Plate Set

Plate Set
Ne 1 kno how much a cat convertor for a N plate Micra will set me back, going to kwik fit for mot?

get one out of VIKING INTERNATIONAL OR EUROCARPARTS and get local garage to fit also try ANDREW WATT CAR PARTS use drop down boxes and get price for cat IFkwick fit price double it

Billy Dee Williams Tiger Woods Collectible Plates

Bill Campbell Art

Bill Campbell Art
which nhl players or teams do u think will win which trophy?

Presidents’ Trophy:
Best Overall Record

Prince of Wales Trophy:
Eastern Conference Champion

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl:
Western Conference Champion

Art Ross Trophy:
Top Point Scorer in the NHL

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy:
Qualities of Perseverance and Sportsmanship

Calder Memorial Trophy:
Rookie of the Year

Conn Smythe Trophy:
Most Valuable Player in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Frank J. Selke Trophy:
Top Defensive Forward in the NHL

Hart Memorial Trophy:
NHL Most Valuable Player
Jack Adams Award:
Coach of the Year

James Norris Memorial Trophy:
Top Defenseman in the NHL

King Clancy Memorial Trophy:
Leadership and Humanitari

President’s Trophy: Buffalo Sabres- They are unstoppable right now

Prince of Whales -Buffalo Sabres

Campbell- I would like to say Detroit but I think it will be Anaheim .

Art Ross: Crosby but Thorton will give him a race to the end

Masterson: I would like to say Talbot or Armstrong but that might be a stretch so I would say Thorton.

Calder: I would say Malkin but kopitar and staal will get some votes

Conn Smythe: Crosby

Selke: Madden or St. Louis both have been great 2 way players.

Hart: Crosby

Jack Adams: Michel Therien

Norris: I want to say Gonchar but the plus/minus might hurt so I guess I will say Lidstrom.

The last one I have no idea.

I hope I am right about some of these

Paul Is Dead: A ‘Gratitude’ Clue

Hand Made

Hand Made
Would you rather buy quality hand made baby items or store bought?

Do you prefer unique and hand made or store bought brand name items for your little one?

I like some handmade stuff, especially if it helps me support work at home Mommies. You can get really good quality baby legs and hair bows and things. I love them.

Hand Made Dulcimer

Turkish China

Turkish China

2010 CES:China cell phone is the most light point

2010 CES started in 7th jan.many famous Manufacturers show their new electronic products. But,China cell phones show their unique light point.

In the first day of 2010 CES,some cool China cell phones shown,and attract many people. their cool apperance and rich functions are very attractive. Now i will list some China cell phones in the first day.

1.ZOHO E72

  • WIFI
  • Dual sim cards dual standby
  • Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
  • MT6235
  • Multi-languages
  • Bluetooth
  • Quad band: 850/900/1800/1900 mhz
  • dual card dual standby
  • size: 114*56*12.5
  • language:English/French/Spanish/Bulgaria/Dutch/Italian/German/Czech/Slovakia/Polish language/Thai language/Indonesian/Portugues/Vietnamese/Turkish/Russian/Arabic/Persian 
  • 2.5 inch screen
  • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900
  • Program MTK (MT6235) with WIFI / JAVA
  • GPRS Support Class 12
  •  WAP Support
  •  MP3 Support
  •  FM Support
  • BlueTooth (optional) support.
  •  MPEG4 support
  •  U disk support; USB1.1 
  • STANDBY TIME  About 220-260 Hours
    TALKING TIME  About 2-3Hours
  • More information:Tools calculator, world clock, calendar, multiple alarm clock, memo, voice record, stopwatch, timer, etc.
    Multi-call service calls, by waiting, call hold, call transfer, call restriction, call forwarding, etc.


  • Languages:English,French,Portuguese,Italian
  • Dual SIM
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • WiFi
  • TV-Enabled
  • Slide Function
  • Dual cards standby phone
  • Support memory card
  • MP3 / MP4  player
  • World clock
  • Storage Internal Memory  1M Packed with Memory Card  N/A Support Extend Card   2G
  • Screen Display Size   3.2″ Screen Resolution   QVGA(240*320 pixels) Screen Type   TFT Display Color   256K 
  • Ringtones Type   Polyphonic/MP3
  • Audio File Format  MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
  • Video File Format  3GP/MPEG4 (AVI)
  • E-book Format  TXT
  • FM Radio  Yes
  • Data Transfer & Connectivity  Data Transfer   USB/Bluetooth
  • GPRS   Yes
  • Mobile internet  WAP
  • Camera Camera Pictrue Resolution  640*480/320*240/240*320/160*120/80*60
  • Battery Stand-by Time   Up to 400 hours Talk Time   Up to 4 hours
  • Power charger  USB/Travel Charger
  • Input Input  Keypad/Handwrite
  • Phone Book  800 Entries
  • Messaging  SMS/MMS
  • Color  White
  • Dimensions/W*D*H  115*55*16mm
  • Net Weight   0.155Kg


  • Dual SIM
  • Dual Camera 
  • FM Radio 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Touch Screen
  •  Full Screen View
  • Fully Unlocked 
  • Java Enabled 
  • WiFi
  • TV
  • Storage
    Internal Memory  74M
    Packed with Memory Card  N/A
    Support Extend Card   8G
    Display Size   3.0″
    Screen Resolution   QVGA(240*320 pixels)
    Screen Type   TFT
    Display Color   256K
    Support Format 
    Ringtones Type   Polyphonic/MP3
    Audio File Format  MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
    Video File Format  3GP/MPEG4 (AVI)
    Image File Format  JPEG/BMP/GIF
    E-book Format  TXT
    FM Radio  Yes
    Data Transfer & Connectivity 
    Data Transfer   USB/Bluetooth
    GPRS   Yes
    Mobile internet  WIFI/WAP
    Camera Pictrue Resolution  1280*960/640*480/320*240/240*400/160*120
    Stand-by Time   Up to 400 hours
    Talk Time   Up to 4 hours
    charger  USB/Travel Charger
    Input  Handwrite
    Announced  2009.Nov
    Languages  English,French,Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,Italian,
    Phone Book  1000 Entries
    Messaging  SMS/MMS
    Color  Black
    Dimensions/W*D*H  109*57*14mm
    Net Weight   0.105Kg

About the Author

AgoodSeller( is one famous China cell phones wholesaler, discount wholesale all kinds of cell phones,include dual sim cards cell phones,wifi cell phones,CDMA cell phones,Hiphone,tv cell phones and smart cell phones with lowest discount wholesale price.

Chinese men killing 200 Muslim Turkish women and men in China. 26th June 2009.

Bill Campbell Art

Bill Campbell Art

Marriage Infidelity: the Downside of a Private Investigator

There’s no doubt in your mind that your spouse is cheating on you. You think. All the indicators are there. Sort of. The calls at odd hours, the dramatic change in habits and appearance for no apparent reason have got your radar working overtime.

When you bring these issues up with your spouse including the longer work hours which are becoming more regular, they have a perfectly reasonable explanation for all these activities. In fact their excuses are so good that not only do you believe them but you feel a certain amount of guilt for suspecting them.

That was then. Now the pattern has become too obvious to ignore. You are now one hundreds percent certain that your spouse is having an extramarital affair. Except for one problem; you still do not have any hard evidence. So how do you get that proof? Well there’s always a private investigator.

Private investigators are trained in the art of surveillance and many of them have been able to retire comfortably thanks to the always profitable cheating spouse industry.They have the equipment and experience to give you a definitive yes or no answer regarding your spouse’s fidelity.

So why would you hesitate about hiring one?

1. Expensive

Depending on the fees and rates charged a highly respected private investigator can cost you a pretty penny. While some may charge you a flat rate (still very steep), a great deal of the billing will be based on how long the assignment last. That only makes sense. Private investigators are trained professionals whose time is extremely valuable. If your spouse is cheating and their radar tells them they are being watched, they may decide to lay low for awhile. If you want the private investigator to stay on the case, the money can add up quickly.

2. The Sleaze

Fortunately, this is rare since a number of states require private investigators to be licensed and many take great pride in protecting their work and reputation. However like any field, there are some bad apples that have no problem stringing you along so they can fleece you for whatever you’re worth. After their done, you still have no clue as to whether your spouse is having an extramarital affair. No surprise since sleaze is usually accompanied by shoddy or lazy workmanship. Again this is not the norm but it does exist.

3. The Guilt

For all the different ramifications, hiring a private investigator makes one thing loud and clear; you don’t trust your spouse. Otherwise why would you hire a third party to keep tabs on them? You cannot help but have a little bit guilt about it. Yes you want to know but spying is still spying. That’s a clear indicator that the trust you both had in the early years of your marriage is for all practical purposes gone. 

4. Nothing

You spent money and countless sleepless nights wondering. So what is the result? According to the investigator your spouse has been faithful almost too extreme. All your suspicions about their odd patterns and behaviors have been dispelled. They really were telling you the truth. You’re relieved but still left with that feeling of emptiness in your stomach as well as your pockets.   

5. They Find Out

A good private investigator is also very experienced when it comes to keeping themselves hidden from the person they are observing. Unfortunately you are not and your spouse has found out big time that you have hired someone to investigate them. What happens next is fairly predictable; they blow their stack. Any trust that was left in the relationship will most likely disappear for good.

If you have your suspicions concerning your spouse’s fidelity, it’s only natural that you would want to know. Since carrying on an extramarital affair requires a certain amount of ingenuity it might be necessary to call in someone who is experienced in uncovering this type of behavior. But go very carefully. Once you go thru with hiring a private investigator, the window of opportunity to turn back can close very quickly.    

About the Author

Article written by Daryl Campbell- The Relationship Tip- When it comes to catching a cheating spouse, you either need a private investigator or to become one yourself. You may not be a pro but you already have a powerful tool at your disposal.

Strutting With Some Barbecue – Wild Bill Davison & Art Hodes

Candle Pot

Candle Pot
How to get wax off of non-stick pot?

My boyfriend used my non-stick stock pot as a double boiler for his wax candle-making hobby (UGH!), and there is a thin wax coating on the inside of the pot. How do I get rid of wax? I hope my pot wasn’t ruined….

Boil water in it, the wax will come off and you can pore it out, then while it is still hot, add some more water and put dish soap in and wipe it out

OAG-Disposable Garbage

Lidded Jar

Lidded Jar

Ceramic Treat Jar for Pets, Pet Treat Jar, Cookie Jar for Pets

The ceramic treat jars feature lids fit securely to keep treats fresh. This dog food bowl treat jar is sure to delight! The dog treat jar features a brightly color, adorable design, large opening for any size treats and seal to lock in freshness. Our Blue Paws Dog Bowl treat jar features a delightful design in a high-gloss finish that’s easy to clean.


The beautiful ceramic dog treat jar looks great in any dog owner’s kitchen! This ceramic jar is painted with a red color and accented with a matching handle with red trim so it goes with any space and it has an adorable paw print on the front surface of the jar! Treat yourself to chic and cute home decor while you reward your furry friend with a treat!


The versatile dog food treat jar is stylish and decorative, and is part of the Ore Originals collection of pet dinnerware products. The versatile ceramic dog food bowl treat jar blue and red is both stylish and decorative. The neutral color ceramic jar with faux leather handle and black felt trim will add to any home decor. The front of the jar has a subtle paw print decoration and the handle is removable so that the jar can be washed easily.


The versatile Ceramic treat jar red by Ore Originals is both stylish and decorative. Our colorful Pet Dishes are made from food-safe ceramic and can be used indoors or out. The pet treat jar is Red and blue with white accents. These lead-free ceramic jars have an air-tight seal that locks in the freshness and flavor of our gourmet treats. Please purchase online in NewYork city.

About the Author

Representing the Ceramic Treat Jar Red in the website

SIMON LEACH – A lidded jar being finished !

Vintage Studio

Vintage Studio

Independent Artist Website – Sound Decisions About Studio Recording

Now that you have had a general introduction to recording, specifically for tracking a live show, this Independent Artist Website will give you an overview of studio recording, from the usual rent-a-pro approach to setting up your own project studio.

First things first: You have to decide who is going to be the producer, even before deciding on the engineer. None of the later decisions about tracking instruments, recording vocals, doing overdubs, processing signals, or getting a final mix will mean Bo Diddley, to coin a phrase, if your bands three or five or eight members are arguing all the time about who sounds the loudest and what so-and-so’s girlfriend is doing in the vocal booth. Someone has to run the show.

This is even true for a solo act in independent artist, since in a studio leadership vacuum most seasoned (or semi-seasoned, or even just salty) engineers will step right up and make the decisions for you. If the band does not present a united front behind its leader, the whole process will be at risk. So, before anything else, decide

•    Who will be the producer?
•    What arrangements of what songs will be recorded?
•    How much debate and democracy will be involved in the process,
•    When the various deadlines are going to be set, and
•    Why things are going to be run them way they are.

Now is the time for clarity, group cohesion, and common goals. Larger-than-life egos and delusional daydreams have to be left at the door (better yet, down the street) so that a workable, affordable, efficient, and effective plan can be developed — and pursued to a successful conclusion. Everybody needs to get on the same page (or play the same tune, or whatever metaphor you prefer). Now you are as ready as you are going to be, so what is next?

Well, as usual, it is about money, mostly, and time, too. What is the working budget? Can you afford (and do you want to afford) to go into a project-level studio at $30 an hour with engineer included? A pro studio at $50-100 an hour with engineer maybe included? To make these calculations, you need to have your songs down pat, know how you are going to record them (rhythm section together or dubbed) and how long all of it will take. If you are doing a three-song played that is one thing; if you are doing your debut CD with 11 tracks that is a whole other thing. For simplicity is sake, and to keep consistent examples from here forward, let’s go with your demo for now.

The whole decision process can take a U-turn if one of the band members, or a good (really good) friend, has a decent project studio set up — meaning pro and semi-pro equipment, a decent recording room, good microphones (and cables!), and so on. So, this is the second big decision, after choosing the producer, but it is not one that the newly christened producer should make alone. Once again, unanimity is vital.

Wherever you do the sonic deeds, if you are recording your drummer and bassist (and maybe a guitar or keyboard too) as a unit, which imparts an organic feel to the tunes, then you will need baffles, sound deflectors, etc., to minimize bleed. You will have to have headphones for everyone, good mics that are properly placed, quality cabling to minimize hum and pops, and so forth. If this is all starting to sound awfully complicated, opt for the best mid-level project studio in town, the one with good equipment and a decent studio, if not state-of-the-art. We were doing your demo, remember? Not your platinum-worthy debut.

Most likely, the studio will have a computer-based recording system, with a Mac or PC running one of the major Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software applications — Apple’s Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer (Mac only), Sonar (PC only), or some other. You probably don’t want to do your demo with entry-level programs like Apple Garage band or Cakewalk’s Home Studio unless you have to; they are competent in the tracking arena, but fall way short in terms of plug-ins and quality of effects (like reverb) that are essential to the project.

If you do not see a number of different kinds of microphones, you will at least want to see the trusty Shure SM-57s and 58s for miking guitar amps (and using as drum overheads) and at least one good condenser mic for vocals. There should be a decent outboard mixer available, if not always used with the DAW, a sufficient number of cans (headphones) for everyone, Monster or other quality cables, perhaps a piece or two of vintage rack gear, and pro-level monitors (for Pete sake, no living room stereo speakers). If the producer is not a gearhead or audio pro, well, he or she will need to study up on the subject, or find a good (low-paid) consultant.

If you have your plan together; if your parts are practiced and tight; if your excitement level stays high despite the ups and downs of getting your demo project together — well, you are in about the best shape you can be, considering the importance of what you are doing. You will need the help of a good, flexible, communicative engineer, so do not make a hasty decision about where to do your demo recording. Talk to different people, get referrals, interview studio owners, ask tough questions, and keep your priorities straight. If you get too off into the equipment and the process, well, maybe you should be in the recording music business, and that is okay, too. But never lose sight of what is really important, and the reason you got into all this in the first place: the music.

It is about the music, folks. If you need reminding, put a big sign on the refrigerator.

About the Author

Greg Joes – We provide marketing and promotional services to clients seeking exposure in the music business. We provide Independent Artist and labels with the means to service their records to industry insiders and potential new fans.

E&T video: Abbey Road Studios, vintage equipment and The Beatles in mono

Ceramic Pottery

Ceramic Pottery
I need information about african ceramics and pottery?

we need to make a poster with pictures and information about historical african pottery. i need help finding a place to get this information and pictures. Please help 🙂

I have gathered the requested information for you. you will find it on the following sites and links.
Great link next, don’t forget to look on your far right hand side of the page to get a ton of historical info.
Photographs of Historical African Ceramics and Pottery;

Making a clay Pottery Ceramic Salt Jar / Salt Pig on a potters wheel throwing demo