Pottery Signed

Pottery Signed
Could you please help me replace a beautiful, small coffee mug? It broke this a.m. What’s the company’s name?

I think it’s a replica of a 19th Century famous, reputable and historic pottery/china/cookware maker with distinctive insignia; they possibly also did textile. I think from New England. Possibly what’s referred to as in the craftsman style, but I don’t know about that for sure. This is not real expensive, and I think the company does online mail order.

The mug is thick, white, nice porcelin. A 1/4″ dark green band runs just below the rim. A much narrower band runs parallel below it, about an inch down. Within this inch between these bands are three equilidistant figures: One looks like an one of those universal circle signs for men or women. Inside the circle is something that resembles 2 mirror-imaged “Rs” that looks like a cattle ranch insignia.

The second figure resembles the letter “T” as if it were made with 6 children’s blocks–3 brown, 1 white a

Try here.

Mermaid and Coral Reef Teapot – hand sculpted pottery

Collectible Useful

Collectible Useful

Aside from fallout 3, oblivion, and borderlands…whats another game for xbox/360 that has lots of collectable and useful loot? I love the loot aspects of games.

Out Now:

1. Fable 2
2. Divinity 2: Ego Draconis
3. Too Human
4. Mass Effect

Future Releases:

1. Mass Effect 2
2. Fable 3

That’s all I can think of right now.

(HD!) Legend: Legacy of the Dragons – www.warofdragons.com – War Of Dragons – browser MMORPG

Hand Painted

Hand Painted
How do you make hand made hand painted bumper stickers that you yourself make? Not with some website?

I want to make some bumper stickers that are hand painted and self made to give to my friends for christmas as stocking stuffers.

You can buy sheets of material that you can run through you printer that makes stickers. Look for them at an office supply store. Or you could buy blank printer lables too.

Blood Angels Chapter banner, full sized and hand painted almost done!

French Bulldog Dog

French Bulldog Dog
How long did it take to potty train your French Bulldog, Or dog?

And what was the most effective method? We have had our puppy only A week and He is Now 12 weeks old. And Im just hoping he will soon tell me when he needs to go out! We are currently using the bell method we take his paw and ring it every time before we go out. He has rang it twice on his own so Im hoping something is clicking in that fat head of his! Thanks for your help!

I have never owned a French Bulldog, but I do own a bully breed. I own a 3 year old male American Pit Bull Terrier that my husband and I bought when he was about 8 weeks old. Our APBT was very easy to housebreak. Out of all of the dogs I have owned (Labs, various mixed breeds, etc), our APBT has been the easiest to train and has learned the fastest.

To housebreak Brooklyn we just took him out every couple hours and right after he ate or drank a significant amount of water. We would closely monitor when and how much he ate and drank. We fed him twice a day and we fed him a set amount of food at each meal (we still do that to this day). And would give him a certain amount of time to finish each meal before taking his bowl up, that way he didn’t just eat randomly throughout the day (we also still do that). Also, at night, about a hour before bed, we would make sure he drank plenty of water and then take the water bowl up for the night. We got a crate that we would put him in at night, if we had to go somewhere or if we were too busy at the moment to be able to watch him very closely. We would let him out every time before he went in his crate and as soon as we took him out of his crate.

Now, to go into some more detail, when we would let him out every couple hours, we would tell him “let’s go outside” or “let’s go potty” and then take him straight outside. When we were outside we would tell him to “go potty” and once he went we would praise him and then take him back inside. Because of that, now he knows exactly what “let’s go outside” and “go potty” means. During the day, when he was out and around the house with us, we kept a very close eye on him. We paid close attention to when he drank some water, that way we could take him out after, etc. And we would watch for signs that he needed to go out. For example, if he started to sniff around a lot, circle around in one spot, etc, we knew he most likely needed to go out and would take him out before he had an accident. If Brooklyn did have an accident in the house, we would clap once loudly to startle him while he was in the act, then we would say “no” in a stern, but not mean voice, and take him straight outside to finish. While outside, just like with his regular potty breaks, we would tell him to “go potty”, praise him when he was done and then take him back inside. Another thing that we did that I personally feel is very important is we never ever punished him for an accident in the house, we corrected him. Also, we only corrected him if we caught him in the act. To correct him after the fact does nothing but confuse him. And last but not least, we would clean up any accidents extremely well with cleaner that was made especially for puppy/dog accidents. That way he wouldn’t smell that spot and be tempted to go there again.

So, that is basically what we did to housebreak our dog, and it worked very well for us. We only had a few accidents in the beginning, and he was basically 100% house broken within a week. Anyway, I hope this helps you out some. Good luck with your pup and enjoy being a dog owner! : )

French Bulldog

Witch Picture Note

Witch Picture Note

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

To us adults, losing a tooth is scary. The mind cannot stay away from toothless witches, beggars, and the overwhelming dental costs. We hopefully try to protect our teeth from any kind of fall. But for kids, there is even more at stake. Three seemingly insurmountable questions are: how will the tooth come out, how will the tooth fairy get it, and how will money be received for the sacrifice of the tooth?

Our daughter Lailee had a wiggly tooth, and in every mirror, in every spare moment, she was amazed at how it wiggled. Why not, kids and movement, they are a team. The roadblock came with the apple…and the carrots…and whatever else is healthy to eat—which leaves the squishy stuff like ice cream, pudding, and jello. Lailee knew that with crunchy food swallowing whole was not the way to lose a tooth.  Well, for sure, how many adults do get “squeamish” about swallowing the potential bones in canned salmon croquettes and loafs? Then there’s peanut butter sandwiches, but you might as well go to a dentist and get it pulled, or use the string and door fable.

Days went by and fears began to mount about would the tooth really come out, or was that a joke, and will the tooth fairy really come, or was that a joke. We decided to keep both ideas in the same trench, for now.

The upcoming tooth event prompted a lot of contemplation and learning. The value of a tooth to a tooth fairy seems to have gone up these days with everything else. How does the good fairy know if that potential tooth will bring in $1, or more? This is truly a ponderous decision to make…thinking about the succession of teeth (are there 25 or 32), and the total expenditures, or collections—whichever side you are on. We decided ahead of time to low ball at $2.00 just to be over the cheep $1.00 mark.

For Lailee, there was an insistence on preplanning. This was a good use of cause and effect as to how the pillow on top of the tooth will manage to protect the tooth but not prevent the fairy from finding it and leaving the treasure. Lailee decided, ahead of time, that she will provide a clean pillow case– so the fairy will smile, a nightlight– so there will be no mistaking as to who lost the tooth, and a gift beside the bed of (not candy or cookies) a wind up toy to make sure the fairy will be in a good mood for giving.

One day Lailee came home with a gap and a wail. The tooth was a goner. It bounced onto the playground at recess and now there was no evidence for the fairy. This was a tragedy…but as the sunny day provided a beam of light streaming through the glass door, and revealing an orange seed on the floor–a bit battered by the cats–miraculously, we knew we had a good tooth substitute. It will work, it will be fine, and we tried to convince her—to no avail.

Our luck, and to her credit, Lailee decided a last resort was to write a note to explain herself to the tooth fairy, and leave it under the pillow. Later during the night we retrieved the note that said: Dear Tooth Fairy. I am sorry this is a seed. My friend Justin knocked out my tooth at recess, and I couldn’t find it. Please leave the money.

With that we had to leave her a calling card back, complete with picture, which read, “Hey Lailee, no Sweat, saw it all happen and we’re cool” T.F. and $7.00—one for each year of her precious candor. It always pays to be honest.

About the Author

Jon is basically a cartoonist and animator for young children. He has had numerous cartoons, drawings and paintings published in magazines and on the internet. If you truly want to have some fun and laughter, go to his kid-friendly website – http://www.familyfuncartoons.com A top line resource on clean humor for young families!

Beyond Birthday — Witch Hunt

Bay Pottery

Bay Pottery
Can anyone give a site to price old china pottery etc but not e bay?


www.replacementsunlimited. com Look up the pattern and maker, they have a price which is what you can also expect to obtain for your pieces. If it is beyond old and actually antique, try looking it up on www.kovels.com the ultimate authority on antiques, including china.

GUN SHOW SHOOTOUT! Clayton and Betty Bailey. Artillery @ A440 gallery. Bay Art Funk.