as an indoor fitness center, pool, spa, and sauna services for a relaxing pleasure.

As a way of gratitude to its value customers, the hotel offers complimentary high- speed wireless Internet access all over the hotel’s area. Free local calls are also offered for free.

All rooms are equipped with the following:

•Iron and ironing board
•Complimentary toiletries
•Hair dryer
•Clock radio
•Separate sitting area
•Climate control
•Cooking facilities
•Wake-up calls
•Cable and satellite TV
•Coffee and tea maker
•Blackout drapes / curtains
•Sewing kit
•Cribs (infant beds)

The hotel boasts its 7- storey building, consisting of 76 fully- furnished rooms.

Americana Inn Parkway
This hotel is situated in Pigeon Forge which is just a two miles drive from the Dollywood Park.

This hotel is a 4- storey building, with 170 guestrooms with spacious interior and beautifully designed.

Hotel guests start their day with complimentary breakfast; coffee readily available at the hotel lobby. The hotel also caters to business meetings and conferences with its spacious conference halls. Guests may enjoy an outdoor barbeque with family and friends while enjoying the music of a live band. Visitors may also refresh themselves from the outdoor pool.

Guestrooms are equipped with cable TV and refrigerator. Minimum age allowed to check- in is 18 years old and an identification card must be presented as a matter of hotel policy.

Check- in time is at 3:00 P.M and check- out time at 11:00 A.M.

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Cabin Getaway In Pigeon Forge TN The Lesser Stresser Side Of Trucking

Ceramic Plate Clearance

Ceramic Plate Clearance

Line Bonus: boon or a bane?

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If a product can imagine, there are online coupons for it. Whether it's clothes, groceries, restaurant coupons discount travel, laptops, chocolates, locks, ceramic plates … everything has an online coupon clipping ions available on the web. Companies offering such products are not the shadow fly night company either. reputable companies offering coupons as Banana Republic …. Frederick's of Hollywood, Weight Watchers, Gap, the list is endless. Savvy customers know exactly when to seek experienced the best and most profitable business sites offering online coupons. Christmas, Valentine's Day Father's Day, Mother's Day. Boxing Day Sales Natal subsequent resolution of the actions, there are many occasions to store promotional coupon.

There's a tangible downside to the story too. With the plethora of sites offering href = "http://www.myzerr.com"> online coupons The number of pages that are opened with a single click, is a considerable amount of confusion the customer as well. What is the best option? Who is offering the highest bid? Where will I get the best value for money? Why Why should I choose a site over another? These are questions that haunt online shoppers that crawl the net looking for the best deals and discount offer online. There is a glut of offerings and even experienced and demanding customers are confused and saturated quickly. It is even intelligent and focused online marketers to create programs to attract buyers' attention.

But despite all the drawbacks, there is no denying the attractiveness and desirability of achieving business online coupons through without having to go through endless flashy shopping malls and stores crowded with shoppers jostling for the attention of employees harassed. Wherever it is, you can print and use online coupons for purchases. All offers are updated every day, every day the situation changes. The client knows extract the most out of their money ensures that the best of the discount coupon is zero bids on it and print it. The discount coupon or free so that he receives is your ticket to buy smart. That briefly summarizes the history of the success of online coupon …

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Some DOPE azz wheelz…

Hand Made

Hand Made

Left Hand Drive Car Information Guide

Left hand drive cars or lhd for short are cars where the steering wheel is located on the right side if you are sitting inside or the left side if you are facing the front of the vehicle. Throughout this article I will be using lhd for left hand drive and rhd for right hand drive cars.

Depending on what country you are in and the side of the road they drive on, you may have never heard of left hand drive cars before Why can’t you drive both lhd and rhd cars in all places? This is due to strict laws that countries have for driving on their roads. Even though left hand drive and right hand drive cars drive the same, driving a left hand drive in a right hand drive area is probably illegal. Signs, toll booths and traffic lights are all tailored for one side or the other, not both. There just isn’t a way that both left and right hand drives can be accommodated.

In addition to that, some countries are requiring that all cars twenty years or older be converted to left hand drive if the are right hand drive and vice versa. The reason for this is because it simply isn’t safe to have a left hand drive car on the road in right hand drive country.

The process of changing a cars primary driving parts from one side to another requires a conversion kit and someone knowledgeable enough about conversions to implement them. Another option is to contact a specialist dealer to acquire a left hand drive car. It is more expensive to purchase cars that drive on the opposite side of the traffic flow no matter where you go. One reason is because it is harder to sell over the correct driving side models. Wouldn’t it be great if cars were made with the steering wheel in the middle of the car opposed to the left or right hand side?

Left hand drive car manufactures:
Aston Martin DB9/ Ferrari Enzo/ Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale/ Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren/ Porsche Carrera GT/ Porsche 997/ Ford GT40/ Lamborghini Gallardo/ Murcielago

There are few things to consider with left hand drive cars outside of the left hand drive areas. Insurance cost, laws and auto repairs are the biggest issues with them. Even finding a driving school with left hand drive cars can be tricky. Before investing in an lhd whether it be to drive or just to add to your car collection, these concerns should be evaluated before you decide to buy. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a lhd if it’s; illegal to drive, impossible to find parts and a mechanic that does repairs or can’t be insured.

Popular Left Hand Drive Car Models
Aston Martin DB5 left hand drive
Lincoln Navigator left hand drive
Mazda MX-5 Roadster
Mitsubishi Pajero GDI V6 3500 left hand drive
Toyota MR2 Spyder left hand drive

Finding a Left Hand Car

Interested buyers of left hand cars should check online for the best deals. Places such as Ebay often have them for sale. You may want to check with local car dealers but don’t be too surprised if they don’t have a clue as to what a left hand drive car is. This isn’t uncommon at all.

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Dolls house hand made by Doris

Bowl Vase

Bowl Vase
a vase requires 25 oz of clay and 5 oz of glaze. a bowl requires 20oz of clay and 10 oz of glaze.?

there are 500oz. of clay available and 200 oz. of glaze available. the profit on onw vase is $5 and the profit on one bowl is $4

Let v be the number of vases produced.
Let b be the number of bowls produced.

I assume you are trying to maximize profit. The profit is represented by:
5v + 4b

You have several constraints.
v ≥ 0
b ≥ 0
25v + 20b ≤ 500
5v + 10b ≤ 200

Graph these 4 inequalities and you get a region of “feasibility”.

Find the coordinates of each intersection to find the “corners” of this region.

One corner is (0,0), but that obviously won’t be profitable.
Another is (0,20) which results in a profit of $80.
Another is (20,0) which results in a profit of $100

Finally there is the intersection of the two lines:
25v + 20b = 500
5v + 10b = 200

Double the second equation:
10v + 20b = 400
15v = 100
v = 100/15
v = 6 2/3
So let’s try 6 or 7 vases, and compute the number of bowls.
6 vases = 150 oz of clay, 30 oz. of glaze
Leaving 350 oz. of clay and 170 oz. of glaze –> 17 bowls
7 vases = 175 oz of clay, 35 oz of glaze
Leaving 325 oz. of clay, 165 oz. of glaze –> 16 bowls

Check these points:
In the first case (6, 17) you will make 30 + 68 = $98
In the second case (7, 16) you will make 35 + 64 = $99

Neither of these out do just making vases:

Make 20 vases to maximize profit.

Watch the Pottery(Ashtray,Bowl,Vase) Making Technique Live!