Handmade Ceramic

Handmade Ceramic
Looking for a NEW BLOG NAME for a craft & art site. HELP?

I am looking to start a craft blog that will be dealing with general crafts, graphic design and greeting card design. I need help because I can’t think of anything. I was thinking of something fun with words like scissors, glitter, paper, glue, handmade, painting, ceramics, buttons, crafted, etc.

Any ideas would be great. Thank you.

It’s probably not a good idea to post this question because the moment someone gives you a good answer, someone else will run out and grab the domain name.

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Mackenzie Childs

Mackenzie Childs
I want to know if PEYTON ANNIKA MACKENZIE CHILDS(lastname) is a good name for my soon to be daughter?

if you have any suggestions for a middle name for Peyton please name them.

My name is Peyton. I have never met another Peyton, even though it is on the Top 100 list of baby names. I like it; like I said not a common name in my experience, not usually miss pronounced. Also my middle name is Margaret.

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Pottery Wall

Pottery Wall
Where can I buy giant paper flowers for my wall?

I want to buy giant colorful paper flowers to decorate my walls with! thanks!

and does anyone know where to get pottery barn furniture for less?

any good answer is appreciated!

Check it out for pottery barn furniture.


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Handpainted Handmade

Handpainted Handmade
I have recently launched my website…Any recomendation on books on small business marketing strategies ?

We have a very limited budget, so any ideas on how to get our website out there will be welcomed. We sell Arts & crafts from south america, most of our items are handmade and handpainted, we also sell silver jewelry and alpaca products. All items are imported from Peru, and soon from all around South America.

Thanks for your help,

Alberto Filomeno
Due to popular demand here is the web address 🙂 www.andesshoppe.com

Check out some of Seth Godin’s marketing books at www.sethgodin.com. “Small Is The New Big” is the best. Also subscribe to his blog, it’s terrific.

You should have included your web address when posting this question! Think of how many potential customers read your question but weren’t given the opportunity to check you out. 🙂

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